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5/28/2008 7:08:33 AM

Next to every name is a link "ignore". Click it, forget him and keep posting. If not , I'd like to email you. Mine is financial at telenet dot be

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5/28/2008 9:01:26 AM


It was meant as humor !!!

Sheeeesh !!!

I must say the "fake outrage" was a nice touch though. The threat of leaving was also nice...even though you've worn that one out here. How many times have you threatened to leave now...I've lost count. LOL

Oh have a great day...and try to grow yourself a sense of humor !!! FOOL !!!

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5/28/2008 10:50:32 AM

Ranks a Rot Ralf!

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5/29/2008 6:13:14 PM

Newbie The Enforcer a.k.a Izzykabaka here . says hi everyone!

izzykabaka says.
he who's belly is full, thinks no mischief.just a little bit of understanding will keep it funny, alive and thriving.

permitting myself,........
as far as i understand, histogramically, the wallstreetgenius,has been more than generous in sharing,
like they say: "easy does it"

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5/31/2008 2:12:24 AM

WSG has never been one to be scared off by anyone so easily; it seems a bit too convenient and typical ... hhhhmmm ...

@ all the newbies begging WSG to come back ... he'll always be back, with one screen-name/strategy or another, don't fret

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5/31/2008 2:38:14 AM

It's also nice to have you back, Guru. Where ya been, man?

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5/31/2008 7:48:54 AM

crystal ball was "on the money" with thread.

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6/1/2008 3:26:53 AM

thanks niko ... i still review these forums daily; I just don't always respond ... i've been working on my own versions of the stat filters (combining everyone's great ideas) and creating "personality profiles" for the symbols ... it's a new concept I'm working on ... I'm filtering with Stockfetcher and transferring the symbols over to Microsoft Excel for analysis with XLQ and Crystal Ball and then developing Money Management rules for each using Market System Analyzer.

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6/1/2008 9:20:47 AM

Hey guys .. great thread, great minds here for sure & from the peanut gallery I have to tell you from the earliest days of the internet and posting sites, especially in stock threads, emotions can run high & insults can & do fly. There are a pile of people here, like me, who are not jumping in with fluff posts but rather just observing & trying to learn. P L E A S E ...

If nothing else, let's keep the lesson going .. there are many here who want to learn the lesson .. I really hope another potential great thread & filter doesn't just wonder off into nowhereville ...

Don't need any response to this post, just hope CALM prevails and the best filter minds don't give up on most of us who truly want to learn.

It's June 1st .. let's make this the month that the filters described above become the best out there ...

Just another students perspective ... cheers !!

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6/1/2008 10:13:40 AM

this is all i got...


/* NORMALIZE DMA(28,-14) */
/* tachikawa */

set{dmaval, INDPOSITION(DMA(28,-14),60) * 100}
set{mhis,indposition(macd(15,60) histogram,60) * 100}
set{vema5,indposition(ema(5),60) * 100}
set{vslope,indposition(2 day slope dma(28,-14),60) * 100}

set{var10,count(mhis > mhis 1 day ago,1)}
set{var18,count(mhis 1 day ago < mhis 2 day ago,1)}
set{var12,count(mhis > vslope,1)}
set{var13,count(vema5 > mhis,1)}
set{var14,count(dmaval > mhis,1)}

set{var15,var10 * var10}
set{var16,var15 * var12}
set{var17,var16 * var13}
set{trigf,var17 * var14}

set{var21,count(macd(15,60) histogram 1 day ago < macd histogram(15,60),1)}
set{mhisp,days(var21 < .5,100)}
set{var11,count(macd(15,60) histogram 1 day ago > macd histogram(15,60),1)}
set{mhisn,days(var11 < .5,100)}

add column mhisp
add column mhisn

draw mhisp
draw mhisn on plot mhisp

add column dmaval
add column vslope
add column vema5
add column mhis
add column rsi(2)

draw trigf

Draw DMA(28,-14)

draw mhis
DRAW dmaval on plot mhis
draw vema5 on plot mhis
draw vslope on plot mhis

trigf > .5

volume > 1000000
close > .3

chart-time 22 day


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