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gloria garrison
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1/13/2013 2:13:15 AM

to trade the right stocks you first need to find the right stocks, second you must have an effective quote screen to guide your decisions to buy or sell. finding good stocks to trade is straight foreward; first set {vx, avgvol (10) * ema (10)} and set {hl, high - low} and set {r, hi / low} and set {rx, r * 100} and set {cmar, cma (rx, 10) 1 day ago} and set {hp, high 8 week high - price} and set {hpp, hp / price} and set {hpx, hpp * 100} and show stocks where price is below 2 and vx is above 125000 and price is above price 1 day ago and volume is above volume 1 day ago and rx is above cmar and price is more than 15 percent below the high 8 week high and do not draw vx and do not draw rx and do not draw cmar and draw ema (50) and draw ema (20) and draw cmf (90) and draw slow stochastic (30,4,3) %k and add column avgvol (50) {Avg_Volume} and add column vx {Daily_Liquidity} and add column hpx {Potential_Gains} and add column slow stochastic (30,4,3) %k {Stoch_k} and add column rx {Range} and add column cmar {Avg_Range} and add column Sector and add column Industry and sort column 5 descending....................................................... here's what's being done: first we're choosing stocks priced at 2_dollars and below (you can choose any amount you like or play between two set values) as they tend to have large price moves (percentage wise) you too should have a set percentage goal at which time you exit the trade (I choose 4 % as my goal plus the trade cost) this way you can lock in profits and return to trade another day, doing this can make 1000 dollars traded today become 1000000 dollars in a years time if you fully reinvest each day, this takes discipline, but it will develop good trading habits. second, you must have the discipline to exit a trade when it moves against you, (and this will happen from time to time) this way you'll have money enough to trade another day. (I stop my losses at no more than 5 % and usually exit befor they become 2 %)............................... now the vx is a ten day average of the daily traiding in the stock represented in dollars, the rx is the day range from low to high, the cmar is an average of the day range from low to high, and the potential gains is the amount in percentage from the current price back to the most recent high in the last eight weeks..................................................... the old addage "Buy Low/Sell High' is made evident here with some safeguards to fall back on. first the CMF is set at 90 periods and should be in an upwards trend for at least the last 10 trading periods, the slow stochastic fast line is set at 30 periods with a 4 period smoothing, the %D_line is set at 3 periods, the %k line should be below 25 and rising for at least the last two days and should have just crossed over the signal line or is about to do so, the best of the stocks will have brokeout above a resistant level with big volume, if volume did not surge the breakout will likely fail and the stock will continue/resume falling in value................................................ transfer these symbols to your traiding platforms quote screen. an effective quote screen must have only what you need to pay attention to and should be in this order and squeezed as tightly as is possible: last_trend, symbol, %_change, last, bid, ask, last_size, bid_siize, ask_size and volume............................................last_trend is a green or red arrow showing if price went up or down, your quote column should be no wider tha the arrows, symbol is the stocks trading code, and also should only be as large as the largest symbol shown. %_change is the percentage of price movement since the open,it too should be no wider than necessary to see the full value. the last is the last price at which the stock last traded. bid is the highest price currently being offered for purchase of the stock. ask is the lowest price a seller is willing to trade his stock for. last_size is the number of shares traded at the listed price of the last. last_bid is the number of shares wanted for purchase at the bid price. ask_size is the number of shares for sale at the asking price. and volume is the number of shares traded during that trading session............................................ now, if there are more buyers (bid_size) than sellers (ask_size) price is going to be driven up by the demand. if however, there are more sellers (ask_size) than buyers (bid_size) price is going to fall as sellers overwhelm the buyers. you must pay close attention to the bid/ask sizes if you are to succeed. also, if your stock turns against you get out (that is: if ask_size is overwhelming the bid_size meaning a selloff is underway you need to take your profits and run) often on penny stocks a trader will artifically manipulate the stock price driving it down with low bids having a negligable size and posting a huge buy order at the low price end to pick up the shares from the novice traders who get fooled into trading away there stocks. these price manipulaters will continue to post small bid sizes amounting to less than 10 dollars worth of stock just to keep the quote screen artifically low so they can clean up. so watch trade volumes on the bid and ask sizes. a great example of such a situation can be found on symbol SKNY the bid_size is over 550000 shares at 0.0011 which has a last_size of only 5300 shares a $5.83 trade. this is a stock that otherwise has a support level of 0.002 and is moving up in value as the price manipulater has surely figured out, (on a daily chart the volume has swelled at the low end or current last two weeks or so, this too is buying as down side risk is negligable while up side gain potential is fantastic) at least I belive that to be the case from a week of observing the trades on the stock (which I happen to own approximately 500000 shares of myself) on your trading platform you should have 2 charts: a small daily chart for 3 months time, it should show volume bars not a line and they should be positive/negitive colored the chart should be a candlestick type and have ema (20) (make it blue) and ema (50) (make it fushia) (exponential moving averages) (note it helps to eliminate both their identification and price tags from your chart) it too should have a cmf (90) (chaikin's money flow at 90 periods filled red and green (note it helps to eliminate the indicators identification from off your chart) your second chart should be a 13 minute period chart for 4 or 6 days length, again its a candlestick chart with (blue) ema (20) and (fushia) ema (50) having no identification on chart nor price tag, it has volume bars color coded, and indicator cmf (130) that's chaikin's money flow at 130 periods so you see the big picture not the noise of each candle. when money flow starts trending down you sell asuming you only bought a stock with money flow rising (it can still be in the red and rising so pay attention to the edge of the filled portion of the indicator.) you should also have a positions screen showing the symbol, quanty owned, average price paid per share, total value of the position, percentage of profit or loss, dollars of profit or loss, and the average daily volume. your trading layout should be set up like so top left the ORDER ENTRY SCREEN middle left the POSITIONS SCREEN and bottom left the DAILY/3_MONTH CHART top right the QUOTE SCREEN middle and bottom 2/3 is the 13_MINUTE/6_DAY CHART your quote screen and position screen should be linked to the order entry and the two charts, each chart should be linked to the order entry and the quote screen . finally your trade should be of a large enough size so each one cent of trade cost is absorbed by not less than 5 shares (if you pay 5 dollars to buy and 5 dollars to sell you want to own no less than 2500 shares this gives an optimal 4 tenths of 1 percent as a trade cost percent trade cost. (on the other hand lets say you buy 100 shares of xyz and your cost is 5 dollars to buy it and another 5 dollars to sell it, that means the first 10 percent goes to the broker before you see a dime, so pay attention to the cost per shair to trade in and out. also it is not a good ideal to hold a stock over the weekend as you can do nothing prior to mondays open should the company declare bankruptcy or fire its ceo etc. its better to hold cash than a stock that collapsed come monday. good luck, and I hope this helps all those who take the time to set it up and use it, may God bless you all with wealth and happiness.
My statement is just an opinion and should not be taken as an endorcement to trade any stocks, you should consult your financial advisor prior to investing in any tradeable security.

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1/13/2013 9:25:45 AM

Looks like Mary is back

gloria garrison
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1/13/2013 2:28:56 PM

this is not Mary! this is Gloria Garrison's son Robert, and I challenge anybody to write a better day trading filter than the one I provided as well as to provide better advice than what I've provided. I've studied technical analysis of stock charts for over seven years and have written three personal indicators (a PDX, an Imbalance indicator, and a Pretrend indicator that turns faster than any on the market!) as for my advice the truth of it will be self evident to any whom take the time to implement it. so again, good trading, and God bless you with wealth and happiness. you can respond directly to me at:

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1/14/2013 1:28:24 PM about tossing us minions a few picks....thanks.

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1/14/2013 6:07:35 PM

Can someone make this clickable? Thanks.

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1/14/2013 9:45:48 PM


set {vx, avgvol(10) * ema(10)}
set {hl, high - low}
set {r, high / low}
set {rx, r * 100}
set {cmar, cma (rx, 10) 1 day ago}
set {hp, high 8 week high - price}
set {hpp, hp / price}
set {hpx, hpp * 100}
show stocks where price is below 2
vx is above 125000
price is above price 1 day ago
volume is above volume 1 day ago
rx is above cmar
price is more than 15 percent below the high 8 week high
do not draw vx
do not draw rx
do not draw cmar
do not draw high 8 week high
draw ema(50)
draw ema(20)
draw cmf(90)
draw slow stochastic (30,4,3) %k
add column avgvol(50) {Avg_Volume}
add column vx {Daily_Liquidity}
add column hpx {Potential_Gains}
add column slow stochastic (30,4,3) %k {Stoch_k}
add column rx {Range}
add column cmar {Avg_Range}
add column Sector
add column Industry
sort column 5 descending

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1/14/2013 11:17:00 PM

Tomm111, many thanks.

gloria garrison
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1/15/2013 1:02:16 AM

by Robert Garrison: did good making the filter for that man, I see I omitted "do not draw high 8 week high" sorry. now you have some really good stocks to look at. you can adjust the price scan to suit your own traiding styles. since I was asked for a few picks I'll list them here in a minute or so (it's 10_pm where I'm at and I'll get back in a half hour or so with the picks) .......................................MRGE..(broke out on big volume next resistance levels are 3.00 / 315).....AUGT is at 0.63 and is likely to run up to 0.76.......XRTX is hot, it's at 9.07 and headed towards resistance levels at 9.60 / 10.10.............. SIAF is a stock to put on a watch list for a candlestick close in the top 30 %, but it is trying to go.........CTLE..lots of trading happening as it has big volume but no range to go with it, I expect it to make a retracement back to around the 0.51 support level to shake out any share holders prior to its taking off.............ASTI...has really good support at 0.60 and there has been a lot of interest in the stosk at this low end as shown by the huge increase in volume so there is low risk involved here with lots of up side potential to 0.8 before any resistance's at 1.03 and should run up to 1.21 at resistance of 1.66 but should push through it to levels of 1.81 to 2.00..................CISG...looks to be concluding wave_4 (Elliott)and will likely run up above the 7.10 resistance level to retest the 7.95 high where it should pull back befor taking off to take out the 9.00 bottom of the cup_bottom pattern it's in on the 2 yr at 3.19 and should sail up to 3.58's worth keeping an eye on this one as its 2 yr chart is amazing.................OTT... is 1.47 on its way to in a great basing pattern, it'll likely move down on volume to about 2.50 to shake out shair holders of their stocks then it'll run up to the 3.25 resistance level and blow by it on volume to go to the hard resistance at 4.00...................PURE...just made its breakout on huge volume, it's headed to the hard resistance level at 1.70 as seen on the 2 yr chart...................STBMY... is not for those with a weak stomach as it is a high volitility stock that is going to make huge price moves up and down as it works its way up through all these resistance levels: 7.50 / 8.00 / 8.50 / 8.90 / 9.48 / 10.30 / 11.10 / 11.70 / 12.50 / to 13.25. and of course I do realy like ...............SKNY....which went up 38% today to close at 0.0015 this one I feel strongly about and belive it to be a ten bagger to say the least though there still is the price manipulater who is trying to score all he /she can get buy selling a small lot of stocks (under ten dollars worth) to make the price of the last less than it should otherwise be but volume was really light today as nobody is willing to sell at a low low price. enjoy and may God bless you with wealth and happiness!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Robert Garrison AKA now.

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1/15/2013 4:20:32 AM

Robert, thank you so much for sharing this filter and your opinion on these stocks....I look forward to hearing more from you..
Thank you again....

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1/15/2013 11:34:00 AM

Okay - I'll bite
It might be in there somewhere, but man that is one giant run on sentence.
When do you run this filter?
After the close and set up for next morning?

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