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3/6/2022 9:54:04 PM

Brent and WTI are both up right now 8 % and 9 % so more pain at the pump but more upwards pressure for energy stocks.

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3/7/2022 1:52:37 PM

XOM - Nice breakout .

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3/8/2022 11:48:30 AM

Well are any players in the Sector(Oils-Energy) here?

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3/8/2022 1:19:47 PM


A small XLE position for me, using EMA(20). I am out of XLE now based on RSI(2).

Congrats and THANK YOU for your Elder Impulse + MACD HISTOGRAM, and the guidelines !
Also, your system identified OXY, which was what Warren Buffett purchased apparently.

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3/8/2022 3:34:38 PM

Oil-Energy has been on fire of late!! Lots of good swing
trades for people like me. This volatility is awesome!

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3/8/2022 8:48:37 PM

Like I said:

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msg #158736 3/6/2022 8:42:53 AM

Re: XLE and XOM ...
economic policy precedes moving averages.
The crystal ball is economic policy, not MAs.

Remember when the US was THE WORLD LEADER in crude oil production? That was just 4 years ago.
You were paying $1.85/gal for gas.
But *#^& shut down US production for domestic capacity when he became chief #@&*! and has now implemented an embargo on Russian oil.
So, you're gonna be paying $10/gal for gas soon.
Hope you'll be happy with that.
But what the hay! Your trading will certainly offset the additional expense, right?
Or are you all driving Teslas?
Warren Buffet bought OXY because (again) economic policy precedes moving averages.

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3/8/2022 9:13:30 PM

The exception (economic policy precedes MAs) is the 200DMA, which coincides with %^&*'s oil & gas production curbs.

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3/8/2022 9:21:00 PM

Click the "N" on the chart ...

Okay, the "N" has "notes", but I could NEVER figure out how to make notations on SF charts.
My notes were "chatter": clean-energy chatter, green energy chatter, clean cars/electric car chatter.
BTW, electric cars are nothing new.
The first electric car was invented in 1830. But gas won out eventually.

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3/9/2022 8:40:30 PM

I'm in GLD and XLE

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3/10/2022 9:57:55 PM

Thought you might like this .

apply to symlist(GLD,XLE)
chart-time is 8 months

draw ema(3)
draw ema(5)
draw ema(7)
draw ema(9)
draw ema(11)
draw ema(13)
draw ema(15)
Draw ema(17)
draw ema(19)
draw ema(21)
draw ema(23)
draw ema(25)

/* Original Code by Graftonian . Modified by John aka Mactheriverrat */
set{3x5, count(ema(3) > ema(5), 1)}
draw 3x5
set{cc1, 3x5}

set{5x7, count(ema(5) > ema(7), 1)}
draw 5x7
set{cc2, cc1 + 5x7}

set{7x9, count(ema(7) > ema(9), 1)}
draw 7x9
set{cc3, cc2 + 7x9}

set{9x11, count(ema(9) > ema(11), 1)}
draw 9x11
set{cc4, cc3 + 9x11}

set{11x13, count(ema(11) > ema(13), 1)}
draw 11x13
set{cc5, cc4 + 11x13}

set{13x15, count(ema(13) > ema(15), 1)}
draw 13x15
set{cc6, cc5 + 13x15}

set{15x17, count(ema(15) > ema(17), 1)}
draw 15x17
set{cc7, cc6 + 15x17}

set{17x19, count(ema(17) > ema(19), 1)}
draw 17x19
set{cc8, cc7 + 17x19 }

set{19x21, count(ema(19) > ema(21), 1)}
draw 19x21
set{cc9, cc8 + 19x21}

set{21x23, count(ema(21) > ema(23), 1)}
draw 21x23
set{cc10, cc9 + 21x23}

set{23x25, count(ema(23) > ema(25), 1)}
draw 23x25
set{CrossCount, cc10 + 23x25}
add column CrossCount

add column separator
add column separator

/* 3x5 is number of consecutive days EMA(3) above (+)/below(-) previous EMA(5) */
set{e3e5b,days( ema(3) is above ema(5) ,250)}
set{e3e5a,days( ema(3) is below ema(5) ,250)}
set{35, e3e5a - e3e5b} and add column 35 {35}

/* 5x7 is number of consecutive days EMA(5) above (+)/below(-) previous EMA(7) */
set{e5e7b,days( ema(5) is above ema(7) ,250)}
set{e5e7a,days( ema(5) is below ema(7) ,250)}
set{57, e5e7a - e5e7b} and add column 57 {57}

/* 7x9 is number of consecutive days EMA(7) above (+)/below(-) previous EMA(9) */
set{e7e9b,days( ema(7) is above ema(9) ,250)}
set{e7e9a,days( ema(7) is below ema(9) ,250)}
set{79, e7e9a - e7e9b} and add column 79 {79}

/* 9x11 is number of consecutive days EMA(9) above (+)/below(-) previous EMA(11) */
set{e9e11b,days( ema(9) is above ema(11) ,250)}
set{e9e11a,days( ema(9) is below ema(11) ,250)}
set{911, e9e11a - e9e11b} and add column 911 {911}

/* 11x13 is number of consecutive days EMA(11) above (+)/below(-) previous EMA(13) */
set{e11e13b,days( ema(11) is above ema(13) ,250)}
set{e11e13a,days( ema(11) is below ema(13) ,250)}
set{1113, e11e13a - e11e13b} and add column 1113 {1113}

/* 13x15 is number of consecutive days EMA(13) above (+)/below(-) previous EMA(15) */
set{e13e15b,days( ema(13) is above ema(15) ,250)}
set{e13e15a,days( ema(13) is below ema(15) ,250)}
set{1315, e13e15a - e13e15b} and add column 1315 {1315}

/* 15x17 is number of consecutive days EMA(15) above (+)/below(-) previous EMA(17) */
set{e15e17b,days( ema(15) is above ema(17) ,250)}
set{e15e17a,days( ema(15) is below ema(17) ,250)}
set{1517, e15e17a - e15e17b} and add column 1517 {1517}

/* 17x19 is number of consecutive days EMA(17) above (+)/below(-) previous EMA(19) */
set{e17e19b,days( ema(17) is above ema(19) ,250)}
set{e17e19a,days( ema(17) is below ema(19) ,250)}
set{1719, e17e19a - e17e19b} and add column 1719 {1719}

/* 19x21 is number of consecutive days EMA(19) above (+)/below(-) previous EMA(21) */
set{e19e21b,days( ema(19) is above ema(21) ,250)}
set{e19e21a,days( ema(19) is below ema(21) ,250)}
set{1921, e19e21a - e19e21b} and add column 1921 {1921}

/* 21x23 is number of consecutive days EMA(21) above (+)/below(-) previous EMA(23) */
set{e21e23b,days( ema(21) is above ema(23) ,250)}
set{e21e23a,days( ema(21) is below ema(23) ,250)}
set{2123, e21e23a - e21e23b} and add column 2123 {2123}

/* 23x25 is number of consecutive days EMA(23) above (+)/below(-) previous EMA(25) */
set{e23e25b,days( ema(23) is above ema(25) ,250)}
set{e23e25a,days( ema(23) is below ema(25) ,250)}
set{2325, e23e25a - e23e25b} and add column 2325 {2325}


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