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10/20/2003 12:24:47 PM


Too funny, Joe G.

You constantly badger, but as all can see, I win (again).

I posted the stock, BEFORE it went up, not after. I posted the pick over the weekend. Gave everyone plenty of time to enter. SNUS was NOT a penny stock, so you can't argue over that.

Bottom line is, RSI(2) picked a winner and RSI(2) works.

For the record, never said I was the greatest trader or even a great trader but, Joe G., I beat you again.

And for the record, I just bought a 1990 Madza Miata paid for with ADOT profits from buying at .0209 and selling at .0455. It really is fun to drive!

But with papertrading, you don't get to play with real toys!

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10/20/2003 1:10:51 PM

It's not about you Avery. Get used to that.

What my posts state and what my paper trading does is the real life.
Folks buy stocks and then their account is depleted.
Along comes another good opportunity.
What to do?
Drop one or let the new opportunity slide on by?
Real life quandries that, folks who trade in real life and realistically on paper face every day.
Folks like you, who never lose, never make a bad pick and have an unlimited amount of money to trade with don't have this problem. You are one of the lucky few.
The rest of the traders have to deal with reality, with stock picks and with money management every day.
I don't know why a rich guy like you is wasting his time on this forum when he could be having a great time in Vegas or somewhere else.

Those who don't have an unlimted amount of funds should visit

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10/20/2003 3:48:14 PM

Joe G. too funny...

Hey I was just in Crater Lake, Oregon and Kauai, Hawaii last month and Cabo San Lucas, Mexico a couple of weeks ago for the MELT DOWN at Sammy Hagar's club. Needed to come home for a while. Now I have the 1990 Miata to play with (Thanks again, ADOT). And today, CESY has been nice enough to pay for the parts and the cost of new sheepskin seat covers today!

See Joe G., when you put real money on the line, things get real. Like you trade ONE stock and make MONEY. And sometimes you don't get filled or you get partial filled.

It is just too bad you like to bash HG, rsi(2), other traders and me all the time. Why not join the ranks of real traders? Post your trade confirmations instead of just sitting back, papertrading and flaming real traders.

If you would just stick to the facts perhaps people would learn from what you have to offer. But the reality is, you got kicked off a site and had to start your own and now spend more time bashing others than making money. Really pathetic for a grown adult to behave that way.

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10/21/2003 12:20:50 PM

rsi(2) below 3 and
close between .1 and .75
and volume above 50000
and 60 day slope of the close is above 0
and date offset is 5

Down 31.61% over 5 days.
It's one thing to hype the gains, but you have to include the losers to get a true and accurate picture.

We are dealing with money. If any system were actually as good as those who hype RSI(2) claim then there would be only one system. Everyone would be in it and getting rich from it.
The truth of course is totally different and not nearly as clean and as simple.

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10/21/2003 2:51:55 PM

It's not exactly the filter I use Joe G. and you know it.

Bottom line is, you don't buy every stock any filter spits out.

This is the one I use:

Fetcher[rsi(2) below 1 and close above 0.01 and Average Volume(10) is above 300000 and volume above 100000 and 60 day slope of the close is above 0]

Backtest and papertrade all you want. Just post your confirmations so we can see real results not the "I could have made..." on paper.

I also use rsi(2) below 10 on my watch list... that is how I found EXTR today. Those are good stocks that I want to catch when they drop. Next up will be SONS. RSI(2) was 6.83 yesterday.

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10/21/2003 4:55:41 PM

SONS looks like it could go either way.
Bounce off the 20 average and go back up OR

Do like its always done and head for the lower bb.
The reason I don't like it is because the decline from its high cannot be positively attributed to an overbought situation. That is a warning.

Bollinger states that a move starting at one end of the band will carry to the other a lot of times. True enough.

However, I have found that a lot of stocks get overbought and then drop to near the 20 day average, which is half the band width. Then they start climbing again. The trick is knowing which is which.

Since RSI(14) never went into overbought condition (as it always did before) I am going to assume the safe thing and avoid SONS. There are better and safer plays.

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10/21/2003 10:11:13 PM

Joe, I ran this filter using different offsets, and the performance changes dramatically.

rsi(2) below 3 and
close between .1 and .75
and volume above 50000
and 60 day slope of the close is above 0
and date offset is 5

There are a number of factors involved in the use of a filter:
1. time frame for holding the stocks
2. entry signal
3. percent of big movers
4. sell signal
5. setting of stops

Tonight (Tuesday), I ran the filter again, and here are the results:
PCOM - +0.00%
QMCI - -2.86%
EXBT - +14.29%
NCEH - +30.30%
VAI - -8.45%
NRXI - +12.90%
OCRI - +42.86%
ASRNF - +1.61%


"It's one thing to hype the gains, but you have to include the losers to get a true and accurate picture."

I don't really agree with you about this. The results that I posted above shows some really big percentage gainers. One big gainer can make up for a lot of losers. And, with good money management, the losers don't turn into big losers.

There is another important factor, and that is the entry signal. Having a good entry signal can eliminate picking a lot of losers.

"We are dealing with money."
Yes, we are dealing with money. But, just using StockFetcher and an offset in the filter to gauge performance, is not going to tell you whether you can make money or not with a filter.

Early this morning(Tuesday), I took the Muddy picks posted by jon_p_rowe, and selected the ones I wanted to watch. Here are his picks:


I eliminated FORG because an earnings announcement is due Friday. I don't want to be in a stock when earnings are announced...too risky.

I watched the other stocks trade. SGEN took off and moved up moved up so fast that I decided to let it go...don't like chasing stocks. CTIC bounced around between red and green for about 5 minutes. When it finally settled down and was green, I bought. I also bought WIN because it turned green.

At the end of the day, I could have closed these positions with a 6.5% profit. There was no loser. Yes, FORG and DRF went down today. But, by waiting and watching for green, these losers were eliminated. That is why there is a vast difference between paper trading and actual trading. And, that is why just looking at performance as a measure of whether a filter is good or bad is not going to give a true picture.

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10/22/2003 9:49:10 AM

Well, first of all it's not 90.65%
You simply added all 8 hits and then say "UP 90.65%", which is incorrect.
If you were smart and bought all of the picks, held them for a week you would have made 11.33% not 90.65% since you have to divide the total from all 8 hits by those 8 hits. Filters will give a different result every day that you run them of course. It all depends. Do you have enoug money to buy all the hits, every day? If not, then you have to look at the losers vs the winners and calculate those odds as well.
If you only bought 1 stock then your odds were 50-50 that you will have made less than 2% for the week. That is why I always recommend at least 3, preferably 5 stocks be purchased in order to spread your risk.
That is also why my paper trades on vary substantially from what it looks like you might get by just off setting the date when you run the filter.

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10/22/2003 11:29:26 AM

That is why there is a vast difference between paper trading and actual trading.

That statement makes absolutely no sense unless you consider back dating SF as paper trading.

IF you paperTRADE then you buy on paper JUST AS IF YOU PAID FOR THE STOCK. That is paper trading. I don't know how you do it, but I paper trade just as if I were actually buying and selling.
Offsetting the date on SF is NOT backtesting.

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10/22/2003 2:56:32 PM

Joe G what about NOT getting filled and/or partial fills???

Trust me, it's MUCH EASIER on paper than in the "real" world, and the thing that's the hardest is #1 to get the fill and #2 to get the fill at a CERTAIN price.

I was a millionaire many times over on paper, but haven't done it yet in "real" life... ;(

Joe, I read most of your posts...and some I'll enjoy...but there is NO WAY you can say paper trading is the same as real trading! PT is good for an absolute beginner to get a feel for how to trade, but still comes short.


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