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1/11/2004 9:11:56 AM

Hey Dan:

#1. Forget everything you know
#2. Forget everything you THOUGHT you knew
#3. Throw (most) basic logistics out the window
#4. Becoming a robot (or some machine) helps a lot
#5. Don't try to learn everything in one night (it takes a whole week LOL)

On a more serious note, you will soon define who you are through trading. You will find out that greed and fear rule the market, and that people are like sheep ie they will all jump off the cliff quickly and at the same time. There is no "magic" filter (crap, I just committed an english error). Let me repeat that. There is not ANY magic filter out there. You must learn HOW to trade. How does one learn, you may ask? That's kinda like the famous question "Why did you rob the bank?" : 'cause that's where the money was! Well, why don't you follow what the "smart" money is doing? How does one do THAT, you may ask? Well, sometimes that's not easy, but here are a few ways: abnormal volume increases and insider trading. You will find many different ways of trading. Yes, there is more than one way to skin the cat, just as there are probably multitudes of ways to solve electrical problems. However, some problem solving techniques are better ie more efficient than others. Personally, I like to work "smart" hard, not "hard" hard. Some people call me a lazy bastard, but that's okay. I like to spend my energy doing things that are proven to get a return.
So what does all this above crap mean? It means that, just like you had to go to school for a number of years, and probably apprentice for some time, there is a learning curve involved with trading. Seriously, you learn MUCH more from mistakes than successes (I know I have) and when your cash is on the line, you become the minister of your own finances (or for my US counter-parts, Department of Finance). I suggest reading as much as you can (including OUTSIDE of this site forum) and pretty much take the Fox Sunday morning BS for what it's the time something is up/down-graded, the money usually was made a week ago.

ps I follow the modified Muddy Method myself (thanks to "Muddy" and Avery) but this is only a I said, the way you trade is more important than the tool. The tool just makes the job easier ie I can undo a screw with a butter knife or a #2 Phillips head. They both will get the job done.
Sorry for all the philosophy, probably you weren't looking for that (I know I wasn't a few years back...) BUT, as Luke Skywalker had to face his greatest fears in that big-ass tree, so will you go into the market...
"There is no try. There is only do or do not." (~Yoda)

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1/11/2004 11:16:54 AM


The best of the best has responded to your post. You won't find a better bunch of people than right here on SF. I am attaching a link that may answer a lot of your questions.

Cut & Past


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1/11/2004 2:06:49 PM

The simplest trade is line trading;pick a line/number like NAZ 2000,LONG above and SHORT below.The second simplest I know of is 2 line trading or channel.We all know and love the channel,LR,S&R,sloping price,all of which stock fetcher makes a pleasure to find and use.Theres another channel I have been monitoring for a long time that I bet you guys haven't heard of at forums/Marketsurfer.He self fomulated a Gann channel for DOW and NAZ thats used to go LONG when the top channel line is broken to the upside and SHORT when broken to the downside.This is a live forum and have seen him take hundreds of points both SHORT and LONG with the simple system.Pay the thread a visit sometime.For individual stocks using stockfetcher daily for a while now,what I am realizing is that groups of filters in certain categorys can be focused on when the market favors most movement for those filter types.Use best intuitions and leading market info to anticipate strength or flatness of filter category groups prefered such as Bottompicking groups,High/Breakout or continuation above channel,high volume breakout groups,Shorting groups(perhaps agood choice late this last week),Locked in range group,identifying the range(an excellent way to trade).Stockfetcher makes you dynamic and can switch gears then drill down into filters of a chosen group and finally to stock elements within the filters allready having backtested such scenarios not only through normal backtesting but live testing anticipated actions(future).How do you backtest the future?Only Holygrail can do that(just kidding).Lets say the last time the markets pulled back a little and you thought they had more downside to go and focused on that and it came to be,you backtested the future and then your intuition told you markets have come down a long way and have flatened and do for a turn around/seen it happen befor and focus on oversold the group and it came to be,you have backtested the future again!Plugged in live of course papertrade or small position,then full in. Exploit the dynamic.

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1/11/2004 5:55:45 PM

It seems af if we have hit upon some glory, here, and reward for joining as new SF (Stockfetcher) members! I'm beginning to realise the importance of reading comments posted here very seriously.

Thank you, WALLMAN, for 'awareness advice' (...that we might monitor comments made by people here like THERUMPLEDONE, EWZUBER, TXTRAPPER, MIKA, TODDDUNNING, JTHEHUT, JIM_C_HILL, ACERVAPSYCH, MURKND, XPLORER, WALLMAN)

And also thanks to TXTRAPER who seconds the motion provided by Wallman and offers
which should help us focus nicely on the task of turning questions into answers.

'Everyones responce comments' are being appreciated greatly (enough that re-reading with a note pad in hand sounds like a good idea!) They assure me this is the right place to work and colaborate on successful stock screening techniques.


Is there 'a pool of shared programming examples' (...or examples that are presently being worked on) that is collected or organised anywhere on the Stockfetcher site? I guess i'm refering to a 'library' of sorts ...a collection of well founded 'starts' that we might begin experimenting with and tweaking.

I'm thinking if there isn't, perhaps one might be established here in the near future, ...that is, if the prospect sounds like a reasonable and useful one.

Thanks in advance for anyone's comments... dave

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1/23/2004 4:13:28 PM


Try all of the screens listed on the Home Page as "starting points" <GRIN>! Or combine a couple together. That's how I started (very recently joined)...


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1/23/2004 7:43:36 PM

I would like to recommend that before you risk hard earned capitol that you test your trading or investing theories using a simulator.
I have used one called Investopedia that has some glitches but seems to be useable for trades that cover days and not hours.
It's a good idea to keep your own records too.
It is easy to fudge using paper trading but the sim. software doesn't let you.
After you achieve about a 75% success rate and have a profit consistently at the end of each month, then, IMO, it is reasonably safe to use real money.
Good fortune.

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1/24/2004 8:24:31 AM

to David_lee

to highlight ;
Fetcher[your text here]

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1/24/2004 11:16:14 PM

" I have used one called Investopedia that has some glitches but seems to be useable for trades that cover days and not hours. "


Don't you feel IB's "simulator" most acurate considering... it's actual w/ a 15 min offset, and a real trading platfform? I haven't used it myself, but I know it's there.


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