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10/3/2009 12:30:38 AM

Thats interesting Cacher -- I simply got my stock listing from my Trading Markets screening lists .... turns out there were some double digit losses which would have been good shorts -- however, i realized after i posted them some were low priced stocks -- not sure whether they would be available to short or not -

In practice I try to stick to higher priced shares with decent volume when shorting ...

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10/3/2009 8:38:24 AM

- Cacher
10/2/2009 9:23:56 PM
13th .... you have some amazing picks !! .... what does your screen look like ?

I'd like to know as well.
I've never had success with pennies and had to give them up.
I'd like to KNOW what criteria Muddy uses to filter out the "good" from the bad.
A lot of them are just POS.
So, what's the secret?
Inquiring minds want to know ...??

(BTW, some years ago, Muddy created a filter re: Boll.Bands widths. Basically the stock moved in a narrow trading range for 30-90 days, and then suddenly had a HUGE volume spurt, but the price of the stock didn't move much. THAT was the signal. Someone on this board was recently trying to get a filter written for this. I don't know what happened.)

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10/3/2009 10:02:05 AM

Not for shorting ... but I dug up one of the infamous Muddy's screens ... the 3 day fail. The results are few ... but, Oh So Sweet ! Here is a copy that was posted in the public filters here !

set{x,count(volume 3 days ago above volume 4 days ago,1)*2} and set{y,count(volume 3 days ago above average volume(90),3)} and set{z,x+y} and z is above 1.1 and close 3 days ago had been decreasing over the last 3 days and average volume(90) 3 days ago is above 100000 and close 3 days ago is between 1 and 10 and low 3 days ago is below lower bollinger band(20) 3 days ago and count(close 3 days ago above open 3 days ago,3) is below 2.1 and day change has been below 0 for the last 3 days and set{a,count(volume above volume 1 day ago,1)} and set{toptail,high-open} and set{bottail,close-low} and set{taildelta,bottail-toptail} and set{b,count(taildelta is above 0,1)} and set{c,a+b} and c is above 0 and set{d,count(volume 1 day ago above volume 2 days ago,1)} and set{toptaila,high 1 day ago-open 1 day ago} and set{bottaila,close 1 day ago-low 1 day ago} and set{taildeltaa,bottaila-toptaila} and set{e,count(taildeltaa is above 0,1)} and set{f,d+e} and f is above 0 and set{g,count(volume 2 days ago above volume 3 days ago,1)} and set{toptailb,high 2 days ago-open 2 days ago} and set{bottailb,close 2 days ago-low 2 days ago} and set{taildeltab,bottailb-toptailb} and set{h,count(taildeltab is above 0,1)} and set{i,g+h} and i is above 0

Matches from original Muddy filter 3 days ago and since then whether or not each day they; 1) Close down AND 2) Either have a longer tail than top tail OR have a higher volume than the previous day. Enter on green hold.

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10/3/2009 4:58:36 PM

If you go to all the SF filters and explenation of the trading methods are posted free of charge...

Fetcher[/*Muddys Bollinger Sqz*/
Show stocks where bollinger width(40) is at a 6 month low and close is between 0 and 100
and Volume Rate of Change(3) is above 800

Draw FI(2)

add column PE
add column ADX(14)
and add column separator
and add column exchange
and add column sector
and add column industry
and add column separator

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10/3/2009 6:38:59 PM

- Cacher 10/3/2009 10:02:05 AM
Not for shorting ... but I dug up one of the infamous Muddy's screens ... the 3 day fail. The results are few ... but, Oh So Sweet ! Here is a copy that was posted in the public filters here !

How do you backtest this?
Does "date offset" not work anymore?
(no, I haven't backtested anything in YEARS! lol!)

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10/3/2009 7:24:43 PM

Karen, I don't know what the old filter posted on the site looks like for finding stocks that have high volume but price doesn't change much, but here's one I've been working with recently.

set{ratio, atr(8) / ma(8)}
set{atr_max, atr(8) * 1.3}
set{range, close - open}
not otcbb
Close-to-open gap > -3 last 10 days
close between 1 and 12
close above open
close above close 1 day ago
/*ratio between 0.005 and 0.035*/
volume is more than 300% above average volume(30) one day ago
average volume(30) 1 day ago between 40000 and 1000000
volume above 80000
count(volume < 5000, 30) < 0.5
close below 8 week high
range < atr_max
add column ratio
add column pe ratio
add column eps
add column ind
draw ADX(14)

Have done some backtesting with some variations of this but haven't found anything yet that works definitely or consistently for predicting which ones are going to break out.

You can adjust the settings for different results. For example, the smaller the factor in the atr_max line, the tighter the price range the day of the higher volume. On variation that might be worth trying would be to look for stocks that are in a fairly flat price channel when this high vol hits.

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10/5/2009 9:09:07 AM

OK - I'll give this a try.

I've been looking at Pascal Willain's idea of Effective Volume (an approach that purports to segregate Large Player money movements from small player money movement in or out of a stock). One can look at a number of market segments and individual stocks for free at his web site Effective Volume. If I am reading his graphs correctly, my list for shorts and longs would be as follows:





This is based on a sharp decrease or increase in the flow of Large Player money in a given stock, preferably without seeing a corresponding price change yet - price should be relatively unchanged as the big player money is exiting.

Just for fun, I have set up mock portfolios for these two lists on Yahoo. I'll track them over the next two weeks or so to see if there is credence to this approach.

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10/9/2009 2:13:50 PM

Interesting indicator here - worth a peek:


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10/14/2009 8:03:56 PM

- Edit message 9/30/2009 9:18:04 PM

closing pp's 9/24 and price closes today

QTWW 1.60 1.42
MCTH .78 .52
IMGG .655 .505
EMGE 3.69 2.35

EMGE opened today after being halted by the SEC for fraud
Closing price .70

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10/14/2009 8:15:25 PM

- Ignore Cacher
modified 10/2/2009 9:23:56 PM

13th .... you have some amazing picks !! .... what does your screen look like ?

Not sure I understand,but if you are talking about scans,everything I use is right here...

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