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10/9/2008 12:20:55 PM

We salute you Alf,charging selflessly at the bear army.In conversation with my elder uncles whom have lived in the Great Depression and served in WWII,they coin a phrase for brave innocents first into battle; 'Gun Fodder'.

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10/9/2008 12:40:10 PM

Anticipating GREEN amongst all the RED. What an amazing concept! Hummmm!

Patience, watching for the highest of probability trades with an itchy trigger finger. Using the news to one's own best advantage instead of being used by it - An effective strategy? Hummmm!. I must contemplate. ;)



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10/9/2008 4:24:23 PM

"...gulp..." is right!

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10/9/2008 5:18:46 PM shiit !!!

That last hour and a half was a blast !!!

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10/9/2008 10:03:17 PM

...and btw...STILL LONG AND STRONG here...and I plan on gittin' "LONGER"...

...ah hem...(in a manner of speakin') ...TOMMORROW !!! fwiw


"HAIR ON FIRE" rally call...STILL IN PLAY, BABY !!!




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10/9/2008 10:54:01 PM

Alf, you are out of control. I'll skip in and out every few minutes or ride the waves (love the free money), but holding a position in this? clank when you walk brother!!

Change your screen name to "King Salami". LOL.

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10/9/2008 11:01:51 PM

By the way Alf, what happened to that wanabee marine bustout talking smack.?

I wonder if he is "yelling at his, ahem, employees" now. LOL!!

Kharma, good shit bro.

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10/9/2008 11:03:40 PM I said in a previous post...


"...I'm not so stupid as to ignore the "long term chart(s)" !!!

I have been very vocal here at SF on other threads about my "Bear Market" views !!!

Just saying...that...right here...right now...

...there is more risk in being SHORT...than there is in being LONG !!! imo ..."


All I'm bets have been placed !!!




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10/9/2008 11:20:12 PM

I like your attitude Alf. Yes, we may see more down days but we all have to believe the bottom is getting pretty darn close. Once we hit that bottom the experts (lol that word has me rolling with laughter) say there will be a sudden move upwards for a couple of days. Obviously, there will be lots of up and down days great for day traders but the bottom will be found and recovery will take place. Experts (ROFL) say our country has a few more weapons to get this crisis averted and establish the bottom we all are looking for. Could go as low as 7800 on the Dow.

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10/10/2008 1:04:21 AM

Looking for a rally next Weds.
Weds. before options expire always seems to be a nutty one...have to be a lot of open long positions out there, itching to recoup some of their loss (ahem....not me, of course...someone else I know).

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