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9/26/2006 5:23:45 PM


By glancing over the charts using the "date offset" function alone, the results looks pretty damn good. Could you explain what the rationale is for including the following lines?

set {cPerc2, upper keltner(7) * 1.5 }
set {cPerc, cPerc2 / 100}
set {cLow, upper keltner(7) - cPerc}
and ma(28) > cLow

Mathematically speaking, I could see that ure taking the difference between cPerc and the upper Keltner(7), but I don't understand where the MA(28) fits into the overall scheme of things. Perhaps you see things differently than this poor soul. :^)

Well, I wanted MA(28) (or DMA(28, 0)) to be above upper Keltner(7) or just a little below it. Since I'm a noob and my knowledge on stock fetcher tools is limited, I used this way.
So if upper Keltner(7) is 53.60, I want MA(28) to be above 52.8.
I could have simply written MA(28) > upper Keltner(7)
but since this wasn't the most important match, I allowed a little room for it to breathe.

P.S. And please don't call yourself Poor Soul. I'm thankful to you and all other great gurus on this forum. I've been reading this forum at least 4~5 hours a day everyday for the last 2 weeks and have learnt a lot.

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9/26/2006 9:01:32 PM

gocats sez: And please don't call yourself Poor Soul. I'm thankful to you and all other great gurus on this forum.

LOL. Since we already have our very own self-entitled guru, I prefer to stay out of the guru biz altogether.

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