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10/1/2009 9:24:35 PM


I am saying this with respect. Why do you keep monitoring this thread? I think what TRO has posted has some merit. There are some people who like reading what he posts. It is very simple, when you see politics goes here don't click on it. Why do you feel compelled to tell everyone to keep quiet? I agree it is a stock site but TRO was very respectful in posting in a seperate thead. I think this is one of , if not, the best stock sites there are. That is why I come. But, your behavior baffles me. TRO has made a major contribution to this site as far as statistics with stocks (I know I don't need to tell you that). And, maybe I am as you think, as crazy as him. I think his posts make you think. If you own Stock Fetcher, that's cool, shut his thread down. If not, just don't click on the thread.

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10/1/2009 9:43:48 PM

...if this thread was about "POLITICS" the thread name clearly says...there would be no problem !!!

This thread has NEVER been about "POLITICS" !!!

From the first post...this has been nothing but a place for "rumple" to post his radical fringe anti-American, anti-Obama diatribe !!!


Have you actually READ the posts on this thread ???

I'm guessing you have not !!!


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10/1/2009 10:33:32 PM

I don't see that. The solution is for you to stop reading the thread. I can see it disturbs you. The simple answer is to stop reading it, but, I am curious...why does it disturb you? Do you think TRO is a Timothy McVeigh(sp)? He is going to blow something up? He is simply posting questions. I think you need to chill out and stop reading threads that disagree with you.

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10/2/2009 1:58:40 AM

...with all due don't know WTF you're talkin' about !!!



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10/2/2009 4:08:08 AM

Sure,why not.

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10/2/2009 8:05:14 PM

I like this thread.

And I open and read it because I like it.

Can't think of a single reason to open a thread I don't like.

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10/4/2009 1:13:54 AM

this post wasn't that funny, my apologies.

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10/4/2009 2:24:51 AM

To have such opinions is a personal choice, but like many things on net, this speech is a hoax. Specially when the guy himself is trying to include the "Muslim World" in G-20 as recent as last week here :-

these 2 links explain the hoax.

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10/4/2009 2:42:10 PM

See we really live in the "DIVIDED STATES OF AMERICA".

There are so many groups and sub-groups that we can't all believe in the same thing not even LIFE, LIBERTY AND THE PURSUIT OF HAPPINESS.

Someone or group always want to deprive someone else or other group of something.

It could be as trivial as posting this message in this thread on SF.


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10/4/2009 4:01:03 PM

johnpaulca: I did not mean for you to remove the post at all, the context of that speech is a personal belief and anyone is free to have it. It's just there too many hoaxes on the net related to trivial things like drinking coke, or using plastic in microwave, or not wearing Tommy Hilfiger. And there are some serious hoaxes passed as truth like Schools in England teaching denial of Holocaust or the email about Australian PM Kevin Rudd speech, which never happened. So I was just pointing that its a hoax, nothing more.

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