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3/4/2013 3:59:12 PM

Thank you Quilln for the info. GBU.

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3/5/2013 4:00:13 PM

re: Revolving Seasonality funds
re: compounding

Not a big fan of Mutual Funds, however peruse the following that will help you stay out of trouble and make you money as opposed to what the pied pipers are yapping about and are clueless.

You will be investing in about 12 funds, but, one Fund per month at a time in rotation. Compound the monies into the next Fund.

Keep in simple

Trade with Rules - Have a Plan

Quilln -

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3/5/2013 4:57:33 PM

Quilln, I don't have restriction on my IRA. In your opinion, is it better to invest the once every three month method or the following:

Fund Month

Fund Month

Fund Month

Also, is there a seasonality method using ETF's. Thank you so much for teaching us to be better investors.

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3/6/2013 12:14:44 AM


Here is a tool to assist you in finding monthly or quarterly results. Insert QQQ or XLE in dertermining which month or quarter to invest in them.

It takes a lot of work in arranging all the ducks to line up for the best months by hand. There are about 1,228 ETF's on the market now, up from 133 a decaded ago. There about 400 on the Deathwatchlist that have to be avoided. Then again, new ones pop up every month.

I try and work on this project when time permits.

Quilln -

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3/6/2013 3:12:46 AM

Quilln, thanks for the link and I will try to work on it. You have so much on your plate. Thank you so much for all your help and I will continue to prayer for you and your wife.

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3/6/2013 3:24:22 AM

Pirate67, I hope that you don't mind that I modify your great, great work . I did this so that the KST matches the KST on stockcharts. Quilln, I hope that this will save you a little time. Guys or gals, thank you so much for y'all's input to this site.

price is between 5 and 60
volume is above 750000
day change is above 2.5%

set{countKSTxover, count(kst daily sma crossed above cema(kst daily sma,9),1)}
add column countKSTxover

set{countKSTxunder, count(kst daily sma crossed BELOW cema(kst daily sma,9),1)}
add column countKSTxunder

set{TSIxovercount,count(TSI2513 crossed above cema(TSI2513,7),1)}

add column TSIxovercount

set{TSIxundercount,count(TSI2513 crossed below cema(TSI2513,7),1)}
add column TSIxundercount

set{EMAxovercount,count(ema(13) crossed above ema(50),1)}
add column EMAxovercount

set{EMAxundercount,count(ema(13) crossed below ema(50),1)}
add column EMAxundercount

set{ Trixxovercount,count(TRIX(20,6) crossed above the TRIX EMA(20,6),1)}
add column Trixxovercount
draw Trix(20,6) on plot Trix ema(20,6)

set{ Trixxundercount,count(TRIX(20,6) crossed below the TRIX EMA(20,6),1)}
add column Trixxundercount

set{ fasttrix,count(TRIX(10,6) crossed above the TRIX EMA(10,6),1)}
add column fasttrix
draw Trix(10,6) on plot Trix ema(10,6)

set{ fasttrixunderx,count(TRIX(10,6) crossed below the TRIX EMA(10,6),1)}
add column fasttrixunderx

chart-length 4 months

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3/6/2013 6:35:29 AM

on mutual funds , yahoo finance used to be current on mutual funds, years ago i compiled lists of funds that did well in certain quarters, for some reason yahoo stopped the mutual fund stats i used , last date for quarterly performance is 2010. To see mutual fund performance for ten years , go to yahoo finance, click on mutual funds, put in symbol of mutual fund say FSDAX,
click on "Performance" scroll down page , mutual fund quarterly performance for ten years.

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3/19/2013 2:54:52 PM

Hi Quilln,
I just have a question about the list of 40 stocks (agd, arr, at, ...) you were sharing with us.
If I understood correctly, you are dividing your available funds equally to the 40 stocks. I suppose you didn't invest in all stocks all at once, but rather slowly scaled in.
Now I wonder what kind of risk and position management you apply to such a bunch of income stocks.
I noticed that AT fell hard just at the beginning of march (fell from $10 to just about $5).
Obviously this incidence would not affect the overall portfolio too much (its only a loss of 1.25%), but I wonder what one should do in such a circumstance:
a) sell the stock
b) just wait and do nothing (hopefully AT will still generate some income in the future)
c) wait a little more for some kind of technical bottom-building and then buy some more (now its cheaper, isn't it?)

Just wondering, whether you would treat these income producing stocks differently, because the investment time-frame is very long ...

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3/20/2013 12:41:48 PM



re:TOS charts.

The Forty stocks is an on going project which took a year to complete by investing in four stocks per month from a pool of dollars. My requirements were to buy stocks in lots of 50 shares. ie....100, 150, 200, 250, 300, 350, 400, 450 etc. etc.
Invested $ 4,000.00 in each stock and rounded up to the nearest 50 shares.

I am constantly looking at monthly dividend lists for replacements. ie...AT took a pounding on or about 2/1/13. However, I use TOS (think or swim ) charts and inserting "TTM_Scalper Alert" from the Edit Studies list and using a 3 month Day Style settings to tell me when to buy and when to sell the stock.

Sold the stock on 2/11/13.

the 3 month day chart is located in my Flexible Grid Chart lower left hand corner, 2 day 1minute in the middle and 5day 15 minute the far right
the top chart is 1day 1minute..

My first two stocks were O and MAIN.

Everyday I peruse the list for any changes that may have to be taken care of. However, still maintain a 40 stock list.

Back up stocks:

The following pays a dividend every week of the year.

HNZ....Pays the second week of Jan, Apr, Jul, Oct

O......Pays the 15th (or third week ) of every month

GE.....Pays the fourth week of Jan, Apr, Jul, Oct

T......Pays the first week of Feb, May, Aug, Nov

UVV....Pays the second week of Feb, May, Aug, Nov

ETN....Pays the fourth week of Feb, May, Aug, Nov.

PNW....Pays the first week of Mar, Jun, Sep, Dec

HON....Pays the second week of Mar, Jun, Sep, Dec

FL.....Pays the fourth week of Mar, Jun, Sep, Dec

PEP....Pays the fifth week of Mar, Jun, Sep, Dec. ditto from the above.

Hope this can be of some assistance as an ongoing project.

Best regards,

Quilln -

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3/21/2013 5:56:42 PM

Hi Quilln,
thanks for the enlightment! Now I see a little bit clearer how you go about the earnings portfolio.
So it means that you actively monitor and trade all these 40 stocks and replace some of them when neccessary.

So with TTM_Scalper indicator of TOS there is the "min swing" parameter. How do you set it? Its setting is sensitive to absolute price, so you need a smaller value with low-priced stocks. Any ideas?
Seems like a good indicator to me, but unfortunately it is proprietary (= no source code available). :-(


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