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6/29/2007 6:47:16 PM

TRO...yes, Sybil also had 8 personalities.

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7/1/2007 2:51:27 AM

Arooj Nice job, I was able to finish a sentence from beginning to end. I too, have read M4M posts and gave up trying. I am sure M4M has the best intentions, but he/she should read the posts of other SF members, and try to acomodate everyone. M4M titles are compelling to say the least, but when you have to spend 20 minutes deciphering the coded language, you lose the desire to keep trying. I have read many times in M4M posts, SF members asking for clarity, and M4M subsequent posts are still unreadable(at least to me). Interestingly, their are many SF members asking for help with filters (some very complex). They are able to articulate their ideas with brevity and diction. Then the Sf board members participate and a result is posted,(ie, clickable filter). M4M must be intelligent or he/she would never get involved with trading for a living. Is it to much to ask for some literate postings?

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7/1/2007 3:54:56 PM


You would be sorely mistaken to think Mary is simply an idiot based on her writings alone. If you read her Yahoo! messages, you would most likely think otherwise. Check out this thread, "Return of the Jekyll & Hyde??", for obvious comparison between Mary the stooz and stockbottomholygrail the sage (the username she uses on Yahoo! message board). Draw ure own conclusion as to why she deliberately writes like an "idiot" here at SF.

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7/1/2007 4:05:26 PM

While we're on the subject of Mary, here's her "buys (recos) for the open on 7-2":

Symbol Price % Day Chg Volume Entry % Net Change
PLXS 22.99 -0.48% 338100 - -
CLF 77.67 1.46% 1855700 - -
POT 77.97 1.14% 2622100 - -
BAM 39.90 -0.13% 1078500 - -
APOG 27.82 -1.07% 452200 - -
BIIB 53.50 -0.09% 3477300 - -
RIO 44.55 1.23% 9066200 - -
DIA 134.20 0.08% 19466800 - -
EEM 131.65 0.37% 13131600 - -
CAT 78.30 -1.00% 7513500 - -
S 20.71 -1.99% 29183300 - -
INTC 23.74 -0.75% 50632400 - -
PBY 20.16 -0.88% 459700 - -
EWZ 61.42 0.75% 8150400 - -
AKS 37.37 1.08% 2485300 - -
ELN 21.93 0.50% 2777500 - -
GOOG 522.70 -0.44% 3881000 - -
SWIR 24.89 0.53% 417500 - -
FSLR 89.29 -0.93% 2262300 - -
AAPL 122.04 1.23% 40585600 - -
ORCL 19.71 -0.71% 31458000 - -
JOYG 58.33 -0.87% 1312300 - -
AIG 70.03 -0.60% 12606400 - -
QQQQ 47.60 0.17% 124791200 - -
QCOM 43.39 -0.16% 17643800 - -
SPY 150.43 0.03% 199697600 - -
CIEN 36.13 -0.71% 3238600 - -
CROX 43.00 4.22% 6182500 - -

Notice that CROX is on the list, which I'm short at the moment. My prediction is that this stock is heading lower. You be the judge.

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7/1/2007 5:03:59 PM

Hi Niko,

I have the highest respect for you, especially the way you can whip out those filters in a jiffy (several are just plain elegant, and concise). And msummer, I am using your latest options filter as the basis of my current intraday strategy - still not ready for prime time, but soon..... based upon an RSI(2) crossing RSI(5). I'll post it in the filters sections when completed.

I would love to see some kind of integration between SF and, say, Cool-Trade, in order to have a seamless transtion between the ease of coding we find here and an actual platform to trade on, but that's another subject.

I agree that clarity is valuable. Despite the difficulties, we've all overcome obstacles of one sort or another just to have discretionary income to invest, so it's still worthwhile to make an effort and see if any "jewels" might be lying around in posts of various sorts.

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7/2/2007 2:27:15 PM

Arooj, Today I traded ICE, the options were ICEGY, I waited patiently all day. Finally around 1:30 the stock hit the skids. It bounced off the MA(50), I made my intial purchase at that point. I picked up the options at $5.60 and sold less than a half hour later at 6.30. The point here is that you do not need to complicate this trading idea with more indicators than are necessary. If you are going to daytrade the options, just wait until the low is reached. Either yesterdays low or a bounce off the MA(50). There are plenty of trading candidates, so you will not be idle for very long. Do not rush a trade either, wait, and you will be rewarded. On the flip side, (my losers) I cash out if the stock penetrates the MA(50) or if during the day the price declines below my entry by 20 cents. This way your losses are minimal, and to be honest your head is clear to actively trade another position. Good luck and happy trading.

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7/2/2007 2:30:12 PM

Nice work, msummer2007, thanks for sharing.

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7/2/2007 4:20:43 PM

Needless to say, I'm impressed with Mary's stock picks. With the exception of CROX (ahem) and AAPL, all of them moved up and some quite considerably. So I ran some of the Mary's posted filters but none came up with exact matches as her picks. Hmm, what's she hiding up her sleeves?

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7/2/2007 7:08:33 PM

Here is an interesting article "The Information in Option Volume for Future
Stock Prices"

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7/3/2007 9:23:37 AM

thanks for the advice, msummer.... I think you are right, and maybe I'm still in the stage of "technical delight" where there are more interesting toys than good judgement in just using a few of them consistently.

The most useful M4M filters IMO help to develop a list of the usual suspects (TRO would likely call these his "cows"). I also like the idea of ATR( )/EMA( ), usually over 8 or 52 periods, as it gives a flavor of those stocks with more movement in them (traderblues nicely characterized this as "opportunity").

I add this to many of my fav filters:

set {opport, atr(52)/ema(52)}
add column opport and
sort column 5 descending

In this way I can see those stocks that ideally have the best potential. I've seen this worded using stddev as well, so there are other ways to this.

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