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10/8/2016 4:48:12 PM

A TXIV drop of 6% would mean a roughly 15% drop in the ^VIX, which would mean a drop to about 11.50 or so. What is your hypothesis for such an event being triggered?

I've got long signals popping up on multiple filters that have been right 85-90% of the time for the ^VIX, and also have a "short TVIX" set of filters, none of which are currently triggering.

I am open to this idea, even though it runs counter to my own system indicators, but only if you can provide a reasonable hypothesis for your proposed outcome.

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10/8/2016 6:52:01 PM

The best percentages seem to be with Futures.

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10/9/2016 12:58:47 AM

i would put very little credence in my daily pics. My ultimate dream, which you may or may not agree with, would be to create a daily directional system that predicts the direction of the market the next day.
Assuming you came up with a highly accurate system, what better way to rack up percentile than with
Xiv/Tvix? So not knowing what to look for, several years ago I just took a chance at looking
at price and volume of Xiv/Tvix, though Xiv/Vxx may be better. For instance, if price and volume of Xiv were up as compared to the previous day, and Tvix price was up also, the next day leaned towards Xiv being up, and or up by a certain percent more or less. I really have not been following this & really only looked at 2 examples for this setup for Monday's pick, so it prob. means nothing.
I'm not going to do SS since tech stuff gives me a headache. Is there a function on SS. to see what the results of this type of system would produce? Is a daily system something you might be willing to look into on SS? If so, that would be interesting.

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10/10/2016 11:02:14 AM

Positions carried from Friday, Xiv Dust. Just sold Xiv, will hold Dust 1 more day and sell
if it drops too much.

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10/10/2016 11:26:57 AM

I'm trading mostly futures now and very happy with the results. Here is why i like trading them.

1. 15% tax rate for all gains
2. they trade very well technically (/cl is manipulated, don't do much there)
3. no earnings BS to deal with
4. there are mini for the bigger products so you can get your feet wet at a fraction of the cost

I do trade options on futures in one account. The other two are IRA types, so no futures options. When volatility is low, I like to swing trade them.

Hope this helps

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10/10/2016 11:39:36 AM

DGAZ 4.19

Out of Dust with a nice profit.

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10/10/2016 12:42:05 PM

Shills is 4-0 in his Directional Daily Calls & that's good.

I don't mind Kevin's effort on the other thread but I have half the board on ignore.
I have no interest in individual stock pickers and news stories that we are force fed designed to steer
public opinion.
Only thing I have any interest in is figuring out which way will
Xiv/Tvix go the following day, and that the overall increase exceeds the overall decrease by
a wide margin.

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10/10/2016 3:50:07 PM

Big move tomorrow.

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10/10/2016 9:48:20 PM

Big red.

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10/11/2016 10:52:24 AM

Went long Uvxy Dgaz Ery before eod.

All up. Volume picks are 5-0(accept when I called 1 day flat to slightly up but was flat to slightly down)

This is real good.

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