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3/4/2022 9:10:31 PM

Thanks, karennma. Still not a good time. Some bear markets might last 6 months to 2.5 years.

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3/4/2022 11:15:25 PM

Seems there are some good uptrends in Sector(Oils-Energy)

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3/4/2022 11:26:40 PM

market going down is strange to dem presidents, note clinton's 208% sp gain, note obamas sp 500 gain of 128%, the pandemic and russia cant stop joe !

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3/5/2022 11:49:21 AM

THANK YOU @Mactheriverrat and @klynn55.

Now, in more practical terms, let's review what John once wrote about EMA(60):
...If price can move the downtrending EMA(60) then it can move more.
Sometimes the uptrend may be short lived...
...Short term averages crossing over longer term is a buy but trend should be confirmed.
Price should be crossing above a downtrend line...

EMA(60) of Guppy GMMA
chart-time 24 months
chart-type line
draw ema(60)

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3/5/2022 1:13:03 PM

Your Welcome Cheese!!!

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3/6/2022 8:42:53 AM

Re: XLE and XOM ...

"#2 - President's lack of economic growth policy.
(i.e., shutting down U.S. gas pipelines, cargo ships/container shipping, small businesses, etc.)

The uptrend coincides with Biden's energy policies. Remember that every time you fill up your gas tank.
Also, remember, economic policy precedes moving averages.
The crystal ball is economic policy, not MAs.

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3/6/2022 11:39:53 AM

By their calculation process, moving averages are lagging indicators.
Moving averages are among the most useful trend indicators.
By definition, trend following is behind the curve.
Some smart posters in this forum seem to follow trends.

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3/6/2022 1:36:42 PM

Sector(Oils-Energy) Using the Elder Impulse System. Since Stockfetcher doesn't have the Elder Impulse System setup up you can use another free charting service like stock and setup up the candles to show Elder Impulse System.

/* Sector(Oils-Energy)EMA 13 and Macd Histogram with ma (2) */

/* Filter based mostly on the Elder Impulse System. The indicators are EMA 13 and Macd Histogram(12,26,9) with a 2 day moving average I added as to show strength of the Histogram. */

apply to Sector(Oils-Energy)
chart-time is 3 months
Draw ema(13)

/* 1313 is number of consecutive days EMA(13) above (+)/below(-) previous EMA(13) */
set{1313b,days( ema(13) is above ema(13) one day ago ,250)}
set{1313a,days( ema(13) is below ema(13) one day ago,250)}
set{13x13, 1313a - 1313b} and add column 13x13 {13_x_13}

Set{cntema13aboveema13,count( eMA(13) > eMA(13) 1day ago,1)}
draw cntema13aboveema13

Set{cntema13aboveema13b,count( eMA(13)< EMA(13) 1day ago,1)}

draw cntema13aboveema13b

draw cema(var1 Legend{var1, macd Histogram(12,26,9)} ,2)

do not draw macd Histogram(12,26,9)
set{var1, macd Histogram(12,26,9)}
draw var1 Legend{var1, macd Histogram(12,26,9)} PlotType{var1,zerobar}

add column var1 Legend{var1, macd Histogram(12,26,9)}



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3/6/2022 1:51:50 PM

XOM from that filter looks like a good breakout.

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3/6/2022 4:52:48 PM

and how did biden's policy cause this:
"Global oil consumption bottomed out at about 70% of pre-pandemic levels in what became known as the “Black April” of 2020. By the third quarter of that year, when a degree of normality had returned to many nations as the first wave ebbed, that figure was 90%. " karen is opposing and oversimplifying a very complex issue. energy is worldwide, and future buyers also have a great impact on prices.

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