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12/1/2004 8:40:58 AM

I started with scottrade because of a low ($7) market commission, which was nice to learn the ropes.

But now that I'm in, I'm sick of seeing my big picks be yesterdays news by the end of pre-market trading :P Scottrade does after hours trading, but not pre-market.

I'm just wondering what peoples reccomendations are for online brokers.


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12/1/2004 12:21:28 PM

I use OptionXpress ( because I trade options but they have pre-market and after market trading 8am to 9:30am and 4pm to 6pm ET and the commission isn't bad. If you are an active trader you pay only 9.95 per trade on stock and 14.95 on options.

Hope this helps

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12/2/2004 10:20:45 AM

Interactive Brokers has expanded hours and commisions are only a penny a share.

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12/3/2004 4:27:54 AM

Interactive Brokers here also. Great trading platform and low commissions.

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12/7/2004 10:09:46 PM

TradeStation... direct access.

Ameritrade/Freetrade... you pay a premium to trade pre/post market.

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