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12/4/2009 10:26:44 AM

the smart money is controlled by the people who control 95% of the worlds money- and this is how they got rich and are getting richer-what they do for any given stock is to have 2 sets of mm s- which set up on the ecn s 1000 s of 100 share lots- so the 2 sets match each other buy and sell orders- that why you see all these fast moves up and down-the shares are loaned to these mm s by the people who control the shares-they only need a small amount <5% the float to do this- lets look at bac-- these people own >4 billion shares- the instituions own 5.3 billion shares- so the actual playable floats are very small on most stock that are having strong moves up or down--the mm s do favors for these big instituions- like dropping a stock on some bogus news-like today- they have already sucked up >100 million shares for themselves in pre today--these dilutions dont mean much because they are absorbed right away by these smart money people so they are not in play until they decide to sell slowly when they know the next top will be near--if you remember the consoldation and big dilution at 12$ that last a few months- the stock stayed in a very narrow range near 12-they also know everybody that owns a stock- where their stops are and even theri weaknesses- they do these big drop down to take out the over head resistence- if you have noticed they have done it 4 times in the last 20 days- i call it playing you on the roller coaster-they have an underground massive computer set up- that you would never believer--this is how they make 80% of the stocks go up and down in perfect harmoney- if it wasnt rigged this way- the stock would never move together-the great ponzi game-here is a biggie- these people own 95% of the news media- that they send you and they have the news rigged weeks and months ahead of time- like that dubai announcement out of the clear blue- what my trading system does is tell you the news before it happens-whether it will be neg or pos- and lastly 95% of everything you know about life and thestock market is not true-its all used to control the other 95% of the world people- and it was fabricated by these 5% of the people who control the worlds money

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12/4/2009 11:21:35 AM

Impressive post! Where do you get all this infos?

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12/4/2009 11:21:59 AM

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12/4/2009 2:40:24 PM


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12/4/2009 11:12:02 PM

i hope TRO doesnt read mary's post: To arms, to arms, buy canned goods, wait till the force shields are down! War of the Worlds was on tonight!!!

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12/4/2009 11:42:58 PM

I was reading Trader Vics book.... he dedacates a few pages to manipulation.... example a large instutional investor needs to liquadate or just chang postioins say a few hundred million $.... they know large blocks of selling will send the indexs down.. so they start to build a short position in the indexes prior to the selling.... not the direct underlying stock that would be against the law.... HO HO.... wait for a lull in the Market so the selling will be easly seen.....

When large blocks get dumped, you get a vol spike and all the tide watchers and MOMO players jump in adding fuel to the the inst sells out and covers the short position....cha he said they know where all the stop losses are set and how much float is out there.

So how to monitor this? this is the crux of the M4M method.... another example - say a large hedge fund or inst wants to take a postion in BAC....... they start off by buying large chunks of calls...then start buying the stock...

Now they may say this is good bus.. because they say as we buy the stock we know it will drive up the price ... so we limit our cost of the position buying the calls.... they will then clos the calls and stop the buying and let the stock drift back down and start again.... the profits are endless if you can move the market with your own buying and selling....

The information need is hard to disern from other large put/call looks like M4M looks at the RSI(2) and watches for call buying (on the ask) as the stock is still heading down.... this is what I gather.... anyone jump in here.... you can see it set up before it happens if you are looking at the right information...

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12/5/2009 12:16:14 AM

1:01 PM PST
December 04 BK OF AMERICA CP (Financial/Money_Center_Banks) - BAC Quote - OI/Vol. - Sector Details
Bearish risk reversal - February expriation
It appears that one strategist has sold 30,000 Feb 15 calls and purchased 30,000 Feb 15 puts earlier this afternoon. 30k Feb 15 calls were sold for an average premium of $1.74 per contract and Feb 15 puts were purchased for an average premium of $0.84, a net credit of $0.90.
BAC (BANK OF AMERICA CORP NEW) is at 16.22 +0.46

Calls: Bid Ask Volume Open Interest
10 Feb 15.00 1.92 1.94 31699 23483

Puts: Bid Ask Volume Open Interest
10 Feb 15.00 0.68 0.70 37725 65801

Its hard to sell 3mill shares at the peak of the market... I need these kind of problems

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12/5/2009 12:34:06 AM

5:08 PM PST
December 03 CBOE VOLATILITY INDEX#index (Index/Index) - VIX Quote - OI/Vol. - Sector Details
High call volume, credit call spreads
134,000 Jan 22.50 calls traded at $4.60 and 134,000 Jan 25 calls traded at $3.30. Later in the session today, 140,000 Feb 22.50 calls traded at $6.00 and 140,000 Feb 25 calls traded at $4.55. Total of 634576 calls (6.96x avg volume) and 82754 puts (1.36x avg volume) traded today.
VIX (CBOE MARKET VOLATILITY) is at 22.50 +1.38

Calls: Bid Ask Volume Open Interest
10 Jan 22.50 4.80 5.00 130072 3955
10 Jan 25.00 3.20 3.60 134528 43332

10 Feb 22.50 6.00 6.40 142623 325
10 Feb 25.00 4.40 4.60 142031 5612


Thats a big bet brother.......

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12/5/2009 12:41:07 AM

8:57 AM PST
December 03 HUMAN GENOME SCI (Healthcare/Biotechnology) - HGSI Quote - OI/Vol. - Sector Details
Options active - January (2010) expiration
It appears that investor(s) sold the Jan 31 puts for an average premium of $1.16 per contract and sold Jan 24 calls for an average of $0.40 per contract. Total of 45803 calls (3.44x avg volume) and 21763 puts (3.09x avg volume) have traded so far this morning.

Calls: Bid Ask Volume Open Interest
10 Jan 31.00 1.15 1.21 11888 3837

Puts: Bid Ask Volume Open Interest
10 Jan 24.00 0.34 0.36 13368 2336


This one is kinda cool..........

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12/5/2009 7:42:55 AM

An Urban Legend ....any officer of the company needs to file their intent to buy or sell long before the actual transaction ... and it is public record. That said, though, any anomaly with volume spikes (stocks or options) preceeding a move is a self fulfilling prophecy.... so the M4M method truly has merit .... but it is more likely that the company landed a huge deal with unexpected gains ...(or losses) and the news is leaking.... or a fund manager is doing some window dressing ....IMHO ....

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