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4/11/2007 5:54:40 AM

MARY4MONEY: “who wants to help me write a book-the best ever”

Mary if you are looking for someone to help you writing book you should be looking among professional writers. You want to complement your trading skills with writing skills. Find some good journalist that would be interested.

Maybe you should think about the target audience. Are they university students, 20+years experienced businessmen or housewives with 3 children? Find journalist writing for that particular group of people (he should know how to get them interested) or similar mix as your target group.

Let us know when it will be born. I will definitely buy it. An thank you for weekly rsi(2) and nasdaq market :o)


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4/11/2007 10:17:16 AM

He/She doesn't REALLY want to "write a book" !

It's just an attempt to get some attention

Pah-leeze !!!



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4/11/2007 2:25:22 PM

I can't criticize mary4money for not furnishing free copies of the strategy. If the strategy works, by all means carry it to the marketplace and receive compensation for it. If mary publishes the book, I'll gladly gamble the purchase price to see if it works.

Mary's strategy is probably as good or better as any strategy that's been published by other authors, and whose books probably were purchased by some of the people in this forum.

I say go for it Mary and may your efforts be rewarded. I want a signed copy.


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4/11/2007 2:49:43 PM

How ya been, Alfie? Thought you might have bit the dust and retired early. ;)

Be that as it may, I hope you made a ton of money going short today. Well, that's no surprise considering that somebody did yell "Timber!" for the last month and half.

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4/20/2007 6:57:19 AM

What's the name of your "Hedge Fund " Mary :-)

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4/20/2007 6:52:27 PM

I am having this crazy idea that Mary is collecting email addresses and selling them to spammers.

Good way to earn extra money.

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