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6/6/2008 11:08:53 PM

thanks a ton 13th

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6/7/2008 10:11:48 PM

13th_Floor: On the 4th you said, "Thank you,really the only indicator I use is the RSI2 and then to find stocks with a white candle pierced by the UBB that are over 90.
I like to get a position in these for a daytrade the next day if they hit green. "

That looks good, but, I think I will have problems implementing it because many of these "turn green" initially but soon drop a lot. What are your rules for when you exit after it starts turning south?

Thanks ... Steve

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6/8/2008 2:21:10 PM

Checking Deadly Combo, Thanks

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6/8/2008 5:51:04 PM

it's not a filter it's a scan...please read the filter exchange thread "A DEADLY COMBO" on how to cherrypick the top scanned stocks into a workable watchlist.

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6/8/2008 11:03:52 PM

"That looks good, but, I think I will have problems implementing it because many of these "turn green" initially but soon drop a lot. What are your rules for when you exit after it starts turning south?"

Believe me I understand what you are saying.
It took me many months to get the "feel" of these stocks that now finally I got to know their patterns.
The best advice I can give to you is wait until 11 am to trade these.
By then most of these have settled down into a pretty reliable trading pattern.
Please understand that there a bunch of really good plays after that time.
Have patience until you get that feel, there are plenty of opportunities later in the day.
Don't rush it at first, it doesn't take many nice plays to really build up an account pretty fast.

I learned from Muddy who is completely off the wall with this kind of stuff,the guy is amazing,I'll never get that "feel" he has, I know that but I'm trying my best to try to keep up at least behind him somewhat.

Hope this helps.

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6/9/2008 10:50:28 AM

13th_floor: Wow! Thank you. Frankly, I would never have thought of the wait until after 11AM concept. Let me take a serious look at it from this viewpoint.

Thanks again for your sharing and prompt response. Steve Mc

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6/9/2008 5:56:47 PM

You are welcome,

Talk about sharing we had a record turnout today in the live chatroom of 55 folks
That's over triple what we had a month ago!
Everyone shared their thoughts and what they saw happening with the watches we/they had up.
All those "eyes" watching different stocks but yet the same type stocks.
It was a blast.
So I say to anyone who was in there today from SF: thank YOU for sharing.

We had a record for 1 day blogs hits last Tues by a ton over any day ever, 730 so we are getting noticed!

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6/10/2008 5:40:22 PM

13th,what are you watching for tomorrow? Where's the chat room & blog that you're talking about? Thanks,Mike.....

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6/10/2008 7:53:15 PM

mike, definitely watching watching CRDC SURG long or short whichever way they break.
And HDLM prob more short biased,was a pump last week and ran its brains out near eod.
I'll have a bunch more tonight when i do my scans,i'll try to post here.

Put most of my watches up on Syke's site cause they are into it,whereas these forums are really not,into the MACD and stuff which is cool but definitly not my style.
I'm looking for 100% gains a month,call me crazy but I've done it the last 5 months.
Everyone to their own style.

SLAT CPRK CYPW and HEPH i put up on Tims ( it's all documented there ) as good r/r shorts if go red if you go look,turned out to be super shorts and LAUD as a super long hold as long as it stays green intraday which again it did today.
15 white candles in a row closing all at hod's!
It's being manipulated and I'm on the train with it.
But when they finally dump their shares it will be a SUPER short just like all of this kind are.

the blog is :

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6/11/2008 7:58:19 PM

HDLM an easy short today.
LAUD keeps on rolling, another 16% today.

The sharing thing is great in chat.

YngvaiMalmsteve put up that ESIC was a Superman play today right at the open
I did not know that and immediately jumped it as Sup's plays never go down the first day.
His sharing got me a no sweat 12% gain on a stock i've never seen before.
(Jun 11-10:35) ebwealth: 13th are you in ESIC? Sorry if it was already asked.
(Jun 11-10:39) 13th_FLOOR: eb yes 3.35 ESIC
Closed right near hod 3.79 as most of Sup's plays do.
If you don't know Superman you should if a momo player.
He has a monster following and moves stocks at will!

And Tim Sykes for alerting STXX as a Lebed pump in the chat.
(Jun 11-12:41) timothysykes: haha STXX is a lebed pick.
Even though I saw it and hopped STXX earlier at 3.10 for a monster 37%gain in a few hours,Tim's alert of Lebed ( if you don't know this famous pumper you should too ) Tims alert got others into it in chat.

(Jun 11-12:05) 13th_FLOOR: big pop STXX
(Jun 11-12:16) johnnyvento: you in 13th or just see
(Jun 11-12:23) benbien: i saw STXX while it was at 2.80, didn't think it was going to do anything special
(Jun 11-12:24) 13th_FLOOR: yeah i got 3.10
At that time it was around 3.60
Closed at 4.25

I'm on my way to 200% this month,the spirit of sharing is a great thing,thanks to all in chat

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