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6/2/2005 2:27:11 PM

show stocks where pattern is double-top

Search for stocks which have completed a double-top.

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2/17/2006 4:52:12 PM

This is a very good filter (I keep things simple and do alot of eyeballing). What I would like to do is be able to find stocks putting in double or multiple tops within the last couple of days so I can be alerted to watch it for a breakout or breakdown. Unfortunately, this filter gives me results after the double top is in and the stock has already fallen 5 or 10 points. How can I get a more recent result??? I appreciate your help.

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3/8/2006 11:36:06 PM

try using show stocks where pattern is incomplete double-top
or show stocks where pattern is incomplete double-bottom

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9/15/2007 12:51:09 PM

How do I make this "1 day ago"?
adding "1 day ago" doesn't seem to do anything.

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10/29/2007 1:59:30 PM

Agree, this would be a great filter if its results were when the double top actually formed.....not after the fact.

If there was a way for the filter to show results when the second top of the "N pattern" that is drawn when you run this filter is touched would be great. Can someone help?

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12/7/2011 9:58:25 AM

u can add
close has been decreasing for 3 days. that wil show u the stock on duble bottom eventutally whre u pick and play the upside

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