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Optionvue has free, live webinars and some archived ones explaing how they get their trading signals. It doesn't look very complicated to duplicate for someone with good excel skills and the results have been great with very few trades. They also offer some interesting option strategies to capture short term profits. The downside is that the annual cost, even if you already have Optionvue, is high.


The link you posted looked a lot like the Optionvue system. Do you know anything about the poster and the system he sells?

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2/18/2013 1:06:40 PM

I do not know him but there is a bio in the about section. I doesn't seem to me he is selling a system but rather the spreadsheet. But you can download the data for free as a read-only spreadsheet which is regularly being updated.
From there it looks like it's up to you to do interpret the data to generate buy and sell signals.

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