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2/8/2013 9:55:14 AM


Is there any criteria to determine on what would we trade like FAZ/FAS or GASX/GASL on a daily basis ?

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2/8/2013 10:55:01 AM


going to assume your looking at the LBR_studies charts with FAS up and running. Look at the QLD and :) all the way to the bankque.

There was no low bubbles present. 13 is up over the 50, a goo sign to buy right out of the gate.

look at the LBR_ThreeTenOscillator panel and place the cursor at 8:50am EST. That is a sign to buy the stock. Look at the xover there then look to the chart and see what happens. again at 9:51am EST, xover occurred and the 13 is still over the 50

as a review of the LBR panel below, click on edit studies. kruz on down the studies panel and find LBR_ThreeTenOscillator.

click on the ? mark

click on more details in that box

drag the slider bar down until you see a picture of when to buy in an uptrend as a reference.

anyway made a few bux within the first 10 minutes or since the 13 is still above the 50 we let it ride.

or if you had a profit target of $.51, $0.76, $1.01, $1.26 as get out prices.

re: FAZ would be the invers and that is to short the stock.

re: GASX shorting the stock
re: GASL buy right out of the gate. the LBR signal occurred at 15:57pm EST yesterday.

Basically I just trade the 13/50 all day long and buy and sell.

I have studied the Woodie CCI method of trading and the LBR_ThreeTenOscillator is close it.

Now, when you see Woodies technique, you might get a headache. But I understand it. I have friends who just trade via the Woodie.

Bottom Line.....get a cup of GMCR and or SBUX and the the LBR_studies charts via the 13/50 tell you what to do. that simple, no hassles and just follow the wave going up and down.

Man, it werks for me since my time is very valuable in being a Caregiver 24/7 for my wife and trying to trade with my right hand. Gets tyreing running back and forth 20 feet all day long.

Trading QLD/QID and XIV (see the bubbles) / TVIX yesterday and today.

I have two 21 inch led monitors with two charts on each monitor forming a tetter totter on each monitor. Remember I have to make it as simple as possible.

Hope this can help.

Best regards,
Quilln -

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2/8/2013 3:18:42 PM


As always appreciate your patience to explain the details. Let me try and see how it goes next week with trading.

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2/8/2013 8:18:51 PM

Springhill, thank you for answering my question, however I must not be following what you are saying. If I right click a CHART i get a menu whose first item is "autozoom". I do not getting what you described.

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2/9/2013 12:18:36 AM


As a follow up, If your viewing a single chart the min max grid sizing will not werk.

However, on a 6 pack (2high 3 wide) then by clicking on any chart in the pack, the min max grid cell works.

Maximize Grid Cell is located about 5 groups down, just above the werd BUY after hitting the right mouse button.

by clicking on that, the chart then blows up into a single chart. Click the right mouse button again and hitting the grid cell again brings you back to square one.

Novice............Now for some kewl stuff to play with at your leisure.

Now for fun, on a single chart going to show you a ScalperBuySave study that you can and on a separate single chart to play with.

I believe it is a 4 bar delay.

click on edit studies

now, we are going to add ScalperBuySave

In the studies list, kruz on down to ScalperBuySave and then click on the tab Add Study at the bottom of the list.

the clour I am using is cyan (bluish)

by default ther will be white boxes at each low poing and at each high point.

you can see that by selecting the SBS tab and see the image in the Draw as panel.

click on the box again and go to bottom and find Value @ High. the default clour is white.

click Oaky

the numbers of the high and the low will be placed above the high low points.

with 1day 1 minute chart it is very very fast.

you can play with any STYLE chart tab, by changing the days, and minutes if you like to.

If you don't save it and to another chart, all the practice sessions will be lost. If you want to save the session, save it with a name - ScalperBuysave. I always forget where it is and had to change the and added ScalperBuySave after.

Have fun on this project. but remember I believe that the white boxes are 4 bars late with the posting of the next high low boxs or price number. Come Monday, view the chart and observe when the information is posted. Then again, I can be wrong.

Enjoy the weekend


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2/9/2013 11:05:36 AM


I have looked all through the Studies and Strategies on my version of ToS,

Don't see the "ScalperBuySave" study you mention above.

Is it a ToS standard study or is it one you have added?

Have a good Saturday,

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2/9/2013 11:10:26 AM


Thanks once again for more ideas. However I don't see ScalperBuySave in the studies list. The only studies I see in reference to scalper is TTMScalper Alert.

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2/10/2013 1:05:50 AM

springhill, Novice,

re: ScalperBuySave

A friend sent it to me a few years ago.

Here is an indicator that you can use in TOS - is pretty nice - click Studies, Edit Studies, Click New and paste below code then put a name and save

see if you like it


def triggerSell = if(if(close[-1] < close,1,0) and (close[-2] < close[-1] or close[-3] def triggerBuy = if(if(close[-1] > close,1,0) and (close[-2] > close[-1] or close[-3] > close[-1]),1,0);
rec buySellSwitch = if(triggerSell, 1, if(triggerBuy, 0, buySellSwitch[1]));

def thirdBarClosed = if(isNan(close[-3]),0,1);
plot SBS = if(triggerSell and thirdBarClosed and !buySellSwitch[1], high, if(triggerBuy and thirdBarClosed and buySellSwitch[1], low, double.nan));

enjoy the weekend


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2/10/2013 2:05:08 AM

Quilln, you have been extremely kind and generous in helping others in this forum.

I would like to take a moment away from the hustle and bustle of all these trading talks
and make sure we do not miss the most important information that you have shared.

Although many of us are impressed with your smart and kindness in helping others in this forum,
I personally most admire you for the love, faith, strength, and courage that you show
in the 24/7 care you give to your wife.

May your God comfort both of you, and be with you always.

My prayers for both of you this weekend are a token of my gratitude.

Prayers and blessings.

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2/10/2013 5:18:18 AM

Cheese, very well said. Quilln and your wife, I will also prayer for y'all.

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