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1/25/2013 11:52:13 PM



The above are 3 month charts that are Yellow high-lited during the day, is for public view and the green high-lited is for paying customers.

re: QLD/QID a Renko chart. Another view at swing trading stocks. Kind of straight forward. Green is good and red is sell and wait for the Green to come back.

One bit of advice and that is if you make any changes to the chart, at below the chart is a tab "linable version", click on that and then "reload the link". If you don't you'll be one cranky person when you see a default ugly chart.

I am not a subscriber to Stockcharts and I can only use the Predefined Range(3month)in the Chart Attributes section.

Stockchart must have changed them today, because I could change months years days. Going to have to wait until Monday during the day if the Attributes change during the trading day.

Now, if you see a possible headfake or something doesn't look right, drop it down by one month for a better view.

If your using the 2 month chart with a 15 minute time frame, your into day trading mode and things move fast.

For me, I make my decisions at 10am EST check back every hour if a stock is near a possible headfake.

Have a nice weekend and see ya around the campus.

Quilln - "In tribute to all who seek to record their ideas and share them with others".

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1/30/2013 9:28:12 PM

Hello Quilln
I have been working with trading the bubbles on ToS.
You were right. The wait for the next bubble is patience trying, :)
Have done some decent paper trades using the one min chart.

Thanks for your help and direction in using ToS.
I have had access to it for some time but didn't see the need for attacking the learning curve.
You gave a little shove of a reason.
Really good platform.


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1/31/2013 6:50:52 PM

Could you explain trading the bubbles and labels?

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2/1/2013 10:34:02 AM

Quilln explains it real well in this thread.
Start at the beginning and study what he says about each of the chart systems used.
He described using ToS (Think or Swim) well enough that I was able to set up the charts and start watching as he described.

Hope this helps.

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2/1/2013 10:36:13 AM

pirate67, as an example with the labels posted. As a day/swingtrader I use the SIMON SEZ approach as to when to buy and sell a stock for a kwik profit. To find how to use Simon SEZ kruz back up to page two (2)on this forum or message number 110416 for a full explanation on to use it. sold TZA on November 30th. then bought TNA with the profits and principle amount on December 10th using the Tetter Totter Principle.

Just keep an eye on the 13/50ema's for an informed decision. Werks for me.

With respect to the think or swim (TOS) charts they are called Bubbles. The Bubbles will appear on all charts. Some times you have to use the slider bar to see if any appear way to the left of the chart.

Hope this can help.

Quilln -

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2/1/2013 7:00:03 PM

Thanks, I understand it now! It seems very useable, even if you cannot watch the market during the day for the label to first appear. Thanks for sharing your methods Q! The charts shows the setup. TOS seems different. The bubbles that show are more long range. How would one setup the charts to have the more frequent bubbles similar top the stockchart's labels? Also what type of algorhthym is the labels based on? It wopu;ld be nice if TOS had KST and TSI.

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2/1/2013 7:36:08 PM

TOS has the TSI indicator

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2/1/2013 7:56:21 PM

Thanks JP, I found it

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2/1/2013 8:06:02 PM

Here is the code for KST for TOS

declare lower;

#--Input variables
input rocLength1 = 10;
input rocLength2 = 15;
input rocLength3 = 20;
input rocLength4 = 30;

def sumRocLength = rocLength1+rocLength2+rocLength3+rocLength4;
def avgLength1 = 10;
def avgLength2 = 10;
def avgLength3 = 10;
def avgLength4 = 15;

#--Calc ROC - RateOfChange(length, color norm length, price)
def ROC1 = RateOfChange(rocLength1, rocLength1, close);
def ROC2 = RateOfChange(rocLength2, rocLength2, close);
def ROC3 = RateOfChange(rocLength3, rocLength3, close);
def ROC4 = RateOfChange(rocLength4, rocLength4, close);

#--Plot lines
plot zeroLine = 0;

plot fastKST = (Average(ROC1,avgLength1)*(rocLength1/sumRocLength))+

plot slowKST = Average(fastKST,rocLength1);

#--Set Colors and Style

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2/1/2013 9:31:12 PM

Great, thanks once again JP!

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