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11/5/2003 1:54:45 AM

10/28 AAC RSI(2) was .251

5 days later, 20% profit for the taking...

EWZuber... try 5,2 instead of 5,3 on your slow stochastic... you may like it.


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11/5/2003 11:57:31 AM

TheRumpledOne,Ideal entry using my system was at $0.45 on 10/31 and a sell at $0.54 yesterday or this morning upon trendline break for a 20% profit.

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11/6/2003 12:00:21 PM

NVDA is testing a 5 month primary resistance trendline today as support.
This could be very significant if NVDA can close above this TL @ about $18.28. JMHO

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11/6/2003 12:06:00 PM

SSFT has broken a 1 & 1/2 year wedge resistance trendline and today is testing the old resistance level as support.

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11/6/2003 1:34:17 PM

Something may be going on at BCON. Strictly a pure spec play ( a company with no revenues at all ) there seems to be accumulation going on at around $0.80.
Looking for a break above short term trendline resistance at $0.80 on 5 minute chart and longer term and considerably more significant trendline resistance at $0.84 ( & falling ) on the hourly chart.
On the daily chart it looks like a 3 month wedge was broken yesterday with trendline resistance at $0.78 tested as support and held.
Struggling with resistance at the 25 DMA @ $0.82 today.
Further TL resistance at $0.97 ( & falling ).
Just took a small position @ $0.80.
Stochastics on the Daily chart are slightly overbought.
Stochastics on the hourly chart are oversold.
Considering the other longer term technical developments it is worth a small position here for me.
Even if the stock bounces down at $0.84 thats about +5%.
If it follows through on the larger technical picture we're looking at $0.97 or about +20%. JMHO

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11/6/2003 1:40:33 PM

BCON oversold on 5 min. chart now and bids picking up. We now have stochastic convergence of 1 hour and 5 minute charts. If nothing else could be a daytrade here. JMHO

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11/6/2003 2:38:59 PM

ANCC attempting a break of trendline resistance.
In @ $0.96.

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11/6/2003 3:04:17 PM

Good luck, my chart says ANCC is headed lower.

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11/6/2003 5:35:11 PM

What an intense day. Seemed like everything was was in a massive battle between the Bulls and Bears with many issues testing resistance trendlines from recently formed consolidation patterns off of the new 52 week highs.
NASDAQ (.IXIC ) was no exception breaking out to a new 52 week high of its own on decent volume.
It feels like the market is about to burst at the seems and move higher.

SPIL... closed dead on a 3 day resistance trendline. Looks like this one wants to retest the recent high at $5.67 before long. Long term Monthly Chart Stochastics are acting very bullish. Sell volume is dropping.

ANCC...Right around 2:05 the volume started in and was, relatively speaking, massive. A One Month Resistance trendline was broken today at $0.95. Looks much higher from here with Weekly chart Stochastics just crossing over and the stock bouncing up off the 25 Week MA. Also Daily Chart stochastics are in phase with the Weekly chart, both rising in accumulation mode. This one looks very good, IMO.

BCON...Closed just above an old Resistance Trendline started at the high of 10/17. BCON has been moving up the 25 HR.MA for about the past 5 days and closed on this MA in an oversold condition on hourly charts with accumulation phase just beginning. This is just what I would like to see within this charts time frame. Daily charts look overbought with the fast line converging with the slow line. The stochastic value is barely in overbought territory. This could put a damper on this one. But from experience I have found that the stochastic fast line will turn higher quickly if the stock comes to life and resume accumulation when the stochastic value is still low like it is now. With the hourly charts rising in accumulation odds are in my favor that there will be higher prices than todays close. Looks like a cup pattern forming on the hourly chart.

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11/7/2003 11:52:14 AM

SPIL...Started the day out very good then sold off on low volume. Looks like an attempt to eliminate sellers at a lower price so the stock can move higher without resistance at higher prices.
SPIL broke a short term 3 day resistance trendline today and formed a new supporting trendline. It needs to close the session above about $5.52 to hold hold above the supporting trendline and maintain the new short term uptrend.

ANCC...On target as expected. After breaking trendline resistance yesterday the stock has performed well, gapping up about 5% this morning to the 50 DMA then rising another 10% at the intraday high. Volume is very good.

BCON...Don't like the action here. Sold it at a ( -2.5% )loss and added to my position in ANCC. BCON was risky from the start because of the overbought stochastics on the Daily chart but it was a very small position so no damage.

NVDA...A demonstration position because the chart looked compelling but I don't have the capitol to buy it. Gapped up huge today on good earnings news. Up about 20% today. This stock is a great daytraders stock, IMO.
Long term this one is going higher as the long term stochastic cycle has just begun the accumulation phase. JMHO
This one was first posted as a buy at $16.84 today @ $21.62.

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