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6/12/2008 1:42:50 AM

Guys where is the chat room! I'd love to join in!


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6/12/2008 6:49:46 AM

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6/12/2008 9:23:22 AM

13th,thanks for the info.Is there any filter you use to catch a move like LAUD?

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6/12/2008 8:00:46 PM

your welcome.

Yes I start with "gained 8% in last 1 day" then do "gained 15% in last 2 days" and then play around with like gained 50% in last 5 days and switch the days and gained period of time to look for symbols I'm not familiar with to see if they have that "manipulated" look that LAUD had/has.
I added more long LAUD yesterday at eod but I'm pretty certain it will get hit within the next few days.
Please understand I have the luxury of no job other trading fulltime so
I can watch LAUD types constantly.
The price action today on it was not good even though it was way up to 3.15 hod and did close up 5%.

Btw,for anyone interested about shorting and these day rangers type a new post is up here titled PRE MARKET LEADER DROPS

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6/24/2008 9:03:21 PM

Everyone go over to to celebrate one of StockFetcher's most successful traders 13th_FLOOR!

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7/20/2008 9:37:06 PM

(Jul 16-10:06) 13th_FLOOR: BKUNA hod .59
(Jul 16-11:23) NayGra: anyone watching BKUNA
(Jul 16-11:23) 13th_FLOOR: yes in BKUNA off my heads
(Jul 16-11:24) Laura: yeah, you called BKUNA around .59 I think
(Jul 16-11:24) 13th_FLOOR: yes,in .595

(Jul 17-12:22) 13th_FLOOR: i'm in BKUNA largest ever traded
(Jul 17-12:26) 13th_FLOOR: ave about $1 on BKUNA
(Jul 17-15:25) 13th_FLOOR: 3x's normal full position BKUNA
(Jul 17-15:44) 13th_FLOOR: 15,000 shrs x's .70 BKUNA now
(Jul 17-15:57) 13th_FLOOR: out 1/2 BKUNA 1.78

Ended up clearing over $13k on BKUNA
lesson:average up on your runners,NOT down on your losers,cut 'em fast if not working out.

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