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1/18/2006 8:00:41 PM


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1/18/2006 8:21:10 PM

Fetcher[show stocks where 2 day slope of DMA(28,-14)is above 0 and DMA(28,-14)is above close and RSI(2)is below 1 and close is near bottom Linear Regression Line(60)and average volume(90)is above 300000 and volume is above 300000 add column DMA(28,-14)add column RSI(2)add column Bottom Linear Regression line(60)and offset 0 days

/* NORMALIZE accumulation distribution */

set{adval, INDPOSITION(accumulation distribution, 60) * 100 }

/* NORMALIZE momentum(12) */

set{moval, INDPOSITION(momentum(12), 60) * 100}

/* NORMALIZE rsi(2) */

set{rsval, RSI(2) }

/* NORMALIZE williams %r(10) */

set{wrval, INDPOSITION(williams %r(10), 60) * 100 }


and draw wrval
and draw adval on plot wrval
and draw moval on plot wrval
and draw rsval on plot wrval


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1/18/2006 9:24:50 PM

...TRO & lil riggsy...have become some sort of odd StockFetcher re-enactment of...

..."Brokeback Mountain !!!"

A couple-a-GAY-Cowboys !!!

Not that there's anything WRONG with that !!!



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1/18/2006 9:28:35 PM said "Try embracing what they say or open your mind to ideas. Read what Van Tharp says about open-mindedness=$$$$$!! Embrace value investing of low priced equities."

You are absolutely correct. However, this doesn't mean you put your brain on neutral and don't question those things that look too good to be true. HOW CAN YOU POSSIBLY SAY THAT THE DMA(28,-14) IS A VALUABLE CONTRIBUTION? IT IS A DECEPTION! IT IS A BACKWARD OFFSET MOVING AVERAGE. HOW CAN THAT BE PREDICTIVE? CAN YOU NOT SEE OR DO YOU CHOOSE NOT TO SEE HOW OTHER LESS KNOWLEDGEABLE TRADERS ARE BEING DECEIVED INTO THINKING THAT THIS IS THE HOLY GRAIL BY LOOKING AT THE HISTORICAL PLOT? Like I said before, I am happy about the fact that you are making money but I am very disappointed by the deception that is being propagated here.

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1/18/2006 9:56:46 PM



"az214" and riggsy are the same...uhhh..."person" !

And IF they are not the same...uhhh..."person"...they are in cahoots...and simply playing "tag team" message board posting !

It is SOOO to be laughable !!!

"az214" is just ONE of a few of riggsy's alter egos !



PS. I been bump'en around the "net" for a while. I KNOW all the tricks...and I can smell a skunk (or a group of skunks) a mile a way !!! It's ALL meaningless !!! It's ALL theatre !!!


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1/18/2006 10:23:49 PM

...WHY...??? the same characters ALWAYS show up to BLOW SMOKE...up "lil riggsy's"...uhhhhh...TAILPIPE ? the same characters ALWAYS show up to DEFEND..."lil riggsy" ?

WHY...does "lil riggsy" ALWAYS show up to DEFEND..."the same characters" ?

Hmmmmmmmm !!!

Come On...PEOPLE !!!

Think about it !!!



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1/18/2006 10:32:17 PM

Anybody in here making money from people with their scans? Did I miss a subscriber fee somewhere?

Hey, I'm new to the site and with millions of techniques for picking stocks etc., I like getting other viewpoints. Thanks to all so far. By the way, this is some funny SHAT goin' on with the word-smithing!!

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1/18/2006 11:15:56 PM


Why don't you ask "az214" !

He's making a small fortune EVERYDAY (or so "he/they" claim) off of lil riggsy's scan(s)!

And NOW that "lil riggsy" and "TRO" have combined their...uhh..."brain power"...AND...their collective...uhhh..."Market Savvy"...well...well...





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1/19/2006 4:31:49 AM

Hry riggs. Good luck...but anyone who starts believing they have cracked the due a big fall. Check that ego.

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1/19/2006 4:35:19 AM

oh's worse than I thought. M.A's can tell the future EVERY time....oh man :-) Is there REALLY an investor or have you made all this up? I hope he is careful.... Because your ranting seem a bit eccentric to me:
there will be a BLAST of energy! and it will happen EVERYTIME without fail! Then the EMA(13)will get ahold of the EMA(39), and that's when the stock catapults! By this time(3 or 4 days later), you will be ready to exit EARLY and catch the next one.

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