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10/15/2008 7:29:12 PM

Stock Fetcher should step up and bring in real time filtering and charting capabilities. The time is now, to keep their members in this current investing game. This day to day trading (day trading) will not go away anytime soon. There is a definate need for these new real time filtering and charting capabilities. ALL STOCK FETCHER MEMBERS, please put forth your feelings on this. The more response from SF members on this important subject will show Stock Fetcher we are serious about this request. Thank you.

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10/15/2008 8:59:02 PM

SF, please do not implement this unless it is a paid option or no cost to the present price structure. Most people do not need this. There are other products available for real-time applications.

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10/15/2008 10:38:43 PM

I'm not too worried about real time intraday hurry from me

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10/16/2008 8:10:14 PM

Put me in with the crowd that doesn't need Real Time stuff. I'm with the Plumber. Won't share my profits with anyone :-) Although I gladly pay SF monthly.

Then again if folks needs special needs, so be it, let em pay for it.

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10/16/2008 8:49:41 PM

Yes, MONTHLY DATA is more important to me than real time scans.

Many brokers are offering real time scans on their platform.

No need for SF to compete.

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10/17/2008 12:49:36 AM

The object in providing better tools to use in certain market conditions is what keeps and adds members to the Stock Fetcher group. When we stifle new innovative ideas is when your service becomes mundane and boring. I am sure Stock Fetcher is looking at many things to keep all of us members satisfied with their service. Stock Fetcher has done a great job so far but they know they can never rest on their past laurels.

Yes, if this new process has to be added to the advanced package so be it. It still would be a nice new feature. What with how the market is now and will be for awhile we need instant response tools to make needed moves giving us the ability to make some money any way we can (legal of course).

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10/21/2008 1:48:25 PM

I agree with all parties here. I am in the group that would benefit significantly from real-time data and charting and am willing to pay a higher monthly fee to cover this additional service. Those who do not feel the need to upgrade should be able to keep their current service.

I do have the feeling that StockFetcher has been through this before, and if they had the capablity to provide real-time data, they would have offered such a service by now. However, I completely agree with Marine that the current state of market volatility does leave me wanting this ability more than ever before. I find myself running SF scans near the close of the day to get a general idea of a chart, and then looking up the chart using real-time data from my broker. Many times, opportunities are missed and candles change significantly, causing me to miss out on some ideal trades and putting my money into less attractive ideas.

Could someone from Stockfetcher please address the idea of real-time data (I know it has been addressed before, but maybe some things have changed since then).

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10/22/2008 1:35:29 AM

I'd pay extra for intra-day real time charting as I haven't found my broker software to scan stocks like SF can.

What I really would like (for the same subscription fees) is greater capability in the written code. For example, it would be nice to be able to calculate (+,-,*,/) more than 2 variables at the same time.

I've run into many dead ends with the code or had to massage the code to do what was intended. This can be frustrating. I also couldn't complete my desired filter because the nested depth wasn't there (and I have an advanced subscription).

Again, if you can string basic math functions together between parentheses would be a tremendous leap in fuctionality.

I.E. set{calc,(var + var1 * var2 / (var3 - var4))}

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10/31/2008 10:59:11 PM

The SF service is awesome.

If SF could ever get a Real-time feature I'd pay extra for sure.

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11/1/2008 2:17:34 AM

It's better to know what stocks you are going to trade BEFORE the market is open rather than try to hit a "moving target".

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