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5/8/2020 12:25:15 PM

bought torc at 1.69

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5/8/2020 2:25:33 PM

Good Luck Mansor
I bought 1k yesterday.
It seems this stock is gonna be a 200% bagger.
Still holding Tril.
Still holding GNPX
Trading these low priced stocks is not for the faint of heart.
If you stare at a screen all day, you'll have to many what if's.
Should I sell for pennies?
Should I buy at this certain price? etc etc
Way to confusing for me,
I buy at the end of the day, and let her play out,
These trades take time to unfold.
If your successful in a trade, your looking at better than 100% or even 200%

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5/8/2020 2:28:18 PM

I might add.
GNPX is a keeper.
This stock could be a retirement maker, if you hold long term. (2-3) years.
That is what I intend to do with it.

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5/8/2020 2:39:05 PM

@kossvet @mansor

Honest question:
What makes you choose those stocks for accumulation and long-term hold ? Anything in their fundamentals, or scientific prowess ?
I am asking because VVUS was around $333 per share and is now around $1 per share.


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5/8/2020 3:29:59 PM

GNPX is on the cutting edge of Gene therapy.
They have many products in the pipe line.
1. Oncoprex has shown greater than 90% efficacy when used in combo with Astra Zeneca Tagrisso.
2. Oncoprex is used as a cure for Lung cancer Stage 4.
3. As the trial phases continue, they are finding very encouraging results for other cancers as well.
4. Throat, Thyroid, Breast. etc.
Gnpx also has a new gene therapy product to treat Diabetes stage 1+2.
preliminary results have shown, complete remission of Diabetes both 1-2.
This company is doing Gods work.
I invested because I truly believe in their endeavour.
I'm willing to hold out for 2-3 years because I would love to see their gene therapy products bring new life to millions of suffering individuals.
I truly believe we are looking at the next AXSM.
I bought AXSM at 18 last year, and rode it all the way to 95.
Don't let the short attacks force your hand into selling.
Many times during AXSM ascent, I was tempted to take my profit, because Shorts were creating fear in my belief in holding.
That is why I said in a previous post, this is not for the faint of heart.
I definitely believe in GNPX.
Their oncoprex has been fast tracked because of it's efficacy.
The Diabetes therapy is just getting started in trial.
Profit favors the long term holder.
Hope this helps

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5/8/2020 3:34:11 PM

Never understood the short bashers what is their goal, they are not all trading short, are these insiders trying to sink the price to buy it lower?

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5/8/2020 3:42:53 PM

Thank you, Robert (kossvet)

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5/8/2020 3:45:09 PM

Shorting is ok, as long as shorting takes place in fake companies.
Their are many of them, especially in the medical field.
Stocks which have risen on fake or misleading news(corona virus cure) should be shorted.
When you have a company that is trying to really bring hope to millions of people why crucify their stock indiscriminately.
Sava is another company worthy of a long term hold.

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5/9/2020 11:30:44 AM

Cheese - I didn't do research like Koss has done on gnpx. I don't know how he was able to find so my information on gnpx, it's amazing. I would like to learn to know how to research a company in depth.

VVUS was a killer, bought it and sold it a loss of 50$ (i forget my good trades but remember my losses)

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5/9/2020 11:37:56 AM

Thank you, Mansor.

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