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4/8/2009 8:33:06 PM


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I have tried about 100 different ideas with trade ideas, and havent found anything to be useful there, as far as support and resistance, etc...

TO answer the original poster, I think the best way is to pick 20 stocks and use a piece of software where you can manually draw trendlines, and S/R and get live alerts.. Tradestation can do this, but its pricey.

What irritates me the most is stocks on my hotlist (8% previous day gainers and select RFR) that are poised to move and simple sit there b/c the market is crud, and the next day run so fast you cant get in..

and I dont want to hear this "you gotta be quick" stuff b/c whenever I get in, early or late, THATS when they crash.. And healthy pullbacks dont exist with alot of these stocks...

I am trying to work on this part of my trading.. I feel like I have the correct stocks, but they are dead money by teh time I am watching them.

The hardest part is balancing a manageable number of stocks where you can act on them, and not getting to many where you are overwhelmed and traying to catch too many and not being left out.. this is my biggest problem... I alwasy get stuck watching the crap.


if you are looking for going long, try using the 8% losers, the gainers are better for shorting opportunities.....


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4/8/2009 9:23:24 PM

Tradestation radar screen.... I answer my own questions most of the time.......ho ho

RadarScreen takes market monitoring and ranking to a new level. While most market monitoring software packages simply display a few canned quote and analysis columns, RadarScreen allows you to monitor and rank hundreds of symbols in real time, based on more than 180 technical and fundamental indicators as well as your own custom criteria.
Just imagine being able to watch, tick by tick, as a multitude of symbols are sorted and ranked in any order you choose. Imagine the ability to customize your windows to dynamically change color to show virtually countless market conditions.

RadarScreen makes all this and more possible. RadarScreen is an advanced multi-symbol analysis, monitoring and ranking tool that allows you to use the full power and flexibility of TradeStation's EasyLanguage to define anything from the simplest to the most complex criteria for real-time market evaluation and ranking. It enables you to create custom formulas that not only reference the current bar’s data, but also historical data for prior bars—and even your own custom filters and indicators.

Here are just some of the powerful features RadarScreen offers you:

Over 180 Indicator Columns Included, All Written in EasyLanguage — With RadarScreen, you'll be able to choose from a library of over 160 built-in indicators, all written in EasyLanguage, to apply to your symbols and monitor them in real time. This library of technical indicators includes some of the most popular trading concepts—Moving Averages, Stochastics, RSI and many more—so you can start tracking a host of criteria from day one. Simply apply analysis techniques to the page of symbols you're following using a drag-and-drop interface, and watch as they update in real time.

Custom Indicator Columns — RadarScreen doesn't limit you to just built-in indicator columns. You can create your own custom analysis techniques with the power and flexibility of EasyLanguage. With EasyLanguage, you can describe the trading concepts or criteria you want to see using English-like statements and everyday trading terms. You can design your own criteria for monitoring and ranking, define your own indicators and analysis techniques and combine over 100 built-in math functions and technical indicators.

Unlimited Scanning Criteria — RadarScreen offers you a virtually unlimited number of criteria that you can use for monitoring and ranking. For example, you could have one column list the top symbols—be they equity, futures, forex and/or option symbols—that have been trending in the last five days. You could have another column track the symbols with the largest volume increases over their normal volume for the day. These are just two simple examples of the analytical possibilities you have, thanks to the power and flexibility of EasyLanguage.

Custom Filters — You can easily insert custom filter columns, also written in EasyLanguage, with the ability to color-code the background and foreground of the cells in RadarScreen. Choose from TradeStation’s library of built-in Indicator, ShowMe or PaintBar studies or create your own RadarScreen-enabled studies using EasyLanguage.

Dynamic Ranking and Sorting — RadarScreen dynamically ranks and sorts up to 1,000 symbols in real time based on your own custom sort criteria. Symbols can be ranked relative to other symbols on the page, based on numerous user-defined criteria. You can even create subgroups of symbols within a page, so that each group of symbols is sorted independently of the other symbols on the page. You can then watch as the symbols change ranking positions according to the conditions you have set.

Color Code with SmartStyling™ — With SmartStyling, you can color-code each cell, so that the colors in the cell change dynamically as the market shifts. For example, if you'd like to see a group of symbols ranked by volume, but you'd also like to quickly identify which of those symbols are trading above the 10-day moving average, you can ask RadarScreen to color-code cells for symbols meeting those criteria.

Custom Alerts — Wherever you are, RadarScreen can monitor the market for you and send you alerts in a host of different ways. When you're at your computer, you’ll see alerts on your screen. When you are away from your computer, RadarScreen can send you alerts via email. You can even set up RadarScreen to send you quotes on a list of symbols you are monitoring, at timed intervals, via email. RadarScreen even knows not to send updates if there has been no change during the specified time interval, such as after market hours, assuring that you don’t get unnecessary updates. With RadarScreen, you can set alerts on every single symbol in your window, every single column and every single indicator, whether custom or built-in, which means that you can know instantly when a trading opportunity arises based on your criteria.

Set a Different Bar Interval for Each Row — You can set bar intervals independently for each row in RadarScreen, allowing you to see and compare chart values and data for different timeframes, in a tabular format. For example, you can choose to have one row display MSFT (Microsoft) daily data and another display MSFT 5-minute data or have one row display E-mini 50-minute data and another display 1-minute data.

Support for Symbol Lists — Add symbols easily with customizable lists, so that you can sort and rank them as you choose. Naturally, RadarScreen includes the ability to add symbols easily and quickly by simply typing them directly in a cell. But RadarScreen also offers pre-built symbol lists of industry sectors, index components, etc., that can be easily inserted into a RadarScreen window. You can even create and save your own custom symbol lists as well, so adding lists like "My Favorite Trade Candidates" is a breeze.

Pre-Built and Custom Templates — With just a few mouse clicks, you can quickly change columns, displaying or ranking criteria by applying RadarScreen templates.

Support for Custom Time Sessions (e.g., Pre-/Post-Market Data) — Allows you to create your own custom sessions in RadarScreen to customize the data you want to see. For example, you can choose to see pre-market data, regular session data and post-market data reflected in all indicator columns on a symbol-by-symbol basis or choose to see a custom session that displays only the E-mini trading between 9:30 a.m. and 4 p.m.

Multiple Processor Support — RadarScreen is a multi-threaded application, so it can leverage the benefits of having multiple processors. This means that you can unleash the full potential of the latest state-of-the-art operating systems by working with up to eight CPUs on the same machine. How does this help your trading? It will ensure that you get maximum power and speed, and that your computer runs more smoothly.

Fully Functional Quotes Window — The full functionality of the Quotes window is built into RadarScreen, so you have all functionality of the Quotes window, with the power of RadarScreen, in a single window.

3rd-Party Data — RadarScreen now supports the use of 3rd-Party Data, enabling you to plot proprietary data or data for exotic markets.

Corrections Indication — Instantly know when a data correction is pending by glancing at the symbol cell. RadarScreen will indicate when a correction (tick insertion, deletion or edit) is received. You can apply the pending corrections by simply right-clicking your mouse.

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4/8/2009 9:32:48 PM



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4/8/2009 9:52:20 PM

is it as robust? pre market data? can you scan all stocks in premarket?

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4/8/2009 10:11:54 PM

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4/8/2009 11:27:09 PM

"You see, with tradestation I would think you could scann the premaket know 20 min before the open who is gapping and up or down.... you could pick 4 of the biggest gaps and play em. Have all your order set to go."

In the room the premarket scans are set and posted at least 15 mins before open to get set for the gaps....

[Wed Apr 08_09:09:59 EDT 2009] Yngvai: Prelosers IRE AIB SIVB R RECN RFMD SAY CEF AZK ELX


plus the late pre hits..
[Wed Apr 08_09:16:41 EDT 2009] Muddy: add GKK

In the room there's the folks you know can call out the big moves more often or not after a couple of days in there,when you see a stock you have on radar called out by these better darn well check it out.

These 2 I had on radar, AEN because of it's monster vol/move yesterday and RT because of it's e/r
so as soon as I saw..[Wed Apr 08_09:44:52 EDT 2009] Muddy: watch AEN off lod .53 i hopped it off that crazy low up to near it's .75 in minutes
Likewise RT...[Wed Apr 08_09:42:39 EDT 2009] Muddy: RT pre hod 5.3...grabbed almost a buck as it soared to 6.39

This is the one that nails some real nice longs...TRO's modified Losers always,wait for green

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4/9/2009 12:29:12 AM

I saw RT on a scan the other day, or saw it was up for earnings, I can remember looking at the chart and remebering other resturants would be a good could have dumped just a easy. I stoped and thought what is my edge?
I had none other than a hunch.

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4/9/2009 3:19:22 PM

RT made my watchlist about 2 weeks ago when it entered the weekly Booya BZ. I watched it make a small double bottom and subsequently took off on 3-31-09, it was trading around $2.85 at that time.

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4/9/2009 4:59:03 PM

John I was thinking ok BWLD and Derdrin and CAKE all had good earnings so I am looking at RT now going into earnings.
They all did well and Ruby is not that bad of a place, they should do well also.
Is it just that easy, it seemed too easy.

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4/9/2009 5:38:02 PM

Thanks for the advice everyone.

I am going to look into trade-ideas alerts for pre-market "activity" (which can be customized for select symbol lists and gaps..)

Maybe I finally found something useful for this software afterall :)

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