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3/22/2013 2:40:44 PM

Frank: Just pulled the plug on my ARNA trade. I was up about $10 buy set a limit order to try to get 1 more cent. Dumb. I got out at 8.32 (down $45 before the commission). A small tuition to re-learn an important lesson.

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3/22/2013 5:28:19 PM

Kevin: Good for you..........still own mine @ $9.01

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3/22/2013 6:22:31 PM

kevin why dont you learn to follow the money>it is very easy to do
you have had lots of big runners that were no brainers using the 30 min to 1 month rsi2 you will never ever lose
today was a perfect example after tibx earnings it fill 5$ to 19.15 and between 19.15 and 19.45>smart money bought 24 million $ s worth daily rsi2 at 2%> the buy signal is whe the 15-30 -60 min rsi goes >60%> works >90% of the time> so in you 401k> you get in at 19.50 today>closed to 21$ on its way back to 25$

you spend al this time figuring out new filters>they are all worthless if the smart money doesnt buiy the stock
here are some really easy one in the last 6 months>money poured into the dead bottom rsi2 daily and weekly>
nflx 54-85 nflx 54 to 197 fb 19 to 32 gmcr 19 to 55 cree 28 to 54 bbry 8 to 16.50 fast hpq 12.5 to 21>there is no reason your 401k should ne up 50-150% every year> if i had told you to buy 10k$ of fmcc last week> you would of ignoed me> weel i would of had you in at 0.33 and out at 1.35 in 4 days ot cuau in at .33 and out today at 1$> and if you were play options> you would of made in the last 2 days> orcl>12005 tibx 330% and 200% nke 1800% in one day bbry 9 TRADES the lst 2 week s of 300-1800% mu>400% in 1 day last year auiff 1.25 to 8 and 5.5- to 11> you have to learn how to follow the money or you will just spin you wheels> you can follow the money on for free or for 10$ a month

look at what the smart money did with tibx today <20$

TIBX $19.69 -10.39% live money flow + $140.31M $
same thing on aapl at 422
and every other bottom reversal stock

this is why i PLAYED THE APRIL 20-22 CALLS WHICH ARE ALL UP 80-220% so far

knowing the option pain(15$) made me a fortune today on bbry >at 16.70 near its high for the first 30 minutes today smart money sold 13 million $ s worth> i jumped on the weekly 16 puts that exp today for 0.03> they went as high as 1.38> 300 contract for 1k$ would of made you 45k$ in 3 hours

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5/13/2013 10:18:38 PM

Kevin, can you clarify -- does the filter on page 1 merely identify a set of stocks from which you are looking for ANOTHER 6% pullback? I'm speaking specifically about the system backtested to create the equity curve.

If that's true, what was the entry signal used -- 6% from the close?

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5/13/2013 10:20:27 PM

Yes to both questions.

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5/14/2013 1:19:39 AM

Next day only? (i.e., place a limit order good for the day at 6% below the prior close?)

I'm not getting the same kind of simulation results on SF so I just want to make sure I'm matching your model. No doubt I have something messed up.

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5/14/2013 10:12:49 AM

Yes, next day limit order at 6% below prior close. Day order only.

I would not trade this system, even though I put it together. I am not sure I like using stocks outside of the S&P500 for my own trading, and this tends to select small cap stocks with high volatility. That is fine for many traders, but I am more comfortable with consistent returns even if that means small per trade wins.

If I am trading well it should be as exciting as watching paint dry -

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5/14/2013 11:30:21 AM

Being a complete newbie to SF, I'm not sure I captured the intent of this filter in constructing a backtest:

not ETF
close 1 day ago above 150
average volume(21) 1 day ago above 250000
average volume(21) 1 day ago below 2500000
rsi(2) 1 day ago below 20
adx(10) 1 day ago above 30
low more than 2% below close 2 days ago
close less than 5.99% below close 1 day ago

Note that I have attempted to optimize by reducing the range of volume and price. This was to (a) improve performance and (b) cut down the # of trades.

Other than those price & volume constraints, should this generate the correct set of stocks?

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5/14/2013 11:48:16 AM


Could you please guide me on how to benefit from avafin screener to filter stocks which smart money is buying. I don't think avafin is free but I am willing to pay $10 / month but need to try it out first. So what exactly is your process i.e. steps involved in screening and then may be use intraday charts to enter etc. Please help me understand.


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