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2/27/2013 3:03:49 PM


Actually maybe i used the wrong term...."scan". I just setup predefined charts in a chart list in stockcharts. I have the charts set for 13 and 50 EMA, 4 month daily, and TSI,Trix and KST indicators. I then just cycle thru them quickly looking for 13/50 xover and price labels/bubbles.

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2/27/2013 3:30:33 PM

Okay, thank you dgoodrich.

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2/27/2013 10:16:50 PM

Hello, anyone knows how to get TOS (thinkorswim) chart to change the date as I move the chart backward?

When I move a chart backward to previous dates, the date on the chart still shows today's date. Is there a way to make TOS to show current date as I move the chart without me having to point my mouse on a particular candle/bar?


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2/27/2013 11:01:28 PM


What are your daily settings set to ? on your chart just under the ticker symbol in green letters should say ticker symbol and then the settings your are currently using. The next box to the right should say a date and time stamp where the current position of the cursor is.

Okay what does it say ?

How far back do you want to go ?

In the upper right hand corner is a tab labeled Style. Right click on that.

is the Aggregation type (time) set to Time.

then come down to Intraday settings or down one more to Daily settings.

Also, check your Drawing tab to see if you have selected Pointer. If you selected Pan, then you have to right click and drag the chart in steps.

How are your charts setup for the Flexible Grid.

My bottom middle chart is set for 2days 1minute. I just move the Slider Bar at the bar bottom going from today (wednesday backwards to Monday the 25th.

Hope this can help

Quilln -

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2/27/2013 11:26:27 PM


let's review:

the MDP portfolio's with the 13/50ema is all you want to know about.

the Kwik trades or what Simon sez to do are to be used from a watchlist you generated from the scan program Pirate67 has written a few days ago.

For your Questions. The KST, TSI, TRIX are just FYI (for your information only). It just a heads up notice. That's all. Stick to the 13/50 ema.

If you want to do kwik trades via Priate67 scans (use the first column and find the 1's only), and just look at the KST only period and trade off that by reviewing the Stockcharts.

on my KST - II custom filter scan I found 23 stocks like ZNGA, NLY etc..... ZNGA is going to still climb more.

on Priate67 scan program, man I found a massive amount of 1's in the first column this evening. Have lots of homewerk to do. Probably because of todays market. Other wise there is usually a hand full to follow.

Had to do a download .CSV file and weed them out per my KST/TSI trading rules written a few days ago on this site.

Your doin good, just stay focused as in apples to apples, oranges to oranges. The more your practice, the better you will be in the long haul.

Quilln -

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2/27/2013 11:28:44 PM

Hi Quilln, thanks for your response.
I use daily chart with 5 years interval. Example: SPY 5 y D (the green letter under the ticker symbol SPY). I checked Aggregation type is (time) and selected Pointer in the Drawing tab.

For instance, when I move the chart backward to 3/26/12, the date on my TOS chart still shows today's date 27/2/13. I have to move the mouse and place the pointer to a candle/bar to show the date.

What I want is... when I move the chart backward to 3/26/12, the date on the TOS chart (the one below the ticker symbol) also changes accordingly, is it possible to do that??

FYI, I don't do day trade because I live in Asia (Singapore) and can't be up all night to monitor the market, when NYSE opens it's 10:30PM over here. So, normally once I entered a position, I only exit until my stop or trailing stop is hit.

Again, thanks for your help.


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2/28/2013 12:23:18 AM


noticed the strange calendar date you posted, but anyway going to duplicate your chart tomorrow to see if I can find something strange.

As a guess it is pointing to the calendar dates and I think TOS gets confused by the dates your using where the date and month are switched.

See ya around the campus.

Best regards,
Quilln -

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2/28/2013 8:27:32 AM

Thanks, Quilln again for the details. I did run a Simon says yesterday from 9.50 AM to 10.10.AM & found the following on some of the MDP items. The first price is the label price(stockcharts) that was shown on the bottom of bar to the immediate left & the second price is the price it was trading for at that time. Some of them went up a bit in price from the label price. So once we have the list below in the AM do we use the KST to decide on which of them to buy or we put a limit order for 10% below the label price and wait or we buy the once that are nearer to the label price. Looking at the stockcharts it seems sometimes if we buy at a higher price than the label price and the very the next day itself there is a sell label price as well. In this case the price keeps on dropping and we may endup waiting for it to recover. Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated.

IEO 67.92/69.53
IYE 43.04/43.78
IYR 67.00/67.82
KBE 25.29/25.66
QQQ 65.96/66.73
SMH 34.39/34.90
SPY 148.73/150.42
XLB 37.39/37.99

DIG 50.44/52.16
DZZ 4.78/4.855
QLD 56.07/57.26
SSD 27.92/28.86
SSO 65.48/66.93
URE 74.03/75.72
UYG 74.73/76.77
UYM 34.70/35.71

GASL 19.32/20.55
SPXL 98.95/102.55
MIDU 44.51/46.58
DRN 85.52/88.52
DUST 47.88/51.23
ERX 56.53/60.26
SOXL 33.89/35.56
TMV 55/55.32
TNA 73.95/76.94
YINN 16.22/16.79
TECL 49.50/50.70

ARR 6.48/6.61
AWF 16.67/16.81
BLW 18.60/18.62
CFD 20.30/20.70
CHI 12.10/12.26
CHY 12.35/12.49
DPO 11.18/11.29
EMLC 27.27/27.31
EOI 11.15/11.24
ERF 12.74/13.23
ETR 61.29/61.64
MAIN 31.25/31.63
Ew 85.91/86.42

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2/28/2013 8:41:29 AM


ON Feb 26 for DZZ the label was for 4.90 and the price was at 4.92. Today AM the label is 4.78. So this is what I was asking on what to do in such situations. Yesterday it seems lot of the MDP stocks went up after 10.00 AM. That was not the case on Tuesday. So do we have to look for market sentiment before we buy. As always thanks for the the wealth of experience that you have been sharing with us.

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2/28/2013 12:02:39 PM


I reviewed your SPY chart this morning and on 3/26/12 SPY closed at $140.65.

am viewing a single chart of SPY using my LBR_studies for Day Trading with 13 ema over 50 ema.

changed my Daily settings to 5 years Day..... by selecting the Style Tab

On the chart clicked the right button and dragged it to the right near todays date.

hit the minus key in the lower left and corner for adjustment of scaling and then dragged the slider bar as far to the date you were looking for.

What I then did was click on the style tab, selected the settings

stayed in the default General tab

Check the Time Zone to make sure it says local time GMT -05:00 / new york ...... I know you can change it, but stick to the default of EST time zone so we are on the same time zone.

then hit the "reset to chart default" tab at the bottom to reset to square one. Hit the apply tab then then Ok tab.

This morning I was having problems with my single chart and it looked ugggggly. Hit the reset button and it went back to square one.

then went to the style tab

Selected intraday to 1 day 1 minute

then check to see if the green letters are SPY 1 day 1 minute in the upper left hand corner

Kewl, man I am back to normal status.

Now, if your still having problems, we'll have to match our settings starting off with the Style tab.

Leon, I hope this can help. It sure helped me today as well.

Best regards,

Quilln -

ps. do you guys still drive on the wrong side of the road. ;o))))

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