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4/24/2007 10:08:35 AM

its one of the few penny stocks that goes <1 tenth a cent that never does a reverse split- its sitting right where it was 17 months ago - then its low was 0.0003- and in 4 weeks playing the hourly and daily rsi(2) you could of made 5 trades and made 1 million dollars starting with 4000$ at the bottom even thought it had an outragious float of 7 billion shares back in jan 2006 it did the follow 0.0003-0.0013 0.0006-0.0080 and 0.0025-0.045- it wont likely go that high this time but i expect 1-2.5 cents at least- the volume had greatly increased at the 0.0006 area the last 3 days on the above moves on just those three trades you would of 4 times 13=52 times 18=936 times 4000$=3.74 million dollars- its very easy to play it retraces 80% on each move to 99.9% on the daily rsi(2) 0.0003-0.0013 80% back 0.0006 its next low 0.0006-0.0080 80% back 0.0026 next low 0.0025 0.0025-0.045 80% back was 0.0115 low 0.013 was the next low before it wen to 0.024

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4/24/2007 1:11:53 PM

Oh yes Mary....were ALWAYS looking for those stocks that aren't worth a tenth of a penny, and are in a downward tailspin! Oh shucks, cant believe I missed that one! lol....

Mary, I will no longer refer to you as "Mary." Your new name is "coulda, woulda, shoulda!" A.K.A.....CWS

Dude...why even bother???


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4/24/2007 1:14:54 PM

as you are no doubt a multi millionaire could you allocate me just $1000 dollars into this trade, and you can keep %55 of the profits

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4/24/2007 2:57:02 PM

Whatever happened to the self-promotional offer, "I teach you how to be a millionaire as a MOFO on a shoestring."? Mary must have not received many applicants.

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