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6/1/2008 8:00:01 PM

I know alot of you folks think day traders are whack but anyone interested in how I go about it please read this thread:

Newer folks if you want to try daytrading I really think this can get you thinking "outside the box".
Yeah 90% of newer traders lose money it's true,because they use the same old blah blah,I will never be one of them because I have an edge I believe over so many folks.
I was taught this by Muddy for free,I'll try to give a little back if I can.

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6/1/2008 8:32:35 PM

13TH: thanks , succint and valuable.


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6/2/2008 12:05:51 AM

13th: take a look at trading CGMFX with this:

Buy = RSI( 2 ) < 10;
Sell = RSI( 2) > 90;

no reason you cant treat CGMFX like you do a stock !

though there could be some early redemption fees!

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6/2/2008 1:13:14 AM

Thanks for the post 13th, really enjoyed it.

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6/2/2008 2:30:55 AM

what about using weekly or monthly rsi(2) in that case?

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6/3/2008 8:47:49 PM

In that post on Muddy's and Syke's blog I talked about how I liked to trade low float stocks:

6. If I can I really like to daytrade the lower float stocks.

I posted I liked to trade around even dollar marks:

3. I like to trade around even dollar marks for under $10 stocks plus .50 marks for the $3 and unders.

I posted on here and Muddys blog, (in fact there's an "important post " link titled Former Zero Volume Stocks

And I posted about how I love the very late hits on the premarket board:

4. I really watch the "late hits" that appear on the pre-market leaders board, the ones in the 20 minutes before the opening bell. Many of these run longer than the ones that had been on it since 8 am EST as West coasters tend to wake up late:).

Well today SPDE was one of them, all 4 conditions met,here's what I posted 5 minutes BEFORE open:

13th_FLOOR: (Jun 03-09:25) 13th_FLOOR: SPDE just hit
13th_FLOOR: (Jun 03-09:31) 13th_FLOOR: SPDE 1.75

I posted I bought at 2.10, a cross of an even dollar mark,it ran to 3.25 and me taking profits as it fell below another EVEN mark of $3 for a 38% profit.
Not bragging at all just the facts all conditions pointed to a great risk/reward trade.

Also look at what I posted Saturday about ROYL in that post:

16. Also daily chartwise I like to use RSI(2) as an indicator of STRENGTH when the white candle is being pierced by the UBB. I like to see 90+ RSI2 in this situation,the nearer to 100 the better.
Most look to short these kind and I say they are dead wrong; this is an indicator of a strong stock not a sign of weakness.

Using ROYL again as an example look at RSI2 on its price/vol breakout day 5/2
Its RSI2 that day was 99.62 about as high as it can get!

On 5/2 the price was 3.33 now it sits at 11.09.
I haven't been it the whole way but been trading it's butt off at least 10 times during the run.
And have made huge gains from it just in the last 2 days alone.

To the fellow on another thread saying no bash against me BUT ( I love when folks say BUT ) "I long ago took anyone's post of their trades with a grain of salt. it's amazing how some people have no losers."

There were 48 folks in the chat today and I was told I helped a few of them make big money today.
If you care to join the chat you will see I do have my share of losers.I post entries I made on some stocks and they go straight down,how can I hide that?
I said yesterday on the chat I was holding UNCL short and BEXP long overnight,both were over 5% losers.
I posted NOG and lost 3% on that so 3 losers just today alone.
So I do post my losers there, just that SPDE ROYAL and GRO all that I posted I was in at time of entry weren't any of them.
And that was a good months pay right there on those 3 for me.
And I guess you noticed the Dow was down 100 points.

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6/4/2008 12:05:27 AM


thanks for sharing the information. Ironically I also had successful trades on today on ROYL and SPDE. I wasn't paying much atttention the RSI though, just price action. I should look more at my indicators!


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6/4/2008 7:52:27 AM

Thank you,really the only indicator I use is the RSI2 and then to find stocks with a white candle pierced by the UBB that are over 90.
I like to get a position in these for a daytrade the next day if they hit green.

Stocks that are over 90 RSI2 and in the middle of the bb's or lower than middle I try to avoid most times, seems like alot of head fakes on those

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6/4/2008 8:37:45 PM

In the spirit of sharing I posted this last night way before the market open at Tim's site at 10:30 pm


June 3rd, 2008 at 10:22 pm

ďTim SOLI was a pump,I know that it was and tried shorting it all day but couldnít get shares,it fell nasty around 3 p.m
Jason Fuller pump PTPE I shorted at .70 yesterday,it didnít even take 1 day to die!

Looks like a repump on bio ( youíll get the) shaft BSHF and the ever famous My Vintage (Baby youíll get destroyed ) MVBY.
I know MVBY too low for you but traded tight spread today and IB has shorts available calling to me.

I know SOIS is oil/gas play but from .78 to 1.24 in 3 days looks tempting on sign of red.

Looking at PTEK BIOF ( heard it was a pump,not sure )tomorrow for red also to short/green go long.

Here's the results:

Anybody catch SOLI today the super pump!
It opened a tad up then got polesmoked late in the day actually hit .82!
Closed down 39%
Pump emailers keep spamming me:)

And BSHF worked out great to.
It was going along nicely up a few % until very late around 3:30 when the dump hit closing down 9% at itís lodís

MVBY,keep pumping up,get it 1 pleazzze, the P and D in Nov was sweet,come on you can do it again.
Closed up another 34% today.

SOIS is still moving,4 days now from .78 to 1.37
The volume last 3 days crushes any volume it has ever in the last 52 weeks.

PTEK was so fine.
Opened at $4, hit hod of 6.30
Anyone following along or just trading the ROYLís and GROís, thereís a bunch of stocks to make money on either long or short.
Do your homework you can find Ďem if you know what to look for and practice at it.

I know some people here on SF think I may lie about some trades or that I never have losers or that I never say "this one is going up (or down).
I don't have a crystal ball.
All I do know is that if you can watch intraday my stocks move pretty dang well.
You gotta learn how to trade, it's that simple, no one can hold your hand and tell you go long here or go short here.
You cant say these didn't move today , PTEK was up over 57% today on green!
All stocks doped out last night in less than 30 mins.
My point is anyone can find these stocks if they try.

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6/4/2008 9:27:35 PM

what does this mean?

"All stocks doped out last night in less than 30 mins"

tia chetron

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