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4/8/2022 12:11:20 PM

Never stop trying to learn new methods of trading or strategies.

If you face consistent losses from this market, you should change your strategy.

Peter Lynch.

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4/8/2022 6:17:33 PM

This is so true, especially during downtrends. Trading isn't just something to do in bull markets. Everyone should learn strategies to make money both when the market is heading up and also when it's heading down.

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4/8/2022 7:59:35 PM

I agree. The 3rd type of market (consolidation) has been the
hardest to learn to trade. Trades are typically for shorter
periods and different indicators / oscillators must be used.

Snappy (Gary)

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4/9/2022 9:44:04 AM

New free price action course

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4/9/2022 10:13:06 AM

Sometimes it's better to step aside,observe,and educate yourself without losing any money.Miketranz...

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4/9/2022 10:32:15 AM

@snappyfrog, I've been trading Iron Condors on IWM lately with success. It's trending sideways since February. The price lines below are my current breakevens for May 20 expiration. It's nice when they match up with the channel so closely.

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4/9/2022 11:07:38 AM

Great strategy xarlor.

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4/9/2022 12:23:30 PM

A lot of great replies.

Thanks All!!!!

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4/10/2022 12:22:03 PM

I understand the basics of using moving averages in up and down markets and oscillators in ranging markets. My big problem is trying to determine when the market is changing from trend to ranging and vice versa. Sometimes I act too soon and get whipsawed. Other times I am too slow and give back 30% of my profits. I prefer swing trading. Can anyone please give me some ideas on the best way to identify market shifts in a timely manner. Thanks a lot.

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4/10/2022 1:56:45 PM

There are several swing-trading filters to determine trends. Chop Zone is good on non-choppy tickers. For example, not so good on EEM and XLP.

The issue, no filter is going to eliminate whipsaws. I use trend filters to inform how to trade.

Is the general market in uptrend (SPY, QQQ, DIA)? Then I trade aggressively.
Is it in a downtrend? I don't stop trading, but I do lower my participation drastically and use more bearish trades.
Choppy market? Use neutral strategies.



set{hlc3a,high + low}
set{hlc3b,hlc3a + close}
set{hlc3,hlc3b / 3}

set{pi,atan(number1) * 4}

set{h30,high 30-day high}
set{l30,low 30-day low}
set{range1,h30 - l30}
set{range2,range1 * l30}
set{range,25 / range2}

set{y2a,ema(34) 1 day ago - ema(34)}
set{y2b,hlc3 * range}
set{y2_ema34,y2a / y2b}

set{c1a,x2_ema34 - x1_ema34}
set{c1b,x2_ema34 - x1_ema34}
set{c1c,y2_ema34 - y1_ema34}
set{c1d,y2_ema34 - y1_ema34}
set{c1e,c1a * c1b}
set{c1f,c1c * c1d}
set{c1g,c1e + c1f}

set{emaAngle1,x2_ema34 - x1_ema34}
set{emaAngle2,emaAngle1 / c_ema34}
set{emaAngle3,emaAngle2 / pi}
set{emaAngle5,180 * emaAngle4}

set{emaAngle6,count(y2_ema34 > 0,1)}
set{emaAngle7,count(y2_ema34 < 0,1)}
set{emaAngle8,emaAngle7 - emaAngle6}
set{emaAngle,emaAngle8 * emaAngle_1}

set{LONG,count(emaAngle > 5,1)}
set{SHORT,count(emaAngle < -5,1)}

LONG > -1
SHORT > -1

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