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9/23/2009 2:52:02 PM

I am not sure but stocks r up against all fundementals and tech analysis
I would like to see what is everyone expectation
I lost a lot as been on short side
what I did read that some expect Dow at 12k and then 40 percent correction in march 2010 or so

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9/24/2009 2:17:31 PM

On the down side... the REAL unemployment numbers are HUGE ... as those that can no longer collect unemployment (their benefits have expired) are off the radar screen, giving incorrect unemployment numbers... and more falling off every day... I have heard "the real" unemployment numbers being near 20% !!! ouch. ... and companies are keeping very low inventories

On the positive side ... housing is slow, but it is rebounding ... and alot of the monies that were on the side lines, are now back into the market..... and stocks that are hitting the "overbought" zones ... are stil moving up ... yikes. Inventories are being exhausted, and manufacturing is kicking in again ... slowly. High end sales are sill strong...

There will be volatility in the markets ... up and down ... so an expiditious eye on your holdings is warranted (as always).... The moves will be quick and turn in a instant.... fast moves up ... and fast moves down ... but within a narrow trading band ....IMHO.

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9/24/2009 8:30:16 PM

I don't know whether housing is really rebounding. Almost all of the last few months sales activity is on the low end of the housing spectrum and the tax break for new home buyers just went away. I think a lot of commercial real estate is in a world of hurt. Rents are dropping in most big cities but those who financed these deals a few years ago still have huge debts to pay back. I expect there's another shoe to drop eventually with this economy sometime in the next 6 to 9 months and agree that official employment numbers are artificially low.

Talk about low inventory - I had to go to 3 auto parts stores yesterday to find an air filter for my 2007 Honda. 3 stores. It's not like my Honda is a Studabaker or something.

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9/25/2009 1:45:07 AM

Trend, maybe you need to buy an American vehicle, like GM, or Ford. :-))

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9/25/2009 6:34:27 AM

Hey, I'm no stranger to American cars. Had a few. Even lived out of my Econline E150 van for awhile a very long time ago, between work and grad school. Wouldn't want to do that in a CRV!

BTW, Honda makes the CRV in East Lansing, Ohio. That's not all bad, is it?

Good trading!

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9/25/2009 9:04:07 AM

I found interesting pint can check at

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9/26/2009 12:51:38 AM

Trend, it's interesting you mention the city, East Lansing, Ohio. I grew up just a few miles south of another city named East Lansing, Michigan, home of Michigan State University. Yes, it's nice Honda puts Americans back to work but, much of their profits they make off the American people goes back to Japan. Too bad Japan doesn't allow American car companies that factory build freedom in their country like we allow them to build on our soil. Fair trade doesn't fit their mindset.

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9/26/2009 1:18:24 AM

jnafach, what is the bottom line to this site you sent us to? If we are in debt up to our eyebrows or higher what other method should our country use to stabilze our economics. The problems are many we all know. Greed, lack of regulation of some degree, extroidenary pay packages for higher levels of leadership within our banks and financial institutions, the banks legal right to be in the loan shark business, regular peoples distorted common sense that they could afford things they really couldn't afford, etc. As you can see, we have / had many problems to deal with and hopefully we are getting a firm handle on them. To solve any problem you need to discover the problem, then find a solution in correcting the problem or eliminating it. Sometimes fixing a problem can be painful short term but in the long run it will be better. Let's all hope our people in charge of our country are finding ways to solve / fix the many problems that plague our nation.

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9/26/2009 2:16:58 AM

oh man, you guys got my goat!

I just typed for 20 minutes, to express my opinion, but then I decided that I dont care!

Well, I care, but the majority of people are brainwashed anyway!

Oh yeah and one more thing!, the people in charge are not going to solve anything, because they are lemmings!

Oh yeah, and one more thing! If the blind lead the blind, do they both fall into the pit?

Oh yeah, one more thing! do a search and find out why the majority of our (elected presidents) have ties to the Counsel on Foreign Relations, and are Ivy leage educated! pretty plain to me!

But hey man, if you got your sell and buy signals rite, just take their money!

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9/26/2009 9:17:28 AM

jnafach - hopefully things go higher from here. I say hopefully because I don't think a big market decline is something that would be good for the economy right now. I believe the PPT is trying hard to avoid another market meltdown in the near term, although there's probably a good size correction lurking somewhere in the not to distant future, maybe even in October.

Here's how the SP500 looked in terms of being oversold on Friday as measured by # of SP500 stocks with RSI(2) below 5.

index is SP500
rsi(2) below 5
add column rsi(2)
sort by column 5 descending

offset is 09/25/09

This shows 70 stocks out of 500 stocks as of last Friday.

By comparison, during previous pullbacks since July, the number of stocks oversold by this measure were:

July 10, 2009 - 24 stocks
Aug 17, 2009 - 64 stocks
Sept 2, 2009 - 178 stocks

70 stocks suggests that this pullback is on about the same scale as previous ones. Could have another down day or two early next week, who knows, and this number could decline further. But if the number of oversold stocks declines significantly next week and SPX stablizes, might be a good signal that it's fairly safe to go long again, at least for the short term.

Good luck trading.

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