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2/6/2013 1:05:35 PM


on ToS you will only see the high/low bubbles once for the time frame of the chart.
A Today 1 minute chart will only display one high and one low bubble
A 2 day 5 minute chart will only display one high and one low bubble
A 30 day chart will only display one high and one low bubble

This isn't what would be desired but it is what ToS serves...

Head fakes are frequent. As a stock continues to move up or down the bubble will redraw to the lower or higher price.

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2/6/2013 1:09:53 PM

Thanks Springhill. So it means the Simon says stuff between 9.50 & 10.00 AM only works on charts only ?

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2/6/2013 1:35:05 PM


It appears that way to me.
Maybe Quilln will stop by and say for sure..
The StockCharts chart are nice.
Just hate to subscribe to another charting service...

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2/6/2013 5:25:39 PM


I have been looking thru symbols on StockChart watching for footprints to follow the SimonSez logic you describe above.
Most of the ones I have looked at seem to switch every day with many going against the buy/sell footpring..
How do you manage to make any good trades?
I have tried looking at the picks from the filter you had built but don't see any consistency in them for good trades.

I think most of the trades in the market are a crap shoot. :)

Don't see much of any way to swing the odds in ones favor.

Just my observation...

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2/6/2013 6:07:38 PM

Following the methods presented in this thread,using for the labels, it appears that using the 50 period ema works well. That is,only trade in the direction of the slope of the 50 period ema. Relaxing this a little, it might also work that a close to flat slope after a movement in one direction, along with the crossovers or labels are highly profitable. I have just done limited manual back testing on this. Any thoughts?

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2/6/2013 11:25:03 PM


Definition of a

Swing Trader....... Investing/trading is Business and must be treated as such.

Business Plan......

It is not necessary to sign up for realtime data from I only use the 20 minute delay charts. Hence starting at 9:50am EST or sooner. That's all you will ever need.

two (2) kinds of charts to use for observation. for kwik charts. can show you how duplicate and make more charts for your kwik charts. long charts. kst is telling me to get ready to sell. 13 is getting ready to xover soon. It was a very nice ride.

My three (3) projects are looking at the 13ema and the 50ema at there cross overs for my MDP (million dollar portfolio) using the Tetter Totter Principle a neat new seesaw if you will.

MDP as follows: in the SMH sector group, a typo occurred and change SSD to SSG. The above can be back tested as far back as you can to 1993 if you like when ETF's first appeared with SPY as the first ETF. Put this in your favourite charts folder. call it up and troll down the list of charts to see what they are doing to make an informed decision. I do this every day at 10am EST.

Been on this project since May 1st, 2007 when I got layed off as a Principle IC Layout Designer designing complex state of the art Computer Chips for 41 years. Switched hats that day and traded full time ever since.

swing trade per Simon Sez for kwik trades and a few bux. Just stick to the rules, headfakes an all.

Trade and collect monies from my Perpetual Income coming in for the rest of my life Folder just incase the SSI goes bust. Also trade them using the TRACK 'n TRADE software by using there three indicators. XST, Advanced lines and the Bulls 'n Bears indicators (or arrows) giving the signals to sell or buy the stock. Have 40 checks coming in Monthly.

Use the software as a backup to the MDP group.
both of the above came off of the KST list today. had an option of doing what Simon said to do, or use the 13/50 or observe the KST for directional movement.

Quilln -

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2/6/2013 11:31:02 PM


re: wanna Day Trade using TOS

The bubbles only appear at there lowest point and the most highest point. These are floating bubbles. One minute it is there and the next minute or so, it moves. It takes a lot of time to get acclimated to them. I like to jump on a stock that has its lowest bubble being aware of a possible headfake of going lower. it does happen. the upper bubble tells me it is peaking and heading down. I usually sell with a possible headfake of buying back if I like the stock by buying a limited order of one penny above the hightest bubble. If doesn't go back up, cancel the order.

Now, you can Day Trade using the Single chart setup using the LBR_studies (edit studies to find it) and install two of them. Use 1 day 1 minute

ADD studies:

Studies on Upper Subgraph:
movAvgExponential (close,13,0) moave colour redish)
movAvgExponential (close,50,0) cyan clour (bluish)
LBR_PaintBars (16,9,2.5,yes)

Studies on Lower Subgraph:
LBR_ThreeTenOscillator (CLOSE,Normal)

Don't forget to save the above chart as LB_studies- xxxx
Next, save all your setups by clicking on the SETUP tab in the extreme upper right hand corner and give a name for the future just incase it crashes. Very very important to do this.

Please observe GASX and GASL when your chart is all setup and ready to go and then tell me what you see for the last two days.

I trade all day long using the tetter totter principle on GASX/GASL. Yesterday and today, GASL was making lots of money just by buying and sell per the 13/50 xovers. It is boring to make money. Made money with AAPL today also.

You can also use the WFRT Scalper (worlds first real time). The World's Only real-time scalper with the TOS charts. This is another option.

more information at the below.

re: LBR - Linda Brandford Raschke which she can be located at lbrgroup dot com. I have learned alot from her.

Linda Raschke, wrote a program for the TOS people about a year ago using one of her day and scalping techniques.

I use the TOS (think or swim) software charts from TD Ameritrade using the LBR_studies with the 13 ema and 50ema moving averages 1day 1 minute charts.

As "TheRumpleOne" says, wait and wait as to go long or short per the xovers. That freakin simple and as he says, its "boring" making money all day long. Werks for me.

Watch up to 6 stocks at a time 2high 3wide per the MTC(milking the cow)

Now, for the Bread and Butter program for SCALPING stocks all day long.

For real time Scalping and Day Trading, I use the WFRT Scalper (worlds first real time). The World's Only real-time scalper. kruz on down until you see information along the left hand side just below the Indian who gives you a scalp or two. I think the bars are 3 minutes apart as a default.

The program works with the TOS charting service with the standard colours. I still use the 13/50ema's as background info. However, can still use the 13/50ema's if need be to execute the trade. Removed a lot of noise and chatter to simply show the up and down arrows, the bar counts, as well as the long and short indicators using the KISS method. Watch up to 6 stocks at a time 2high 3wide charts / page. Can switch to a single chart if need be. Today (1/29/13), playing with MCD. $94.05 with a low bubble right out of the gate and a high bubble of $94.87 indicating that the stock is about to fall. Then again, prepared for a possible headfake.

Quilln -

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2/7/2013 8:54:06 AM


Appreciate you taking the time to detail & write the same. I see GASL had a low of 22.79 at 9.30 AM & high of 24.38 at 3.57 PM yesterday. For GASX had a High of 14.72 at 9.30 AM & a low of 13.74 at 3.57 PM yesterday as well. Also there were more XOvers 13/50 on the GASL charts allowing entry & exits.

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2/7/2013 9:32:43 AM


Thank you so much for the extensive posts you made above,
I am printing it off so I can study it closely.

I will post back on progress .

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2/7/2013 11:06:45 AM


Is the WFRT part of the ToS platform or does it have to be purchased from spectra.

Spectra offers many bundles. Priced from about 1100 to 3000.

I can't seem to find access to it in ToS.

Sorry for the dumb questions...

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