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3/4/2022 11:44:56 AM


In the filter below, I’m using the SF Min function instead of a third Set statement for combining two variables for a True test.
I’m hoping this will allow us to extend complicated filters a little bit further before they fail to execute due to nesting levels.

Do you hav a readily available filter that is right at the SF too complex to run level that you could post for me to test with?

Ed S.


set{var, count(close > 100,1)}
set{var1, count(volume > 1000000,1)}
add column min(var,var1) > .5


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3/4/2022 1:19:37 PM

Try the filter I posted in this thread if you will..

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3/4/2022 2:03:16 PM

I'm sure I can find one. Do we know what the limit for set statements is between standard and advanced?

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3/4/2022 2:55:42 PM

I don't know the limit for either Subscription level but I think the limit is the number of Set statements that are nested as I believe if there is no nesting we can have very many Set statements.

Ed S.

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3/4/2022 3:31:51 PM

Okay, here is a Fibonacci filter that should trigger an advanced subscription. Let me know if it's too complex for testing and I'll look for something smaller.

average volume(30) > 1234567
/* Set the Fib values at 23.6%, 38.2%, 50%, and 61.8%*/

set{Hi,high 1-year high}
set{Lo,low 1-year low}
set{Vdiff,Hi - Lo}
set{x1,Vdiff * .236}
set{x2,Vdiff * .382}
set{x3,Vdiff * .50}
set{x4,Vdiff * .618}
set{x5,Vdiff * .786}
set{Fib1, Hi - x1}
set{Fib2, Hi - x2}
set{Fib3, Hi - x3}
set{Fib4, Hi - x4}
set{Fib5, Hi - x5}

/* Check if price touched any of the Fib lines 1 day ago while that candle's body is above the Fib line */

set{touch1a,count(low 1 day ago <= Fib1,1)}
set{touch1b,count(close 1 day ago > fib1,1)}
set{touch1c,count(open 1 day ago > fib1,1)}
set{touch1d,touch1a * touch1b}
set{Touch1,touch1c * touch1d}

set{touch2a,count(low 1 day ago <= Fib2,1)}
set{touch2b,count(close 1 day ago > fib2,1)}
set{touch2c,count(open 1 day ago > fib2,1)}
set{touch2d,touch2a * touch2b}
set{Touch2,touch2c * touch2d}

set{touch3a,count(low 1 day ago <= Fib3,1)}
set{touch3b,count(close 1 day ago > fib3,1)}
set{touch3c,count(open 1 day ago > fib3,1)}
set{touch3d,touch3a * touch3b}
set{Touch3,touch3c * touch3d}

set{touch4a,count(low 1 day ago <= Fib4,1)}
set{touch4b,count(close 1 day ago > fib4,1)}
set{touch4c,count(open 1 day ago > fib4,1)}
set{touch4d,touch4a * touch4b}
set{Touch4,touch4c * touch4d}

set{touch5a,count(low 1 day ago <= Fib5,1)}
set{touch5b,count(close 1 day ago > fib5,1)}
set{touch5c,count(open 1 day ago > fib5,1)}
set{touch5d,touch5a * touch5b}
set{Touch5,touch5c * touch5d}

set{z1,Touch1 + Touch2}
set{z2,z1 + Touch3}
set{z3,z2 + Touch4}
set{Trigger,z3 + Touch5}
Trigger > 0

/* The bounce: Green day following a 3-day declining close */
close > high 1 day ago
close 1 day ago < close 2 days ago for last 3 days

draw price line at hi
draw price line at Fib1
draw price line at Fib2
draw price line at Fib3
draw price line at Fib4
draw price line at Fib5
draw price line at lo

do not draw Trigger

/* Debugging

add column hi
add column Vdiff
add column fib1
add column close 1 day ago

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3/4/2022 3:34:20 PM

I think a couple of filters on this page might be candidates for your test ?
KSK8 4/30/2019 4:01:50 PM
SAFeTRADE 4/30/2019 6:11:05 PM

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3/9/2022 12:30:43 PM


Using the SF Min function I was only able to get a little more info from your filter but could not clear the complexity hang up issue.

Ed S.

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3/14/2022 11:11:02 AM

That Fibonacci filter runs in my advanced subscription with no changes required.
Thanks anyway,
Ed S

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3/14/2022 3:39:49 PM

I misunderstood your request. I thought you were testing basic vs advanced filters. I don't have any filters that fail to run in SF due to complexity as I delete any that break. I'll let you know if I come across any, though!

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