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4/15/2016 12:56:41 AM

Hello guys could you help me to understand"1-Trades should be held no less or more than 3/7 day or unless RSI(2) > 55" ? That means I must hold a position at least 3 days, what if RSI(2) goes upon 55 within 3 days, should i sell it?

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4/15/2016 8:28:27 AM

I strongly advise to not trade this strategy. I was paper trading and in two instances companies were delisted. The huge historical returns are due to survivorship bias - sorry.

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4/15/2016 11:35:18 AM

Like all filters, it does not work in every type of market. You just have to find which type of market conditions it works best in.

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4/15/2016 1:42:56 PM

market conditions don't really matter when an individual stock goes bankrupt... just saying. I would be very cautious with this filter - be smart with your money management.

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4/15/2016 10:07:33 PM

Its the setup that counts. One can have 10000 filters but if one has and plays the right setup.
Then wash, rinse and repeat.

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4/16/2016 3:53:52 PM

By creating your very own, personal, filter you will know exactly what it does and how your behavior handles it. Many things go into selecting the right stock at the right time. From the filter itself, to current market conditions, to your own investing style. Investing with someone else's filter is like using another persons golf club, or ball glove. The same in nature but not in that personal zone you need to feel warm and fuzzy.

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4/18/2016 11:14:01 PM

I don't know WTF you guys are saying. If this filter picks 99/100 stocks correct, but 1 goes bankrupt you have $0... according to the last strategy by tombrown from 2012.

I know you guys are stating that you need to understand the strategy, but this filter's performance is based solely on survivorship bias. Based on my paper trading statistics. This filter returned two bankruptcies in a 2 month period, which is a 200% loss - wiping out your total account.

Don't lead newbies to this strategy... please. Stockfetcher's backtesting was sketchy at best.

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4/18/2016 11:15:08 PM

As you can tell Tombrown has not responded since 2012.... obviously because this strategy sucks and he probably found out the hard way by trading 1/3 of his total account by this.

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4/21/2016 4:59:46 AM

ThaGekko did you try this filter out before? or its just your guess?

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4/21/2016 2:21:51 PM

Not sure why Gekko is even on the site. He said, "Just put money in SPY or VTI and forget the stress... everyone on this site is chasing a fools dream."

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