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11/28/2007 11:33:33 AM

How did M4M know this was only a correction and not a reversal?
When he said "this is rockbottom", how did he know the market was not going to go lower?

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11/28/2007 12:31:25 PM

DJ Transports indicate the bull may be tired. Banks don't even trust each other overnight. Where's the catalyst?

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11/28/2007 12:50:43 PM

Karen...I think it had something to do with the VIX reading . I recieved a 'buy" signal on the 23rd nov and a confirmation on the 25th using my hocus pocus moving average on the VIX. I use NeoTicker for charting and haven't figured how to post on SF.

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11/28/2007 2:06:11 PM

Yes, I know.
M4M posted his VIX/NAZ overlay.
But when I went to bigcharts, I couldn't reproduce what he was looking at.
Anyway, ONE DAY .... the market isn't going to go back up.
ONE DAY, the VIX will crash, and the market will go down, and it will keep going down.
In the meantime, more power to M4M, who's making millions.
He let us know everything ahead of time and I appreciate that.
Eventho' he was right, I just couldn't pull the trigger on the longside ...
BTW ... if you can post that overlay chart using Neotick .... maybe I'll be able to SEE what M4M was trying to show us.
Or anyone else?
I tried, but to no avail.

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11/28/2007 2:18:40 PM

actually in a previous M4M post over the summer, he overlayed the
qqqq w/ VIX. (not Naz)

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11/28/2007 2:21:46 PM

It's due to a combination of falling oil,Fed kissy-but rate cuts,short covering and having the market come down a 1000,thats all.

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11/28/2007 2:58:05 PM

I don't mean to be a wtich about this, but I've fooled around with the $VIX, QQQQ and Dow charts. Nothing converges. Nothing!
I "see" nothing that warrants a HUGE RALLY such as what we've seen this week. Nothing!
And how does M4M KNOW the QQQQ is going to 58?
what freggin' indicator is that!!!?

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11/28/2007 3:03:13 PM

I'm starting to feel like jim cramer ...

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11/28/2007 3:07:26 PM

and ... searching the archives, M4M sez:
rsi(2) on VIX < 10
But SF doesn't have a VIX indicator.


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11/28/2007 3:32:57 PM

Karen, haven't I already mentioned that the market will bottom once the S&P500 comes into contact with the trendline? Remember this chart? Well, duh! :^)

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