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11/14/2003 3:47:01 PM

Is Clearstation real time or delayed like investopedia?

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11/14/2003 5:13:55 PM

People never cease to amaze me...


If you learn to fish, you won't starve.

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11/14/2003 6:16:11 PM

Great response. Did I warp into middle school?

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11/20/2003 5:13:52 PM

One thing about paper trading...

If you are a swing trader, you can see what might have happened and compare this filter to that, this trading method to that, etc.

But it is still not the same as when you have money on the line and your hands shake, heart pounds, brow sweats and you actually buy a stock. They you wonder "what the Heck did I just do?"

It is NOT that I am 100% against paper trading, I just know there's a big world of difference.


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11/20/2003 5:42:22 PM

There's no question about it, trading on a sim is not the same as trading a real account. The main difference is that its a simulated account and not a real one.
With that out of the way, I suspect it is the closest scenario one can get to trading without risking hard earned capitol and I have found it to be well worth every minute spent testing strategies, learning about timing, finding out how to enter and exit a stock, basically all the mechanical and many of the technical aspects of trading.
It beats the heck out of learning how to trade using real money.
When you first start you will probably lose money and then have to wrestle with your emotions which usually makes things worse.
If one is able to design or impliment an already functional trading strategy successfully with a sim then your time has been well spent.
Performing the mechanical acts of trading and gaining confidence in the system through repeated success is a big part of the process.
I believe that one should be able to have 75% of trades successful and have net gains, including commissions, at the end of every month before trading with real money.
In my class there are some who have lost over $100K because they did not learn to trade or invest first.
One could spend a lot of time on a sim for what itm takes to earn that kind of cash.

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4/13/2004 12:23:12 AM

for those still interested,
i just ran across a free trade
simulator from MarketWatch called
Virtual Stock Exchange

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1/10/2005 1:25:14 AM

Rumpled I saw the link from optionetics.... are you a student of theirs? and just a word of advice to many of you paper trading, something i learned very late was that if you are options trading remember its based off the ask for your buys and the bids for your sells. This reason alone is why on simulated sites people are able to get 400% returns because the sim sites use "last" opposed to bid/ask. Makes a big difference

Wish this site had features for us options nerds, Cheap screener works well but I still find myself doing several hours prep work for the next day's trading.

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1/10/2005 11:27:16 PM

Best Papertrading site on our planet:

Allows multiple accounts (to run more than one system).
Allows limit orders (for those of use that prefer that a stock reach a "point" incl'ing buystops)
Gives you partial fills on thinly traded stocks.
It does everything a brokerage does (incl going on margin).
Tracks your portfolio vs. major indexes
Tracks your portfolio vs the Top100 players

If you make the Top100 for an extended period, they use your picks for their mutual fund (and you get $$ for it).

The site has no equal.
Trader Joe

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