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5/11/2008 12:58:06 AM


thanks again for the filter. I share lizzy's frustration and I think it comes from a lack of understanding of the filter syntax. For example I (for one) have no idea what these parameters mean

Set F1A/F2A

column C0010/D1020/E2030


and that leads to confusion. I haven't been able to find any documentation of stockfetcher that describes these programming scripts.

As for my filter troubles, there was some kind of bug that had all stocks (15k+) on IGNORE. I have no idea how that happened since I have never manipulated those parameters or even knew of their existence. But that horror is over now :)

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5/11/2008 9:06:58 AM


Try using the phrase "add column average day range(30)".

I have a variable set that let's me use ADR(30) instead of spelling out average day range(30).

BONT DSTI PWER STSI WMG all are a bit under 8%ADR(30) so therefor I did not include them for Monday.
Still they have decent day range and have run well in the 10-19% range in the last 100 days so if you like those stocks then include them.
NHT seems to be an invalid symbol.



I am not the author of this scan and have no idea what those particular parameters are either.
I just use the scan because it works and don't worry about the parameters.
Perhaps if the author of this scan reads this thread it he can explain if he cares to.

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5/11/2008 9:17:39 AM

13th_floor-------Thank you for all of the information and questions answered-----I have been to muddy's chat room and have an account with Scottrade and that hod scrolling list drives me nuts!!!!!


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5/11/2008 11:43:46 AM

I've given up on trying to write scans- I'll leave that to the experts. The Excel download doesn't work but I won't quibble. I hand copied the first 200 off the list so I can sort it by ADR and total times ranging. Very good list and concept. 13th I'll watch for your posts in the live thread on Monday.

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5/11/2008 2:04:48 PM


Yes that's good,that's the idea,total times ranging in the last 100 days,I use 10-19% gain ( but if you're more conservative you can sort by the gained 4-9% ) COMBINED with very good ADR30.

You can use red to green ( green to red if you like to short ) for longs.
I also sometimes use these stocks with a crossover on the 5 min 10min/60min intraday chart.
Also I scan them premarket for any significant volume and/or price change either up or down.
Also I watch them for volume spike(s) and even if they are green somewhat I will go long if I see them hitting the hod list.
Same idea for shorts if they are just hitting the lod list.
Give it a few weeks, you should start to get a "feel" for it and the more confident you get the better you should get at it.
Myself I've found it to be surprisingly low risk if you obey your stops and don't get greedy/cocky.
Good luck

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5/11/2008 2:21:07 PM

13th_floor Thanks again for your help----I added the adr(30) to the scan
and I can see where and how you made your choices. Also I see you stopped at 40 choices and I assume this is to fill up 2 pages in Scottrade



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5/11/2008 2:40:31 PM


Aaha,you are right,that's why I use 40 but I also have 6 pages of 20 of the basic RFR,120 of the top ranked 10-19% runners for a quick flip through in case I'm not finding any good setups with the combo 40.
You never know what you might stumble on from a flip through of those 120,news can strike at anytime and send some of these lower ADR30 ones into orbit.
Even down to the 120th basic RFR stock the run to 10-19% is still nice at a 8% chance in the last 100 days.
If you look close at some of these 8% 10-19 ones have really nice 4-9% run average.
GCA for example has a 34% chance of a gain of 4-9%

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5/11/2008 4:14:06 PM

13th where is the best place to scan for premarket activity? I'm studying previous intraday charts looking at the 10/60 cross. It seems to give some false starts at times but I guess nothing is foolproof. The slope of the cross seems to be as important as the cross itself. You are right that I will have to get a feel for it over time. Thanks again.

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5/11/2008 7:41:19 PM

johhny I use : for most advanced and premarket quotes.

I use InteractiveBrokers "most advanced premarket leader" scan and "most declined premarket loser" scan.

Another site is

I scan a few hundred stocks on my Scottrade watchlists looking for increased over previous day close price on the BID and ASK with some kind of WORTHY volume.
To scan 200 stocks this way only takes about 2 to 3 minutes if you know what you are looking for.
You can get a jump on many the slower risers this way.

One note, I was taught this and it is really invaluable.
It is something I had never thought of before and when I learned it a lightbulb came on in my head and I see the validity of it and see it work time after time.
It deals with premarket leaders that hit the leader board late,very near the open.
LATE news release,earnings report or raised guidance, analyst(s) upgrade,newsletter pump,whatever, these stocks often begin slower and rise a little later than stocks that have been on the leader.

There is a blog post here:
that describes this method,plus the fact I think that many West Coast investors start later after the open that could attribute to later "jumping on board".
By the time many of these late to the party guys get in you can take your profit and sell to them near hod's.

Make sure you are using the 10/60 cross on a 5 min chart.
The 5 min I've found so far gives less false starts then any other timeframe I've tried so far.
With false starts often the 10/60 reverses and crosses back under giving a sell signal that often is only a % or 2 from the buy price which minamizes losses quite a bit.
You can find info and snapshots ( double click them) on the 10/60 cross on that same blog using the search box and do search for " 10/60 cross"

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5/11/2008 7:50:45 PM

and add column C0010 {4_9} means:

number of times High - Open was 4% - 9% over the last 100 days

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