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9/30/2009 4:33:18 PM


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9/30/2009 4:36:53 PM

We have one place to discuss politics and SOME PEOPLE want it closed. What's the reason? They don't want people discussing politics? Why not?

Rather than have an intelligent debate, they resort to name-calling. What's the reason? Attack the messenger because you can't refute the message!!

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9/30/2009 7:21:41 PM

The simple solution is this - if you don't agree with the comments or find this thread to be a waste of time, stop checking it and responding that you find it useless. Just don't read it.

I personally keep my political commentary to myself, but would never prevent others from voicing theirs - even if I fundamentally disagree with them.


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9/30/2009 8:52:05 PM

you talk as if there is some kind of "value added" content in this thread, albeit "intelligence". there just isn't any.
you would have done better to name this thread "political jokes". your views are that of a minority, that's why you need the guns, because your message is void of truth and sense.


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9/30/2009 9:56:44 PM

...rumple, listen up goofus !!!

You wanna talk about "politics"...go for it !!!

You wanna talk about how "politics" effects the economy and the Markets...go for it !!!

And specific !!!

However, it seems to me...all you can yap about here is Government Tyranny, Guns and Revolution !!!

This is apparently YOUR misguided "teabagger" view of the Country...

...and while you are entitled to that are NOT entitled to spew it here !!!

StockFetcher is NOT here to provide you a forum for your "unabomber manifesto" !!!


Take it someplace else, PAL...and take your lil buddy "petrol" with you !!!



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9/30/2009 10:08:05 PM

TRO >>> I don't see any country threatening my freedom...

That's probably the biggest compliment you could give to those that are protecting it for you.

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10/1/2009 8:51:32 AM

You Lie!

By Wayne Allen Root

When Congressman Joe Wilson screamed "You Lie!" at President Obama, many liberal critics, political commentators, and media experts responded by criticizing the lack of manners and civility in modern-day politics. But I believe the opposite is true. The truth is that we've all been too nice, too well-mannered, and too civil.

For far too long, we've stood by as politicians destroyed our country, wrecked our economy, spent us into bankruptcy, and indebted our children and grandchildren for generations to come. The current situation doesn't demand civility; it demands rage. Why should we show respect and civility to the corrupt thieves who are lying to our faces and robbing us blind? Why should we show respect and civility to the very people who are stealing our children's future?

The problem isn't civility; it's stupidity. We've been far too civil and docile for far too long. We've been intimidated and blinded by the power and fancy titles of our political leaders. We've accepted their lies without flinching. We've given the benefit of the doubt to the people in charge - even though most of them are criminals.

We've reelected the very people who have been lying to us and robbing us. In reality, we should have been throwing all of them out - from both parties. We should have been limiting our politicians to two terms - one in office, one in prison!

We stuck our heads in the sand. We wanted to believe they were telling us the truth. We might have cursed Congress, but we each praised, thanked, and reelected our own congressperson. We showed respect for Congress's authority. It's like a political Groundhog Day: Each day we keep doing the same illogical things (supporting the same incumbents who are bankrupting the country) and waking up the next morning hoping the outcome will be different. But it never is.

A half century of manners and civility has led to the worst depression since 1929, an unimaginable annual deficit of almost $2 trillion, and over $100 trillion in national debt. Our country is on the brink of economic ruin, bankruptcy, and insolvency, because we've been so civil, so na?ve, and so trusting. We should have been screaming "You Lie" a long time ago.

Off Track Betting (government-run gambling) recently filed for bankruptcy in New York. The government can't make a profit in the gambling business, but Obama wants us to believe that it will run national healthcare profitably? That's a lie. Obama wants us to believe that we're going to add 50 million uninsured people to the healthcare rolls and it won't cost us a thing? That's a lie. The government will save us money by spending trillions on a new program? That's a lie.

The trillion dollars Obama wants to spend on government-run healthcare won't add to the ballooning deficit? That's a lie. Adding 50 million new patients, while losing doctors, won't result in rationing? That's a lie.

We can forever keep our present health insurance and doctors at no added cost? That's a lie. Illegal immigrants won't soon be included in universal healthcare? That's a lie. (Even if illegal immigrants are removed from the new healthcare bill, soon thereafter they will be granted legal citizenship, thereby allowing all of their healthcare bills to be added to the government's tab.)

Or how about cap and trade? Obama wants us to believe that a massive multi-trillion dollar cap-and-trade program won't hurt business? That's a lie. That cap and trade won't put us at a competitive disadvantage with China and India (who won't agree to the same rules and standards)? That's a lie. That cap and trade won't double or triple our energy bills? That's a lie. That this massive increase in our utility bills is not a tax increase on the middle class? That's a lie. That cap and trade isn't an excuse for a government takeover of business? That's a lie. That cap and trade is necessary to fight global warming (even though the last decade has actually seen global cooling)? That's a lie.

Do you remember the original fairytales told to us by Obama? He said that his $800 billion stimulus bill was necessary to "save" the economy. That was a lie. Instead, it was an almost trillion dollar handout to his campaign contributors and supporters that did nothing for the economy.

Obama said we had to spend trillions to create 3 million new jobs. That was a lie. Instead, we wasted trillions and lost 3 million jobs. Obama said we had to spend billions to save U.S. automakers. That was a lie. Instead, Obama fleeced taxpayers, stockholders, lien holders, banks, and hedge funds to hand control of the U.S. automakers to the auto unions - his highly valued campaign contributors.

Now, GM and Chrysler are $100 billion government-funded welfare programs that just happen to make cars (that no one wants). Obama said that corporate bailouts would be paid back. That was a lie. Now, it turns out that we may never get back tens of billions loaned to AIG, GM, and Chrysler. How many more lies are we willing to accept while still being civil and well-mannered?

But Obama is far from being the only politician to lie to us. They all lie. Pelosi, Reid, Dodd, and Frank have lied about virtually every spending bill that Congress has passed. Bush lied about the war in Iraq and wasted a trillion dollars (or more) on his military misadventures, all while allowing Congress to break the bank on spending, earmarks, and waste. The leaders of the Republican Congress lied about virtually every bill they passed. It's what politicians do.

Just don't tell me to accept it anymore. Don't tell me to respond to lies with civility. It's well past the time for civility. It's time for rage. It's time to throw the bums out. It's time to veto the entire Congress. It's time to send a message to the spoiled, corrupt, overpaid D.C. political class. It's time to vote all of them out.

It's time for a political revolution. It's time to increase unemployment - by at least 435 members of Congress (and every senator up for reelection). It's time to say to every incumbent politician in America: YOU'RE FIRED!

In 2010, let's forget civility and get loud and angry. Let's fight with tenacity and passion. Because this is the battle of our lives - our country, our economy, and capitalism itself. Our children's futures are at stake. It's time to take back our country from the liars and thieves who are currently in control. It's time to admit it to ourselves: THEY ALL LIE!

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10/1/2009 1:25:24 PM

.........and lets not forget the Obama health care speech its self in where *some one* can be quoted saying "bogus claims spread by those","it is a lie plain and simple",this too is false","not true".Is 'You Lie' a mere correction of the fact that Obama claims "no illegal immigrants will be covered by national health care" yet Obama also claims 47,000,000 Americans with out health care need to be covered,but the census bureau,the ones who tabulated those numbers,includes millions of illegal immigrants in that number..Or 'You Lie' may stem from the fact that Obama may just go ahead and cover non US 'citizens',quite possible with him.*Some one* shouldn't reach his long finger across the land in a tax payer sponsored health care speech calling you liar here and you're a liar there and not expect some rebuttal.Glad someone was there to do just that.

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10/1/2009 4:48:59 PM

i dont understand this flap over the " uninsured", if you think the poor or the insured don't seek healthcare and get it, youre naive. i had a brother in law, a crack addict, bad heart as a result, who was routinely hospitalized and cared for well, he didnt
spend a penny on health care or insurance. Are people refused care because they dont have health care insurance? Dont the poor just use the emergency room for doctor's visits?

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10/1/2009 9:00:55 PM

klynn..."naive" ???

You just showed your own naivete'...perhaps you should STFU...till you know what your talking about !!!


Who do you think paid for that Emergency Room care for your "crack head brother" ???

Uhhh...YOU DID !!!

Uhhh...I DID !!!

Uhhh...WE ALL DID !!!

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