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5/11/2020 3:50:49 PM

Hi gang.
Got a new one CLSK.
Gonna buy a thousand at the end of the day.

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5/11/2020 5:19:43 PM

Thanks, Robert, You are becoming a real guru.

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5/11/2020 7:10:17 PM

Where's the filters used to get these picks?

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5/11/2020 7:58:04 PM

Lets not get ahead of ourselves.
We need to see how they play out.
I'm still holding everything and adding until I reach 10k shares.
2-3 month holdings, except for GNPX that will be my retirement trade.
I will release the filter after 2-3 months.
I want to see how profitable the filter is, as is.
We need to thank Xalor, for he is the originator of this filter.
All I did was figure a way to get in ahead of the suspected rise.
Don't be disappointed if the stocks don't ascend right away.
Typically I'm in ahead of the rise by 1-2 weeks.
That's when I am accumulating my position.
Hope this helps

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5/11/2020 9:16:59 PM

I hear you. Very wise advice.
Thank you.

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5/12/2020 7:39:38 AM


While we are waiting for you to release your filter could you provide some clues to the changes you've made?

Also, you are doling out single stock picks, for everyone here at SF, every couple of days, based on your filter runs.

Does that mean your filter is only returning 1 stock on those days, or does it routinely return multiple
stocks from which you choose which ones to post by research?

Ed S.

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5/12/2020 1:29:05 PM

The filter produces 3-5 stocks a week.
From there I research their product, and chance of success.
Strictly from a chart perspective , I like to see a long consolidation period
Xalors filter keenly does that.
My modifications are based on volume changes.
That's why I am trying to incorporate Snapoyfrogs excellent filter.
Still working on that.
My modifications alone are producing relatively goid targets.
But, if I can improve it I will.
As always I will share this filter in it's entirety.
I am trying to contain myself, and not believe I've found a golden egg.
Let's let it play out.
In the mean time I'll keep posting the selections.
Those who are interested can follow along.

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5/12/2020 3:37:29 PM

Picking up 1000 shares of UAVS at close.
As always gonna accumulate over the next few weeks.

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5/12/2020 4:13:50 PM

Mansor you still holding TORC?
Good job if you still own it.

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5/12/2020 9:18:14 PM

@Koss - I am still holding torc - It had a good uptrend today after consolidating whole day yesterday, 52wk high is 11.9x.

Macd is has +ve divergence on weekly chart.with rsi at 43 - things get sketchy on daily chart, I sense macd is flattening and rsi is at 81. It needs to maintain 2 pt, today it dropped 26c after hitting 2.18 & closed higher than previous close - so I'm not sure how tomorrow would turn out.

Are you still holding torc and/or buying more? or have you shifted your interest in clsk and/or uavs. Secondly, does ER play a role in or it strictly your research facts that decide which ticker to pick?


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