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8/25/2008 7:43:13 PM

I just run the FADE THE GAP STATISTICS with symlist(aapl,rimm).

Those are the only 2 stocks of this type that I daytrade. Why? Because I don't need anymore than those two!

Look at their average volume, average range, average gap and how many times they fill the gap.

I would advise you to learn how to trade by trading ONE stock over and over and over again for at least 4 weeks.

At the end of the 4 weeks you may not want to trade anything else.

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8/25/2008 11:28:06 PM

Excellent! I was thinking of those two and QQQQ.

Okay, I'm going to give it a try on my "Wall Street Survivor" account until I get used to it.

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8/25/2008 11:43:24 PM

That would be 2 TOO MANY!


You don't learn to juggle 3 balls as a beginner. You learn to juggle ONE!!

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8/26/2008 10:17:46 AM

TRO: First, I genuinely appreciate all the help you have been to myself and to our group. Respectfully, you have said: "Hint #2: NEVER go short when the 30 minute candle is green and never go long when the 30 minute candle is red. "

I'm a very literal guy. Am I correct in that this means the immediately preceding 30 minutes? Or, could you mean the 30 minutes ending on the half hour? Or, the first 30 minutes of the day? Or, something else.

Thanks ... Steve

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8/26/2008 4:38:31 PM

I am talking about the current 30 minute candle.

Why 30? Stock market is open from 9:30 - 4:00 EST that's 6.50 hours or 13 thirty minute candles.

You don't want to go against the current trend of buyers/sellers so you trade in the direction of the CURRENT candle color.

How many times must I learn the lesson to WAIT for a RED 30 minute candle to close BEFORE I go long?

My head was in "coding mode" when I jumped back in RDN on a RED 30.. what a dummy!!!

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8/27/2008 9:59:35 PM

TRO, is there a way to have this filter bring back results of just the ones that gap up or down say 1%??
Thanks, I havent used the filter yet but looks very good!

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9/5/2008 12:34:54 PM


Regarding: Lesson #1 on 8/17/2008
Thank you for your help. I have found your postings on StockFetcher very helpful as I try to learn. Please help me further. You state "Look at the candle at 12:20 PM 11/13/08." I assume you meant 8/13/2008. Right?

In looking at 8/13/2008, I don't see "Do you also see how your LRI(20) is UNDER price and heading up?"

I'm using TradeStation to view the chart. Is this what you use? My LR Channel doesn't go back as far as 12:20 PM as I now look at it in the past. Am I not specifying it correctly? Do you have a suggestion?

Respectfully, are you suggesting that, in real time, if this channel is going down the market is going down and that it is not the right time to buy when daytrading? And vice versa for selling short?

Also, would you share your email address so I might communicate directly? Mine is

Thanks ... Steve

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9/5/2008 3:28:46 PM

Please don't clog up this thread with WALL STREET GENIUS nonsense.

Please copy your WSG and post it somewhere else and remove it from here.


Thanking you in advance for your cooperation.

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9/11/2008 12:10:20 PM

Question for those who have been trading this technique. How long have you been trading it and what have your real time results been?

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9/11/2008 12:48:07 PM

Max...I started on Monday trading RDN and ABK and haven't lost as yet. Since I am new to this, I started buying only 5k each...I think you can easily walk away with 2k per day, but then again, it's only been 1 week...cheers.

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