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7/27/2008 5:27:57 PM

I like that MIGHTYSQUEEZE filter WSG, thanks

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7/27/2008 7:25:44 PM

with win pct.....


/* Basic Criteria */
and not otcbb
and close between 0.5 and 100
and avgvol(30) > 543210

/* Chart, Date & Column Display Settings */
and chart-length 100 days
and date offset 0
and sort column 8 descending

and add column separator

/* Additional columns to display */
add column average day range(30)

and add column separator

/* What was yesterday's gain or loss */
set{open_yest, open 1 day ago}
set{close_yest, close 1 day ago}
set{open_close_diff, close_yest - open_yest}
set{temp_pct_gl_yest, open_close_diff / open_yest}
set{pct_gl_yest, temp_pct_gl_yest * 100}

/* Did the stock gap up today (1=yes, 0=no) */
and set {gap_up_today, count(open > close_yest, 1)}

/* How many times, over the last 100 days, did this stock gap up following a x% increase yesterday */
and set {up_03pct_yest, count(pct_gl_yest > 03, 1)}
and set{gap_up_today_with_up_03pct_yest, gap_up_today * up_03pct_yest}
and set{03pct, count(gap_up_today_with_up_03pct_yest equals 1,100)}
and add column 03pct

and set {ops, count(pct_gl_yest > 03, 100)}
and set{03win,03pct / ops}
and add column 03win

and set {up_06pct_yest, count(pct_gl_yest > 06, 1)}
and set{gap_up_today_with_up_06pct_yest, gap_up_today * up_06pct_yest}
and set{06pct, count(gap_up_today_with_up_06pct_yest equals 1,100)}
and add column 06pct

and set {ops06, count(pct_gl_yest > 06, 100)}
and set{06win,06pct / ops06}
and add column 06win

and set {up_09pct_yest, count(pct_gl_yest > 09, 1)}
and set{gap_up_today_with_up_09pct_yest, gap_up_today * up_09pct_yest}
and set{09pct, count(gap_up_today_with_up_09pct_yest equals 1,100)}
and add column 09pct

and set {ops09, count(pct_gl_yest > 09, 100)}
and set{09win,09pct / ops09}
and add column 09win

and set {up_12pct_yest, count(pct_gl_yest > 12, 1)}
and set{gap_up_today_with_up_12pct_yest, gap_up_today * up_12pct_yest}
and set{12pct, count(gap_up_today_with_up_12pct_yest equals 1,100)}
and add column 12pct

and set {ops12, count(pct_gl_yest > 12, 100)}
and set{12win,12pct / ops12}
and add column 12win

and set {up_15pct_yest, count(pct_gl_yest > 15, 1)}
and set{gap_up_today_with_up_15pct_yest, gap_up_today * up_15pct_yest}
and set{15pct, count(gap_up_today_with_up_15pct_yest equals 1,100)}
and add column 15pct

and set {ops15, count(pct_gl_yest > 15, 100)}
and set{15win,15pct / ops15}
and add column 15win

and set {up_18pct_yest, count(pct_gl_yest > 18, 1)}
and set{gap_up_today_with_up_18pct_yest, gap_up_today * up_18pct_yest}
and set{18pct, count(gap_up_today_with_up_18pct_yest equals 1,100)}
and add column 18pct

and set {ops18, count(pct_gl_yest > 18, 100)}
and set{18win,18pct / ops18}
and add column 18win

and set {up_21pct_yest, count(pct_gl_yest > 21, 1)}
and set{gap_up_today_with_up_21pct_yest, gap_up_today * up_21pct_yest}
and set{21pct, count(gap_up_today_with_up_21pct_yest equals 1,100)}
and add column 21pct

and set {ops21, count(pct_gl_yest > 21, 100)}
and set{21win,21pct / ops21}
and add column 21win

and set {up_25pct_yest, count(pct_gl_yest > 25, 1)}
and set{gap_up_today_with_up_25pct_yest, gap_up_today * up_25pct_yest}
and set{25pct, count(gap_up_today_with_up_25pct_yest equals 1,100)}
and add column 25pct

and set {ops25, count(pct_gl_yest > 25, 100)}
and set{25win,25pct / ops25}
and add column 25win

and set {up_30pct_yest, count(pct_gl_yest > 30, 1)}
and set{gap_up_today_with_up_30pct_yest, gap_up_today * up_30pct_yest}
and set{30pct, count(gap_up_today_with_up_30pct_yest equals 1,100)}
and add column 30pct

and set {ops30, count(pct_gl_yest > 30, 100)}
and set{30win,30pct / ops30}
and add column 30win

and set {up_35pct_yest, count(pct_gl_yest > 35, 1)}
and set{gap_up_today_with_up_35pct_yest, gap_up_today * up_35pct_yest}
and set{35pct, count(gap_up_today_with_up_35pct_yest equals 1,100)}
and add column 35pct

and set {ops35, count(pct_gl_yest > 35, 100)}
and set{35win,35pct / ops35}
and add column 35win
35win above .01

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7/27/2008 8:44:52 PM

I like that MIGHTYSQUEEZE filter WSG, thanks

My pleasure Guru!...


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8/29/2008 12:35:30 AM

Although none of you were any help, and Wall Street Genius even managed to insult me while he pretended to help, I finally managed to get the gap stat calculator that I wanted.

Here is what it looks like

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8/29/2008 1:00:05 AM

Johnny, I am sure WS's intentions were to help you in some way or another. His result just didn't measure up to what you needed. He probably never had a dad so he has all of us as his children and likes to correct us all when he sees fit. It's his self proclaimed destiny to do this. Ego massaging at its finest.

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8/29/2008 1:30:02 AM

WSG said:

"you didn't get those filters from me! I don't know where you got them, but those filters look about as dumb as "Johney's" criteria question in post #1 in this thread! LOL...Please don't put my name on something like that again okay?... "

I didn't ask for his help specifically... he stepped in.. only to insult me later...

make of it what you will.

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8/29/2008 1:41:04 PM


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8/30/2008 12:14:54 AM

I appreciate when people help- I don't appreciate being insulted.

It's really that simple chetron. If you didn't insult me then you shouldn't worry about it.

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8/30/2008 8:40:53 AM

"Although none of you were any help, ..."

i am sorry johnny, i must have misinterpreted the above statement you made.

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