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4/29/2004 2:28:27 PM

Hows does one use this system to make money?
I make some filters, but they are not conistant from one week to other.
Here is the kind of stuff I have been trying...

Here is one I have been working on today:

Fetcher[Show stocks where MACD fast line(12,26) crossed above MACD slow line(12,26) within the last 3 day
Parabolic SAR crossed below price from above within the last 3 day
Average Volume(90) is above 200000
Average Volume(30) is above Average Volume(90)
high reached a new 200 day high within the last 90 days
close is between 3 and 15

It does not return a hit every day.

Any suggestions?

Also, I've been working on a scanner that detects insider trading activity,
before a stock gaps up.
It is above my basic stock fecter programming and I need some help.

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4/29/2004 3:37:46 PM


Making money takes a lot more than a filter. The purpose of the filter is to narrow the field of a few thousand stocks to a handful or two that show one or more particular traits that you are interested in seeing in a stock's chart. That's just the beginning of the quest! Once you have some stocks, you still need to do Due Diligence to make sure there are no "extraneous factors" (like news) that made the stock show up on the filter's match list. Then, plan the trade. Then, MAKE the trade. With careful money management (e.g., stop loss orders), practice, and time, you should come out ahead.

I still consider myself a "newbie" at Technical Analysis, so I will refrain from commenting on the specific filter you posted. (Can't say I know what Parabolic SAR is, off the top of my head...) However, I have found that filters tend to work best when the market is trending in the same direction (bull/bear) as the type of the filter. In other words, if your filter is looking for potential long plays, it might not have very good results in a down market. Before relying too heavily on a filter, you should back test it, using the "offset" filter clause, or the "show results 6 months ago" link that is shown on a filter results page. Make sure your backtest includes periods where the market is trending up, AND trending down. Then you will know how the filter behaves in both types of market, and can trade accordingly.

As far as your insider trading "scanner" (I assume you mean "filter"), can you post what you're trying to accomplish (in detail, or at least the part that you need help with)? There are many who read these boards that are willing to help (myself included)...



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4/29/2004 10:48:14 PM

Your doing exactly what I do!

You have a HIGHLY SELECTIVE FILTER that returns strong stocks

I trade twice a week, if that. And when I do, there is a high probability of success. I also use a parabolic SAR

Good Tradin'


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5/4/2004 10:57:22 PM

I am doing pretty good ... I won't blindly trade a stock just because it shows up on a screen (obviously) ...I use a few different screen... including this screen, which been good to me.

Fetcher[Show stocks where the High is less than 25 percent above the bottom linear regression line(60,1.25) and the 21 day slope of the close is above .25 and close is above close 1 day ago and price is between 3 and 12 and volume is greater than 125000 and offset 0 days ago]

... as always the "and offset 0 days ago" is there to do a little back testing .

Enjoy ... and Fare Well !

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5/6/2004 3:04:01 AM

Thank you guys for your replies.

My Insider Filter would detect stocks that have a huge increase in volume,
yet the price is not effected. I wish I had some examples to show, but lost
my list. This volume increase would be few days of a PR. Since someone had
this information before news, they would start buying up the stock. A word of
warning, I had seen this sometimes work in reverse.

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5/6/2004 3:30:08 AM

Here is what I have so far, thanks cegis:

Fetch[set{perhi,close 60 day high}
set{perlo,close 60 day low}
set{ratio,perhi / perlo}
ratio is between 1 and 1.1
and volume gained more than 300 percent within the last 10 day
and Average Volume(90) is above 50000
and close is between 1 and 250

I need to know how to filter out the results for the last trading day or two.

This is just something quick i have looked at tonight.

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5/6/2004 3:38:53 AM

here is a good example of something that looks like insider trading:

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5/6/2004 5:54:33 PM


Here is a filter that catches PLRE

volume gained more than 900 percent over the last 1 day
AND volume is above 100000
AND price gained less than 1 percent over the last 1 day
AND high gained less than 1 percent over the last 1 day

date offset 54 (today 04/06/04:)

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5/6/2004 6:19:59 PM


Do these stock match what you are looking for?


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5/7/2004 3:22:54 AM


Nice. I would like it to be able to catch any spikes that happend in
the last 5-10 days. I can be the idea man, but have trouble programming.
Also, what the hell is ticker SMX? ?LOL?


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