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4/14/2004 3:04:25 AM

Looks like AKLM is getting ready to move. Everything is coming together.

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4/14/2004 2:56:29 PM


I was just making a point that after all this time, you should have raked in enough profit to meet the $25,000 minimum for daytrading.

Looking back at all your posts, you should have generated a whole lot more if you actually trade them.

There is NOTHING disingenuous about that.

EWZuber 4/13/2004 10:15:45 PM

I'm not going to address your post because it strikes me as disingenuous.

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4/14/2004 5:32:09 PM

You made several suppositions that were erronous and struck me as disingenuous.
First, I don't trade all the stocks that I post here. What have I said that would indicate that I do?? ( Thats not a rhetorical question. )

Recent case in point was CNLG. This was a post to let those that had the inclination to check it, out for what ever reason they might have, to do so. Hence the name of the thread, 'Just a Heads Up'. Thats all it is.
I thought that some would find it a compelling stock to watch as the entry looked very near to me. Yesterday it closed with a 23% gain. Today it hit a one day gain of 108% at the top and closed ABOVE the trendline, indicating there is more upside. I didn't have the liquid capitol to enter but I hope someone else has profited from this Heads Up.

This isn't a brag thread. I suspect that possibly some are imposing their own traits onto me and from that making erronous assumptions about my intent. I'm looking for meaningful discussion in a civil and adult manner. I am here to learn and make money, thats all. I'll leave the glory to someone else.

Once in a while I post a trade, usually in near real time to keep it real, but I don't have anywhere near the capitol to trade a fraction of the setups that i find and post here. I have made that plain. I remember I once posted that I have less trading capitol than most of you people bring home in a paycheck. How could I possibly be trading all these??

Also you assume that I have $5K. This is also incorrect.
You also assume that every trade allotted to me is a 10% gain. This is very unrealistic. Many of the trades I enter I end up closing at breakeven or at as small a loss as possible when I see technicals break down. This is because my primary concern is to conserve capitol. If capitol is not conserved then losses can be staggering. That is a trade without a trading discipline. Thats when it becomes gambling.
Often I am torn between adhering to my trading discipline and trying to trade within the allottments that NASDAQ has so graciously afforded me. It is an extremely difficult balancing act at times.
When the technicals are violated I will close the position, often times the stock will plummet at this point. Sometimes that stock will break the new resistance which is located several percent below my exit and make another buy signal. Consequently I sometimes find myself torn because I can see support some distance below. Whether or not it will hold when tested is anyones guess. Do I hold the position and see what happens or close it now as support is being tested as resistance and conserve capitol ( as my trading discipline dictates ). If I close it now it will use up my last trade for several days ( 3 daytrades in any 4 day period ). When support several percent below my exit is tested it may not hold and the stock may continue to plummet. I have tried holding a few times and it has not paid off on average. However, if this support does hold and the stock takes off I will miss the move. This may happen hours or even days later but taking the path of being conservative with my capitol I am then shut out of the stock ( or opening any new positions ) because I can not trade for several days.
Consequently this is a penalty levied by NASDAQ for conserving capitol.
The challenge has been to attempt to alter my system to work within the narrow confines of these restrictions. One way to do this is to accept more downside risk. I'm not willing to do that.
Ideally the position should be closed as soon as support is violated and re-entered when resistance is broken.
I noticed that wallman stated his entry system, and if I understand it, it would not work within the NASDAQ rules that I have to work with.

So you see it is a catch 22. How does one make big gains when the system is so restrictive?
Lately I have decided to try and enter stocks that are just starting a Monthly chart accumulation phase. This typically will allow an entry within pennies of the long term bottom and minimize trading and downside risk. Gains will take longer periods of time to realize.
I have entered GIGM which looks like a very good candidate for this strategy but look at the gains I have missed by not taking profits at resistance in an effort to minimize trading. They are huge.

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4/14/2004 5:56:48 PM

Well, EWZuber, I don't know where to start.

Of course, I didn't expect you to trade everything you post. But, I figured you would trade some of them.

If you don't have at least $5,000 in your account, then I guess trading is a hobby, not an income stream.

Just seems like you put so much effort into posting, I just assumed you put as much into trading, if not more. My mistake.

Thanks for clearing things up.


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4/14/2004 6:35:09 PM


I agree with you 100% on GIGM, also look at EASY,CNLG and CPTH, the 2y/m charts are in accumulation, and them odds are in your favor, as one prominent professional trader put it;

(Quote) Study long-term charts. Begin a chart analysis with monthly and weekly charts spanning several years. A larger scale "map of the market" provides more visibility and a better long-term perspective on a market. Once the long-term has been established, then consult daily and intra-day charts. A short-term market view alone can often be deceptive. Even if you only trade the very short term, you will do better if you're trading in the same direction as the intermediate and longer term trends. (End of quote)


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4/15/2004 1:36:41 AM

In this last post you made more erronous suppositions.
One; that my trading is primarily for pleasure ( thats what a hobby is about ).
That conclusion can not be drawn from what I have told you.
The amount of money one has does not dictate why they trade.
There are more than two choices, ( a hobby or an income stream ).
The second is that now you think you have a handle on the situation.

Also there is no evidence from what I have told you that indicates that I don't put at least as much effort into trading as I do posting.
The negative conclusion you have drawn indicate that I was correct about assuming you are being disingenuous.

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4/17/2004 10:17:58 PM

Come on EWZuber:

"Also there is no evidence from what I have told you that indicates that I don't put at least as much effort into trading as I do posting.
The negative conclusion you have drawn indicate that I was correct about assuming you are being disingenuous."

Seems like I touched a nerve when my attempt was only to understand why you don't have enough to daytrade.

Even if you only had $500 to trade this week, the way stocks were doubling, tripling and more... seem like you should be well on your way to $25,000!


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4/18/2004 3:18:33 AM

Hi, I'm new to this site and forum and I was wondering what you guys think the best indicator is? I'm trying to make 10% a week on my money, any suggestions please? THanks

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4/18/2004 1:44:46 PM

If I were new and I posted your question, I would be forever grateful to the person who invited me to consider the filters and methods developed in the Stockfetcher group, otherwise known as the Muddy Method group.

Check out


P.S. I now expect you to be officially and forever grateful to me.

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4/18/2004 10:26:25 PM

Hi Wallman,
In a post you made 4/12/04 you talked about "MOMO" can you tell me what that is....Thanks

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