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5/11/2022 8:03:11 PM

Strata search is long gone if it was ever good to begin with and one could throw in that fast k as well

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5/12/2022 5:18:49 PM

1. You can ignore the "nz" pine script function as it just declares a variable can be added to even when the first instance referenced doesn't exits yet. So it really has no effect on the equation per se.

using the default values of fast=40 and slow=60 PB boils down to :

.041667* today's close -.04167*close 1 day ago +1.791667 * PB 1 day ago -.802083 * PB 2 days ago

which, as Xarlor alluded to, definitely requires variable looping which SF doesn't allow us to do.

2. StrataSearch was a remarkable program considering all of its capabilities, unfortunately it had a few odd quirks along the lines of our own SF's odd quirks.

3. Has "the King" considered assembling a group to buy out/ take over SF daily operations with a user group for prioritizing improvements? With all of your board member contacts perhaps you could pull it off. At the very least I would like to know if SF would continue to exist if something negative happened to the current owner(s).

I suspect the current owner(s) is happy with the level of monthly income SF generates, and the little effort required to keep SF running daily. I assume there is no longer a programmer, and probably no site administrator, as the answers to help inquiries are generally vague and non-responsive. So no salaries to take over, a data provider payment and leasing of servers to run the website and perhaps some overhead costs and voila a real King of SF!! :)

So bumping up the fees a little bit to add at least a programmer to add at least one new feature a month, and perhaps paying the data provider for monthly data, etc. (I chose monthly because it is probably the easiest/cheapest to add on)....

Ed S.

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5/16/2022 3:40:08 PM


The savior of SF would be a more suitable and heroic title ;)

....All jokes aside, I've thought of this option before, but it requires more insight on their operation itself , also the value of the company as well.
I am convinced that for the right price, SF may be receptive to it, but it starts off with figuring out how much they are worth.....However, I refuse to offer a figure that doesn't match what they are truly worth around, so it requires them to be transparent with how many paying users they have. Off the bat, I doubt they'd disclose the inner details of their financials.
Assuming it's not an outrageous value, I likely have the sufficient resources and capital to finance the buyout independently, but figuring out their inner details is where it starts. I can independently hire a team to take care of the operation without needing to increase price temporarily.
My calendar clears up in mid-July, so it likely will be something I look into considerably by then. It just really depends on how receptive SF decides to be.

If it did end up materializing, then first order of business: intraday screening

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5/16/2022 3:59:35 PM

Absolutely need intraday scanning.

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5/16/2022 8:17:02 PM

That is probably one of the 2 most expensive improvements to add to SF, and would probably price out 40% of current users, I'm guessing...

Ed S.

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5/16/2022 10:36:34 PM

Expensive in what sense?

Development Fees? Monthly cost for intraday data?

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5/17/2022 10:38:10 AM

1. My assumptions are that:

Intraday/real time data will definitely cost more to get for daily options, and will probably have exchange fees that users will have to pay and more costs depending on how much intraday data history we would desire, can't draw much of a chart with just the current days data...

With so much more data, probably being accessed much more frequently than current during the day access by SF users, more servers will probably be required and perhaps more computer staff.

perhaps more programming to make sure charts with intraday data work alongside the daily and weekly charts and/or more help desk requests.

Though we are getting Intraday 20 minute delayed data currently, just not in any kind of minute timeframes that are drawn on the maybe it won't be much more expensive.

2. I wonder if the data provider can provide some insight into the current number of SF users as perhaps they size their data provision agreements by different levels of user numbers.

Ed S.

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5/17/2022 2:56:26 PM


I got a syntax error at



set{z4, count(Williams %R(2) is below -80,1)}

Does that matter?

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5/19/2022 3:11:53 AM


I'm not too familiar with the backend side of things, but is there any specific way to assess the number of visiting & paying users?
It's likely a question SF won't be transparent about since it would influence the potential offer size . But as mentioned earlier, figuring out their proper value and an appropriate price would be a prerequisite to proceeding with an official offer -assuming they'd be interested in selling it.

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5/19/2022 3:16:13 AM


The "PlotType{wvf,zerobar}", doesn't impact the results, it's more for analytical usage.

But the "set{z4, count(Williams %R(2) is below -80,1)}" will impact.

"Williams %R(2) < -80" is an important part of it since it indicates the stock is heavily oversold.

By 'syntax error ', can you elaborate?

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