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2/14/2021 8:03:05 AM

Does anyone here have a subscription to a news service?

I am specifically considering Benzinga Pro.

I trade DVA quite a bit and got burned a couple of weeks ago when I could not find a news catalyst for a sudden drop. 3 days and a $1000 later I found an obscure article that explained the drop.

Any thoughts out there or recommendations on a news service ?

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2/14/2021 12:23:55 PM


These are free on, and they include news from Benzinga

SlopeOfHope follows the concept of social investing
Some of the best opinions have come from retired pros.

Just my two cents

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2/17/2021 2:10:57 PM

@ cheese

Appreciate the input and I do realize "news" is not the theme of traders on these boards but here is the article and you could not find this one on yahoo.

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2/17/2021 2:55:26 PM


The way I read the chart of DVA and its drop 2 wks ago it looks like the last day of the drop was the day that article was published so I'm not sure how a news service would have helped you much in that circumstance.

Also since I believe DVA is not mentioned in that article the news service you choose would have had to provide you all recent news on dialysis which I suspect is a term used in many articles a day across the globe.

I used to use an free app on the very first Ipad that scoured many news services and provided articles based on my categorized interests and I couldn't believe how many articles it kept finding on chess tournaments, turned out to be too many for me to keep up with, and then the app went away.

I believe some of the institutional investors have services that scour Twitter/ Facebook etc. many times a day just for stock symbols of interest and/or those that are mentioned frequently in a short period of time.

Please let us know if you find a good stock news source.
Ed S.

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2/17/2021 4:13:17 PM

I am very impressed with Webull as a news aggregator
Just download the app and use some stray email ...

Compared to TOS and Tc2000, it seems to have a way wider net.

I also check in with, and check out the news sources there, if I need another resource...
You have to weed through the comments, but some are very helpful ...

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