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4/27/2021 1:25:19 PM

Hi everyone,

Would someone be able to write a Stockfetcher filter for the following TradingView indicator?

If that's too much to ask, then would you be able to translate the TradingView code
to plain English or to some kind of pseudo code ?

I'm only looking for the formula or logic to build the indicator, not the pretty color changes
of TradingView.

Thank you kindly.

Double SuperTrend ATR
Aug 23, 2016

//Crée par J.Dow
//Double SuperTrend ATR, Le type ATR calcule la volatilité à partir de l'Average True Range (ATR), il est idéal pour le FOREX

study(title = "Double SuperTrend ATR", shorttitle = "Double SuperTrend ATR", overlay = true)

Factor=input(title="Super Trend", defval=3, minval=1,maxval = 100)
ATR=input(title="ATR", defval=12, minval=1,maxval = 100)

//Super Trend ATR 1

TUp=close[1]>TUp[1]? max(Up,TUp[1]) : Up
Trend = close > TDown[1] ? 1: close< TUp[1]? -1: nz(Trend[1],1)

Tsl1 = Trend==1? TUp: TDown
Tsl2 = Trend==1? TDown: TUp

linecolor = Trend == 1 ? green : red

P1 = plot(Tsl1, color = linecolor , style = line , linewidth = 1,title = "SuperTrend ATR-1")
P2 = plot(Tsl2, color = linecolor , style = line , linewidth = 1,title = "SuperTrend ATR-2")
fill(P1, P2, color = linecolor == red ? red : green)

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4/27/2021 2:39:27 PM


If you do a SF search on Pine Script you should get one result where there was a similar Supertrend indicator question related to Trading View that I provided some help on that should have enough clues for you to parse out the logic of this one.

If you work on it for a while and don't get the logic all figured out, let me know and I'll go thru it line by line later tonight.

Ed S.

PS the Trading View Pine Script manual online is fairly easy to look thru for commands and syntax stuff

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4/27/2021 3:00:56 PM

Thank you, Ed S
I will take a look.

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4/27/2021 5:42:07 PM

Hi Ed

I haven't figured out the nitty gritty of If ...Then ... Else ... to determine the trend
so I did something simpler.

This means we currently have much better ATR-based filters in this forum
than my cockle mania TradingView knock-off below.


chart-type OHLC
chart-time 4 months

set{1atr12, 1 * atr(12)}

set{HiLo, High + Low}
set{HiLo1, HiLo 1 day ago}
set{HiLo1_avg, 0.5 * HiLo1}
Draw HiLo1_avg on plot price

set{MinusLine1, HiLo1_avg - 1atr12}
/* Draw MinusLine1 on plot price */

set{PlusLine1, HiLo1_avg + 1atr12}
/* Draw PlusLine1 on plot price */

set{TUp, count(close > PlusLine1,1)}
draw TUp

set{TDown, count(close < MinusLine1,1)}
draw TDown

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